Чем лечить экзему на hands: лечение мазями,drugs, folk remedies

Update: October 2018


  • Why does eczema occur on the hands?
  • Symptoms of eczema on the hands
  • Treatment экземы на руках
  • General drug therapy
  • Local drug therapy
  • Folk remedies for eczema

Eczema refers to a group of common skin
diseases and is a chronic inflammation
superficial skin layers of a neuro-allergic nature. For eczema
characterized by a polymorphism of rash, a tendency to weeping and very
persistent flow, therefore, with eczema on the hands, the treatment should be
complex, individual,

The disease brings significant psychological discomfort.
its owner, because the rash is most often localized on
open areas of the body (feet, hands and face). The disease proceeds
cyclically, with periods of remission and exacerbation. The question is how to treat
eczema on hand is relevant since many
therapeutic areas have insufficient efficacy, and
the disease reiterates itself again and again.

Why does eczema occur on the hands?

Some doctors still attribute eczema to the group.
idiopathic diseases, i.e. with unclear etiology.
Indeed, the true causes of eczema have not yet been studied until
end, but there are a number of proven factors that play an important role in
the occurrence of a particular type of eczema:

Idiopathic eczema is just that kind of eczema,
the exact reason for the development of which has not yet been established. Exists
opinion that in its occurrence various
internal and external factors, such as:

  • emotional and mental stress
  • traumatic situations
  • vegetative dystonia
  • thyroid disease
  • diabetes
  • diseases of the digestive system
  • hereditary factor

Atopic eczema occurs in people with a significant propensity.
to allergic reactions (allergy to pollen, food, wool
animals). Also at risk of this type of eczema are people with
a genetic predisposition to atopic diseases
(for example, with bronchial asthma, asthmatic bronchitis, see
atopic dermatitis in children).

Occupational eczema develops with long-term negative
exposure to the skin of certain chemicals – chromium,
nickel, formaldehyde, dyes, detergents. Professional
eczema initially manifests itself in a typical place of skin contact with
chemical irritant – on the hands, and then capable
spread to other parts of the skin.

Microbial eczema поражает участки кожи с длительно
inflammatory process of microbial or fungal

Special attention requires this type of eczema, as
dyshidrotic eczema on the hands and fingers and toes, about her we
There is a separate article Dyshidrotic eczema: treatment, symptoms,
the reasons.

There are also such types of eczema as seborrheic, which
develops against the background of a fungus that persists on the scalp
Malassezia furfur and varicose eczema, which is localized on the skin
lower extremities and develops due to poor blood supply
against the background of varicose veins. And also children’s eczema, which more often
just localized on the skin of the forehead, cheeks, chin. But such species
заболевания очень редко возникают на hands.

Common causes of eczema on the hands – the influence of internal and external
irritants coupled with specific skin predisposition
congenital or acquired nature, as well as features
epidermis expressed in microbubble development tendency
epidermis, which is characterized by increased susceptibility
organism to a number of irritants.

Some researchers have found the following provoking
factors affecting the onset and progression
eczema: Treatment экземы на руках

  • nutritional deficiencies of microelements
  • lack of vitamin b6
  • worms invasion (see pinworms in adults, roundworm in children and
  • deficiency of unsaturated fatty acids;
  • violation of the work of the kidney exchange
  • intestinal dysbiosis, inflammation of the gallbladder (see
    cholecystitis: symptoms, treatment, pancreatitis, symptoms)
  • immunodeficiency both congenital and acquired

Symptoms of eczema on the hands

  • Idiopathic eczema

characterized by a very tangible pruritus. Rash more often
all localized on the open parts of the body, including the hands
– they may be erythematous, papular, vesicular and
characterized by symmetry. The acute process begins with small
bubble eruptions that merge during chronitization
and opened, forming a pinpoint erosion. Chronic disease
leads to lichenification of the skin.

  • Atopic eczema

appears on reddened and edematous skin in the form of small
bubbles. The opening of the bubbles leads to the formation of areas
soak. With the development of the process, the skin becomes dry and flaky
with multiple scales and crusts. Itching is permanent
companion of this type of eczema, however, the most disturbing during periods
exacerbations (see also treatment of atopic dermatitis in

  • With professional eczema

amazed open areas of the body at the point of contact with the stimulus
(neck, face, forearm, hands). Eczema progression
leads to the spread of lesions to other skin areas.
Manifestations of the disease are typical and very similar to idiopathic

  • Microbial eczema

most often a complication of pustular disease
skin and is localized around wounds, in places of burns, ulcers and fistulas.
Initially, the process is limited – arises
unilateral lesion with detachment of the horny part of the skin along the periphery
and peeling or exudate in the center, which is then dried in
peel. Pustular screenings appear near the main outbreak.
items. With a long course of microbial eczema typically
affects symmetrical skin. Itching is mild.


How to treat eczema on the hands? Chronic eczema of hands and others
parts of the body characterized by the duration of the flow. Treatment
assigned individually for each patient and takes into account the type
eczema, the severity of the inflammatory process and
individual patient characteristics (age, general condition,
results of treatment, etc.). On the question of how to treat eczema on the hands,
You can answer in one word – comprehensively.

General drug therapy

Pathogenetic therapy is the main type of treatment, without
which cure eczema on the hands is impossible. This type of therapy
aimed at leveling or reducing the negative impact
external environment or altered functions of the internal organs.

When eczema on the fingers is diagnosed, treatment is often
includes non-specific desensitizing therapy:
autohemotherapy, blood transfusion, hirudotherapy, lactotherapy.

With a severe course of eczema, hemosorption and enterosorption are performed.
and plasma exchange.

Biostimulants are prescribed: course injections of aloe extract or
placenta 1.0–1.5 ml.

When expressed neurotic disorders prescribe:

  • The doctor may prescribe sodium bromide inside 5-15 ml 3
    p / day
  • бромкамфору также три p / day в течение 2 недель
  • only when prescribed by a doctor tranquilizers in small doses –
    Nozepam, Fenozepam, Chlozepid no more than 10 days
  • sedative herbal remedies – Novopassit, Persen,
    Valerian, Peony tincture, Sedasen

Enterosorbents and drugs to reduce toxicity:

  • Among energetic sorbents can be distinguished Polyphepan, Multiorb,
    Энтеросгель, Полисорб, Атоксил, фильтрум СТИ (инструкция)
    also a short course of not more than 10 days
  • Intravenous injections of sodium thiosulfate 10-20 infusions of 10
    ml. or calcium chloride
  • When mycotic eczema solution hexamethylenetetramine
  • Calcium gluconate intramuscularly 10-20 injections

Hormone therapy

Persistent eczema of the fingers, between the fingers is treated with hormonal
drugs that are used only by prescription,
short course, with the gradual withdrawal of the drug and only in cases
extreme necessity. Taking corticosteroids has serious
side effects and a number of contraindications may contribute
development of infectious processes, exacerbation of chronic
diseases, because it reduces immunity (see hormonal ointments from

Their long or frequent uncontrolled
using. With the localization of eczema only on the hands, fingers
can only be limited to using local hormone drugs
but in case of generalization of the inflammatory process it is possible
appointment and oral hormone therapy, it lasts no more
10–15 days in moderate, controlled doses:

  • corticotropin, 40 IU daily (800–1000 IU per course)
  • prednisone 20-40 mg daily
  • triamcinolone 10 mg daily
  • dexamethasone 2.5 tablets daily

Vitamin therapy

Vitamin therapy показана для лечения любого вида экземы на
hands. However, given the recent research scientists to drugs
containing synthetic vitamins, should be treated very
caution (see harm of synthetic vitamins):

  • Vitamin E (oil solution)
  • Ascorbic and nicotinic acid
  • B vitamins in injections
  • Folic acid

Antihistamines are indicated for any type of eczema on

  • In the acute process, parenteral administration is indicated.
    diphenhydramine, chloropyramine, promethazine
  • При  средней степени тяжести по 1 таблетке внутрь 2 недели
    3 p / day
  • Then you can use drugs of the 2nd and 3rd generation, such as
    Ebastine (Kestin 300 rubles. 10 pcs.), cetirizine (Cetrin 150 rubles. Zyrtec,
    Zodak, Parlazin), Loratadin (Clarisens, Claritin, Lomilan,
    Loragexal, Loratin), fexofenadine (Telfast, Feksadin) desloratadine
    (Erius, Lorddesin, Desal) See the full list of medications for
  • And it is also possible to use Ketotifen – membrane stabilizers
    mast cells


After the acute process, when inflammatory manifestations subside
persons with immunodeficiency conditions only under control
immunologues and immunograms are shown the following immunomodulators, to
the use of which also should be handled carefully (see
drugs to improve immunity):

  • Phagocytosis stimulants, these include Polyoxidonium, Licopid,
  • Timomimetics are Timogen, Timalin, Immunofan
  • According to the testimony possible use – Vitreous humor,
    solution of humisole, plazmol, placenta extract, apply them to
    Treatment of eczema on the hands and body is possible only with chronic

With dysbiosis, digestive disorders

When eczema is combined with pancreatitis, other diseases
Gastrointestinal tract, gastroduodenitis, appointed salts of bile acids, enzyme
drugs, pepsin is Pancreatin, Hermital, Creon, Festal,
Solizim, Enzistal, Pansinorm forte, Mikrasim, Pangrol, Gastenorm,
Pepfiz, Biozim. If eczema on the hands is accompanied by a violation
intestinal microflora (see treatment of intestinal dysbiosis)
courses of probiotics such as Hilak Forte,
Lactobacterin, Bifiform, Rio flora immuno (see the list of dietary supplements and
probiotics, analogs Linex).

With microbial eczema

In the presence of a purulent process in microbial eczema, apply
antibacterial agents. For maximum efficiency
treatment is better to produce a preliminary seeding of the flora and
determine the resistance and sensitivity of the causative agent of eczema to
specific antibiotics. Usually used macrolides, cephalosporins
2 generations, fluoroquinolones and aminoglycosides. When joining
fungal infection shows antifungal drugs in pills
or local treatment with antimycotics – ointments, creams.

Local drug therapy

Various water solutions, powders, suspensions, pastes and ointments are shown.
Selection of a specific dosage form and method of local treatment
Eczema on the hands is determined by the type of eczema and is based on
prevalence, location and severity
воспалительных items.

Microbial eczema  — при этом виде кожного поражения на
cortical formations, the following solutions are applied to the pustules:

  • Dyes – “Zelenka” solution of gentian violet,
  • The use of aerosols and creams is possible.
    полькортолона, пантенола, левовинизоля (см. список мазей
    and creams from dermatitis)
  • In extreme cases, a short course of treatment in the form of lotions.
    ethacridine lactate and resorcinol solutions

With limited forms of eczema, such as hands, are shown
weak-binding agents and pruritic compounds with
anti-inflammatory effect in the form of dressings or lotions:
Мази от экземы на руках

  • Burov’s fluid
  • lead water
  • 1–2% resorcinol solution
  • Zinc or copper sulphate 0.1% solution
  • silver nitrate solution 0,25%
  • 2–5% phenol solution
  • 0.5–1.0% menthol solution
  • citric acid solution 1%
  • Podophylline ointment for eczema on the hands of 0.1%
  • Dimedrol paste 2–5%

In the case of an acute process, they have a good effect.
white clay, zinc oxide, wheat starch powders. After
the acute phase of the phase prescribed indifferent pastes and ointments,
zinc oil.

If there is swelling, oozing, erythematous lesion,
the presence of erosion, in addition to resorcinol, use lotions from solutions
galaskorbina, boric acid, tannin, from medicinal herbs –
decoctions of Hypericum, chamomile.

When the acute inflammatory process begins to subside
mixes – Paste Lassara, zinc paste, in them adding is possible
additional antipruritic, antiseptic agents such as –
Naftalan paste, ichthyol, boric-zinc. In case of chronic
eczema on the hands in the zinc ointment, you can add the following ointment –
boric naphthalan, methyluracyl, dermatol, which
enhance anti-inflammatory effect.

Also, according to the testimony used corticosteroid ointment from
eczema on the hands, among which it is possible to distinguish Elok, Skin-cap (in
It contains a powerful corticosteroid drug, which is not
indicated in the instructions), Celestoderm, Advantan, Flucinar (see full
list of all hormonal ointments with their side effects in the article
гормональные мази от psoriasis). With microbial eczema лучше
use not pure hormonal ointment, but with the addition
antimycotics, antibiotics or antiseptics – Lorinden C,
Целестодерм с гарамицином, Тримистин, Травокорт, Кремген.


Physiotherapy techniques promote resolution
inflammatory elements and are an important component of treatment.
Apply to: Экзема на руках - чем лечить

  • 2-4 chamber baths
  • dry radon baths, mineral water baths
  • aerotherapy
  • Dimedrol inhalations
  • general galvanization
  • diadynamic therapy
  • segmental exposure to ultrasound
  • ultraviolet radiation
  • phonophoresis of external medicinal products
  • mud therapy, ozokeritotherapy
  • laser therapy, ozone therapy
  • low frequency magnetic field
  • acupuncture
  • paraffin wax

Diet therapy

It is recommended to refuse spicy and salty foods, strong
meat broth, egg white, roasted meat, game, smoked meat,
preserves, cheeses, sausages, spices, coffee, chocolate, spirits
drinks. Preparation of protein foods (meat, fish) should
be carried out in a dietary manner. In general, light is shown
milk and vegetable diet.

Folk remedies for eczema

When there is eczema in the hands of folk remedies are very
effective and used as an addition to the main treatment
or act as an alternative to that with its inefficiency.

  • Trays with salt

Dry hand eczema is well treated with salt water. Salt (preferably
sea ​​water) is added to hot water, about 2 tablespoons per 1
litere of water. Such eczema baths on the hands are made in a basin with
solution and are there until the water has cooled. You can do this
procedure daily until a noticeable improvement.

  • Homemade emulsion

When weeping eczema helps homemade emulsion. In a small
a jar is driven into one chicken egg, 50 ml of vinegar is added
(table) and water. Then this mixture is thoroughly mixed to
emulsion conditions. Overnight smeared with this mixture
patches of skin and cover with top cloth. In the morning dried plenochku
it is impossible to wash off, and in the evening it is necessary to repeat the procedure. About
during the week weeping is permitted and the skin is dry.

  • Kalanchoe juice

Kalanchoe medicinal juice has a good therapeutic effect,
which should regularly lubricate the affected skin.

  • Coltsfoot

Remove unpleasant symptoms in the form of itching and treat eczema
helps coltsfoot to be minced and
add fresh milk to it. Affected areas are lubricated
the resulting composition for the night and snatched cellophane. Relief
comes in 2-3 procedures.

Anti-relapse treatment and prevention of exacerbations

During the remission period, histoglobulin treatment is carried out.
The immaculate adherence to the rules of personal
hygiene and timely treatment of intercurrent diseases.
Dieting helps to significantly prolong the period of remission.
The affected skin should be protected from any negative
impacts, both in housework and in

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