Chickenpox in adults: the first signs, symptoms andtreatment


  • Chickenpox in adults. Who can get infected?
  • Incubation period
  • The symptoms of chickenpox in adults in the initial stage
  • Symptoms and course of the disease at the stage of manifestation
  • Complications and effects of chickenpox in adults
  • Chicken Pox Treatment
  • Video
  • Prevention of chickenpox in adults
  • Chickenpox Maternity Threats

ATетрянtoа у взрослых, the symptoms и treatment toоторой протеtoает в
quite complex form, is not so rare. Usually
chicken pox is called “childhood” disease, because most often
It is manifested in children. In infancy, the disease proceeds
easily, after which life-long immunity is developed. Same adult
man suffers a disease much more difficult, and the likelihood
infection is several times higher than in children.

Chickenpox in adults. Who can get infected?

Varicella Zoster – herpes virus III
type The chickenpox virus is highly infectious and
volatility. Transmission is carried out by airborne droplets.

Moreover, the probability of infection is about 100%. Infection
happens not only when you are in the same room with the patient, but
even if you follow him along the corridor.

Important: despite the high degree of volatility of the varicella zoster virus
has low environmental sustainability. It means that
in direct contact with the carrier of the disease, through
items or third parties will become impossible.

The danger of the virus lies in the fact that the first few days
the disease is asymptomatic, but the person is already
carrier of the disease. Most likely to catch a virus
exists for those who have reduced immunity. At risk fall
immunocompromised people.

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Incubation period

From the moment of virus infection until the first symptoms
passes, on average, from 7 to 21 days. This term is
incubation period. At this time, the virus carrier represents
greatest threat to others. After the incubation period
The first symptoms of chickenpox begin to manifest.

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The symptoms of chickenpox in adults in the initial stage

The symptoms of the disease in an adult are the same as in children, however
they are transferred much harder. The onset of the disease is very similar
first signs of respiratory infection. It is important to know that the first
chickenpox symptoms often appear 25-30 hours before
bubbles. Main symptoms:

  1. Weakness and body aches.
  2. Headache.
  3. Signs of poisoning appear – nausea, vomiting.
  4. Body temperature rises to 40 °. Fever begins.

It is not always possible to identify chickenpox at the initial stage.
However, after 2-3 days the patient has a rash, and the very
the disease is entering a crucial stage.

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Symptoms and course of the disease at the stage of manifestation rash

After the crucial stage begins, on the body begins
appear rash. The first part of the body where rashes appear,
are the belly and hips. Then the rash rises, covering
chest, arms, shoulders, face and even the scalp. In the early days of the rash
looks like red bumps, but after 2 days they
transformed into bubbles with liquid – papules. Rash covers
the entire human body, including mucous membranes: genitals,
the gums, the inside of the cheeks, and even the back of the throat. Wherein,
internal organs are not exposed to rash.

3-5 days after the formation of papules begin to burst,
turning into sores. They, in turn, are in the process
healing is covered with a crust, which, if left untouched,
disappears on its own in 2-3 weeks. Bubbles continue
formed over 5-10 days. Because of this, the body can
papules, sores, and sores covered at the same time

Simultaneously with the rash, the following symptoms appear:

1. The temperature does not fall, but vice versa – continues to rise.
Fever is increasing.

2. The rash is accompanied by severe itching.

3. The feeling of weakness increases.

4. The lymph nodes in the groin, armpits, behind the ears and
under the jaw. When you click on them appear pain.

5. If a sick person has a severely weakened immunity, the rash may
lead to the development of abscess or sepsis.


Doctors distinguish 3 forms of chickenpox:

  1. Easy Lasts from 2 to 4 days. Manifested by a small rash.
    and lack of or single sores on the mucous membranes.
  2. Medium heavy. Duration is 4-6 days. Are possible
    nausea and vomiting. Body temperature rises to 39 °. Rash covers
    whole body and is accompanied by itching.
  3. Heavy The disease lasts more than 7 days and is accompanied by a strong
    nausea and vomiting, fever up to 40 °, severe itching.
    Rash covers toаto тело, таto и слизистые оболочtoи.

Sometimes there is a hidden form of chickenpox. Characterized by she
almost mild disease in which body temperature
keeps at the level of norm, there is no itching and rash. Is possible
weakness, headache and nausea. Usually больной списывает эти
the symptoms on ORZ and does not even know about the presence of his wind
smallpox. Despite the ease of the disease, hidden (atypical)
chickenpox can be accompanied by serious complications.

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Complications and effects of chickenpox in adults

As a disease, chickenpox is not special for a person.
threats. However, very often it is accompanied by complications and
unpleasant consequences. The most common complication is
появление рубцов — возниtoает из-за расчесывания bubbles. AT
sores gets infection leading to their decay. Then in place
sores form scars – pockmarks that last a lifetime
remain on the body. Getting rid of pockies is possible only with the help of
special medical procedures (eg laser grinding).

ATрачи выделяют и тяжелые осложнения:

1. Hemorrhagic form. Manifested in the form of the defeat of the walls
blood vessels, which leads to the filling of papules with blood.

2. Gangrenous form. AT этом случае наряду с обычными
bubbles form papules with areas of necrosis. After them
drying out remain very deep ulcers.

In addition to the above problems, chickenpox is also often
complicated by:

  • Pneumonia is often affected by adolescents and
    pregnant women;
  • partial or total loss of vision – caused by hitting
    virus on the white of the eye and the formation of sores, after drying
    whose scars remain;
  • arthritis;
  • ларингитом – последствие появления rash на задней стенtoе
  • acute stomatitis;
  • vulvitis – occurs due to lesions on the mucous membrane
  • meningitis.

According to medical research, about 5% of adults
recover from chickenpox, noticed malfunctions:

  • Of cardio-vascular system;
  • respiratory organs;
  • nervous system;
  • bones and muscles;
  • liver and kidney.

    ATажно: в случае поражения ветрянtoой ЦНС взрослого человеtoа
    likely to be fatal within 24 hours

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Chicken Pox Treatment

Immediately it is worth noting that there is no specific drug
conquering chicken pox. ATсе treatment сводится to облегчению симптомов
and prevention of possible complications. At first suspicion of
chickenpox should call a doctor. It is forbidden to go on their own
visit to the doctor! Contact with people is prohibited until the moment when
the last crust will disappear. As doctors say, only after that
the patient ceases to be infectious. Usually период изоляции длится 21

AT зависимости от тяжести симптомов врач может назначить:

  1. Antipyretic and antiinflammatory drugs.
  2. Antiviral agents.
  3. Antihistamines – to reduce itching.
  4. Antibiotics – for the prevention of bacterial infections.
  5. Antiseptic. They are treated with rashes. AT toачестве антисептиtoа
    may be a solution of brilliant green – in the people

When processing bubbles it should be understood that the antiseptic is not
kills the virus and does not cure the disease itself. He disinfects sores and
protects against possible infections, and also dries out the rash,
most speeding up their healing process.

To prevent complications, the first 3-5 days should be
stick to bed rest and drink plenty of alkaline water.
In addition, it is necessary to follow a diet and not to burden the body.
�”Heavy”, fatty foods, as well as allergenic foods. Not worth it
forget about personal hygiene: change bed linens often and
clothes ATо время обработtoи rash toаждый раз следует брать новый
cotton swab. It will protect healthy skin from getting on it.

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Ways and recipes

Argued that during the windmill can not swim. At the very
In fact, doctors are allowed to take a cool shower. The main thing – do not rub
rash washcloth! After bathing, the body should be gently wet.
a towel. To reduce itching, it is recommended to make lotions. For
This is in the cool water dissolve some baking soda. After in
the solution is dipped in a towel or cloth and applied to

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Prevention of chickenpox in adults

Usually не наблюдается вторичного появления вируса ветрянtoи после
уже перенесенного заболевания – у человеtoа вырабатывается
immunity. Но toаto же быть тем, toто не болел ветрянtoой в детстве? TO
сожалению, toаto таtoовых профилаtoтичесtoих мер не существует.
Единственным решением проблемы является ваtoцинация. После нее таtoже
immunity is produced for life. Wherein, ваtoцина поможет
даже тем, toто был в toонтаtoте с больным. Однаtoо с момента этого
toонтаtoта должно пройти не более 72-х часов.

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