Chickenpox can cause a strokechildren

Update: February 2019

New studies in London have established a link
развития инсульта у children с ветряной оспой, которую перенесли дети
shortly before cerebral ischemic attack. After recovery from
известного и весьма распространенного вируса Varicella-zoster,
when all the signs of chickenpox in a child disappear – he has 4 times
increased risk of stroke.

In clinical pediatrics, cases of vascular cerebral
нарушений у children очень редки. Stroke, (signs of microstroke) –
it is a disease of older people, so it was thought a few dozen
years ago. Today, among children under 15 out of 100
тысяч — 6 children поражает инсульт разной степени тяжести.
The provoking factors for the development of stroke in a child were considered
only arterial injuries, sickle cell anemia and congenital
heart defects. To date, children’s
infectious disease – chicken pox. Около 50 children было
surveyed by specialists from the London School of Tropical Medicine and
hygiene. These guys were in the hospital because of a stroke, and
it turned out that most of them had recently been ill
chicken pox (see how to relieve the itch of chicken pox, can you swim at
chicken pox). This fact forced the doctors to analyze the history
diseases of the last decades of all patients under 15 years old
age with stroke.


Связь ветрянки и инсульта у children

По результату исследования выяснилось, что 31% children, у которых
cerebral vascular cerebral disorder was recorded, varicella
smallpox during the year before the stroke. It was found that after
Zoster virus infection (see chickenpox incubation period) in
течение полугода риск инсульта у children увеличивается в 4 раза.

The exact relationship of chickenpox and stroke medicine does not yet know and
medics from the united kingdom also failed
to install. In addition, no connection stroke in adults and
the varicella they had suffered has not been established (see signs
chickenpox in adults, how not to get chickenpox in an adult). One
of the conjectures of the medics is that perhaps the herpes virus zoster
damages arteries, causing stenosis and inflammation. Moreover,
it is known that the varicella zoster virus multiplies easily and damages
the walls of the arteries of the brain.

Previously, it was believed that chickenpox is a childhood disease that
practically no complications, however, weakened children,
with immature immunity even after recovering from chickenpox, not
protected from such serious manifestations of the virus.

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