Changing covers Summer infant swaddleme(Summer Infant): comfortable swaddling

Changing covers Summer infant swaddleme – отличная
alternative to diapers. They will surprise with functionality, practicality.
and original design. May vary in color and patterns.
Will be suitable for a day, night dream and walks. The envelope is designed for
age from birth to six months.

конверты для пеленания Summer infant swaddleme

Features of using the envelope

Swaddling with an envelope does not hamper movement.
baby Legs and handles are arranged freely, the child will
comfortable The diaper has special hook and loop closures. One of
they are located on the stomach so that the envelope is held and not opened
arbitrarily. The second fastener is located on the side. She helps
connect the two edges of the diaper to each other.

For the car seat there are special five-point holes for
making belts. It guarantees safety while riding
the car.

Changing diapers is easy. The diaper has a special
leg compartment. The tension force in each model can be
adjust using the top layer of a diaper. For this you need
tighten velcro.

  • Velcro clogged;
  • Velcro unfastened loudly;
  • The child quickly grows out of it;
  • They need two: one in the wash, the other is worn;
  • The most active kids can get out of it;
  • It is hot in it.

In general, a good thing, only expensive (for someone 700 rubles
it is expensive). Suitable for those who do not know how to swaddle, and
baby born active.

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Material, size and price range

The diaper is made from 100% cotton. It guarantees
environmental friendliness and safety for the child’s health. Material
allows you to provide crumbs warm on wet and cold evenings and
at night, and the skin to “breathe”, ensuring free air circulation.
The envelope is soft and does not require special care. Wash
can be in the washing machine.

There are envelopes of 2-4.5 kg, 3-6 kg, 6-10 kg and 9-12 kg.
They are classified according to 4 levels of comfort, where the 4th is the most
comfortable in using.

Prices for products, depending on the model, vary in the range
from 780 to 1600 rubles.


View the range of envelopes, reviews and
you can buy any of the models at a nice price on the Internet

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How to swaddle a child with Summer SwaddleMe envelopes

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