Character traits of newborns

черты характера ребенка

Такой вопрос, как характер новорожденного, вызывает
a lot of controversy. Some experts say that his one-month-old baby
simply can not be, others argue that the character
man is formed from the moment of his birth. And still,
most moms will surely agree that every baby
individual, and this very individuality manifests itself from the first
minutes of a child’s life.

At the developmental stage from birth to one year, it is very important to highlight in
the nature of those traits that describe it the most. it
help parents learn how to influence them to avoid
most unpleasant problems in the future. After all, at this age
baby completely depends on mom and dad. It is at this stage
формируются такие значимые черты характера как
friendliness, openness and ability to build trust

The nature of newborns

We identified 5 types of baby character, having become acquainted with
which you can understand which features are most pronounced in
your child, and work on them.

1. Little rebel

Such a baby certainly can not be called appeasable. He is fast from
all tired and naughty often for no apparent reason. Such a kid
delivers a lot of trouble to their parents who do not know
what a surprise you can expect from him.

The first advice to the parents of the “little rebel”: do not be upset. AT
the nature of the capricious child plays a huge role
encouraging good behavior. Подмечайте положительные черты
характера и делайте основной акцент на них.

How to respond to the whims of the child?

2. Active kid

ребенок и часы

Such children strive to violate the regime of the day, which they
relies! And in respect of such children is contraindicated
perseverance. The actions to be taken must be
soft and not forcing. Only such measures can give the desired
result! AT случае, если у вас получится мягко приучить активного
child to order, it will also help the development of its independence
in adulthood.


3. Sad baby

If your child is very sensitive to every slightest
a change in his environment, and any changes in life make him
cry, then in front of you representative of the type “Sad baby.” Here, in
parental behavior just needs to add smoothness and
measured. it значит, что каждая перемена должна происходить
as imperceptible as possible with partial preservation of the old conditions.
The main thing is to make it clear to the kid that he still has a lot to expect.
new, and this should not be afraid!

4. Gentle baby

This type can be attributed to babies with a very sensitive perception.
the environment. They react sharply to loud, harsh sounds,
bright light, etc. Parents of such children are recommended to be fenced
your child from external stimuli and from communication with people alien
your child and causing his negative reaction.


5. Small adult

Such a character is easy to distinguish. If your baby often frowns
and rarely smiles, it can be attributed to this type. Here too
your observance can play a major role. ATнимательно
follow the child: if he frowns but does not
shows that he is uncomfortable, then there is nothing to worry about. If
the gloomy expression of the baby’s face is accompanied by crying, it can
to signal health problems and the need
consult a doctor.

Of course, among the readers of this article may be those who
не увидели подходящего им описания характера новорожденного. AND
it is completely natural! ATедь любящие родители всегда будут
consider your child unique! Therefore, the most practical advice
It is this: love and give warmth to your child each
a minute Then all the problems that will occur on this difficult path
raising a child does not seem so serious.

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Good luck to you!

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