Chewing gum, toothpaste, creams fromtanning with the dye E171 carcinogen, deadly

Update: February 2019

Scientific Reports has informed the world community about the new
the discoveries of French and Luxembourg scholars specializing in
gastroenterology. According to them, a food dye called
�“E171”, better known as titanium dioxide, is extremely dangerous for
human health. This compound is part of
the vast majority of toothpastes and chewing gums. This
The Independent shared the news the other day.


Researchers from Luxembourg and France have resorted to a series
experiments involving laboratory rats. Part of the rats for
the one-day period received drinking water enriched with dye
E171. The amount of titanium dioxide in water was similar.
consumed by humans. According to the results of the experiment, it turned out
that these rats have a 40% higher growth rate of precancerous conditions
digestive organs. This led scientists to think: titanium dioxide
– a real carcinogen, common among the general population
of the world. There is a high probability of provocation of cancer on the background of his
permanent intake.

remind that this chemical compound is an example
products of wide titanium production. But application in food
The industry is also typical of the E171. So he meets in
cookies, sweet foods. And, of course, is part of the dental
pastes, chewing gums and creams that protect from direct sunlight.

Complete exclusion of titanium dioxide safety for humans
scientists have not read out. However, the unconditional harm of a chemical
it’s too early to talk. That is why the French Government is ready
to finance large-scale experiments in which
it becomes clear whether or not E171 can be used in the production of food

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