Charging for kids in pictures. + Video

Good habits are worth instilling from early childhood, and charging
for kids – one of these necessary habits! We offer you
Look at the pictures for the best and most useful charges that
help develop the musculoskeletal system – your child will be able to
easy to roll over from tummy to back, on your own
sit and will even try to stand up. Do not worry if
your child is a little behind in physical development compared to
peers – exercises presented on the page, along with
Massage will help the baby to “catch up” with other kids. Every charge
accompanied by poems, so that classes with the baby will be held
fun! потягиваем ручки

разводим ручки в стороны

растираем спинку

поглаживаем спинку

водим пальчиком по ладошке

щекочем ребенка и показываем как бодается коза

Video from loving moms: Morning exercises for children 1-3 years

Любящие мамы: Массаж для ребенка 1-3 месяца

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