Cervical polyps – treatment, causes, symptoms,the signs

Update: December 2018 Cervical Polyps – Benign
neoplasms resulting from cervical epithelium and growing in
its lumen, roughly speaking, is a wart in the cervical canal. The reasons
the occurrence of these mushroom growths is still not clear, but
It is believed that a possible trigger mechanism is a hormonal
failure, immune disorders, age-related changes in the body
women, psycho-emotional factors, stress. Symptoms of polyps
cervix, usually absent, when attaching secondary
changes may cause nagging pains, serous discharge,
bleeding after intercourse. For cervical polyps, treatment
is to remove them.

Among all benign pathological changes in the neck
uterus, such as genital warts, erosions, papillomas,
псевдоэрозии, лейкоплакия, эритроплакией —  около 25%
принадлежит  полипам. Against the background of any such changes, in our
time of increased oncological tensions increases the risk
развития онкологического процесса в шейке матки (см. the signs рака
cervix), so women should visit regularly
gynecologist for the purpose of timely detection and treatment of polyps
cervix and other neoplasms.

The reasons возникновения полипов шейки

The origin and causes of polyps are still not fully understood.
on the cervix, but it is certain that they can occur in any
age, even teenage girls or little girls (up to 9
years), however, in most cases they are formed in women in
период пременопаузы (см. первые the signs климакса у женщин), после
40-45 years. Risk factors for polyp growth and causes
include the following:

  • Hormonal disorders due to gynecological diseases
    – ovarian dysfunction, ovarian cyst, uterine myoma,
  • Age-related hormones or bursts – premenopause or
    pregnancyПолипы шейки матки лечение
  • Prolonged stress, instability psychoemotional
    states, depression, overwork, leading to a decrease
  • Mechanical injuries that occur during any manipulation
    the purpose of diagnosis is hysteroscopy, diagnostic curettage and
    etc., as well as chronic inflammation of the mucous – endocervicitis,
    trauma to the neck during abortions during labor
  • Usually, in 70% of cases, polyps are combined with cervical disease –
    ectopia, cervicitis, leukoplakia, pseudoerosis or cervical erosion
    uterus, atrophic colpitis, endometrial polyps.
  • With vaginal dysbacteriosis, and sexually transmitted infections
    by also high risk of developing polyps – thrush in women,
    bacterial vaginosis (discharge with the smell of fish), mycoplasmosis,
    ureaplasmosis, genital herpes, chlamydia in women and others
    mixed infectious, inflammatory processes of the female genital

Signs and symptoms of cervical polyps

Single polyps, as well as small size of tumors
usually do not manifest themselves and their presence is found most often
accidentally during a routine inspection, or when a woman turns to
gynecologist on other occasions. Only with inflammation, infection
After injuring a polyp, a woman may experience the following

  • Pulling pains in the lower abdomen, worse before
  • Strengthening vaginal whiter discharge
  • When a polyp is injured, blood discharge may occur.
    (see mid-cycle bleed)

In women of childbearing age in whom polyps are found
шейки матки, симптомы и the signs могут сочетаются с бесплодием или
menstrual disorders. Therefore, gynecologists find a connection
between these pathologies and the causes of the formation of polyps.

Can cervical polyp cause cancer? Yes it can
occur, but in fairly rare cases, approximately 1.5% -2%
clinical cases. The polyp goes through several stages in the process.
tumor rebirth:

  • hyperplasia – cervical epithelium expands
  • metaplasia – one type of epithelium is converted to another
  • cervical dysplasia — precancerous cells appear in the epithelium, with
    provoking factors they quickly transform into cancerous
  • malignant process

If a woman has a polyp during pregnancy, due to
reflex irritation of the neck, especially in the early stages,
increases the risk of spontaneous abortion, and
also among other complications of pregnancy can
возникать истмико-цервикальная недостаточность или низкое
location of the placenta.

Women should immediately contact a gynecologist for
inspection and additional research if any
the following symptoms that may be with cervical polyps and
the uterus itself:

  • Infertility, difficulty conceiving (see boron uterus for
  • Brown discharge between months
  • Pain and bleeding during and after intercourse
  • Long monthly, uterine bleeding
  • Scanty periods (see Brown discharge instead of

When a woman is in menopause any kind of
scanty or bloody discharge, especially copious monthly
(bleeding), regardless of frequencies and durations should
perceived by a woman as a very disturbing symptom or symptom
possible cancer in the uterus, cervix or
hyperplasia. If a woman is 45-50 years old after a few years
or there were no months, and suddenly they appeared
slight but blood or brown discharge – should
immediately contact a gynecologist for examination and

How to determine the presence of polyps – tests, examinations

To detect cervical polyps vaginal enough
examination, cervicoscopy, colposcopy, and histological
analysis of scrapings taken from the cervix.

  • Vaginal examination

With a standard gynecological examination, a gynecologist in the mirrors
can detect cervical hypertrophy, thickening, and
prominent polypoid formations usually bright pink
ugly or round shape. If the polyp is subject to the process
keratinization and covered with stratified epithelium, it has a whitish
discoloration if the polyp becomes purple or maroon
shade, therefore in it blood circulation is broken. Usually
polyps leaving the lumen of the vagina firmly – elastic or
soft consistency. What does a cervical polyp look like?

  • Colposcopy and cervicoscopy

Cirvicoscopy allows detailed examination of the cervical canal,
using a video camera, the doctor can see small polyps, identify
their structure, possible necrosis, inflammation or ulceration
surfaces, and other changes in the cervix. To exclude or
confirmation of oncological nature during hysteroscopy,
the gynecologist performs a knife biopsy of the cervical tissue with
fractional scraping walls for research under a microscope.
Sometimes a biopsy allows you to remove a polyp, with its small size.

  • Ultrasound

Если обнаружены полипы шейки матки, the signs этого разрастания
may indicate the possible presence of endometrioid polyps, then
there are uterine polyps. Therefore, to exclude or confirm
проводится гинекологическое Ultrasound, оно помогает оценить структуры и
endometrial thickness, condition of the uterus, tubes, and ovaries.

How to treat cervical polyp?

Лечение полипов шейки матки is to remove them. This one
a case where drug therapy is meaningless. Deletion
produced by unscrewing his legs, as well as scraping
mucous neck and further cauterization of the bed. If not delete
cervical polyps, they will support infections
genital organs, can provoke bleeding, lead to
infertility, and the most dangerous thing is to malignize, that is
malignantly. Therefore, the question of how to treat cervical polyp,
one answer is to delete.

Before this procedure, be sure to investigate a woman on
the presence of STDs, as well as bacterial inoculation of smear from
cervical canal. Since in the presence of an infectious process,
any intervention is dangerous aggravation and aggravation
inflammatory process. If infections are found,
conduct a course of therapy and monitor the outcome of treatment, having passed
repeated analyzes.

The main treatment for cervical polyps is their
removal under aseptic conditions. With the help of mirrors, exposed
the cervix, it is captured with a special fenestrated clip,
making a twisting motion, remove it. Special
the curette tool is producing scraping of the cervical canal to
achieve complete removal by carefully cleaning out the mucous membrane.
Radio frequency (apparatus Surgitron), laser or cryogenic method
additionally processed, cauterized the bed on which it was attached
polyp. Если также по результатам Ultrasound были обнаружены изменения в
endometria, produce and diagnostic curettage cavity

If the polyp is located near the external pharynx,
its wedge-shaped excision and catgut suture is applied. With
localization of cervical polyp in the upper cervix, required
hysteroscopic control for targeted removal. After
excision of the polyp, the removed tissue is sent to the histological
research to find out benign or malignant
nature of the tumor. According to the result of tests, the doctor is appointed
subsequent therapy – hormonal, anti-inflammatory.

With постоянно рецидивирующем полипозе шейки показано
конусовидное удаление шейки uterus. During pregnancy, polyps
cervix removed only in the case when its size is more than 1
см, а также происходит его заметный рост, имеются the signs некроза,
кровотечение, the signs озлокачествления полипа. After проведенного
treatment a return visit to the gynecologist is shown through several
weeks, to test the effectiveness of hysteroscopy.

After удаления полипа шейки матки

With неполном иссечении ткани, после удаления полипа шейки матки
recurrences are possible when a tumor is reopened
polyp growth, sometimes thermal burns are possible,
stenosis and stricture of the cervix uteri arising from cauterization

Within two to three weeks after the removal of a cervical polyp,
some cases maybe the appearance of mucous secretions or
bloody, lower abdominal pain, it passes quickly and does not require
treatment, it is possible to take painkillers – No-shpa or Ibuprofen.
Also within 2 weeks it is not advisable:

  • To squirt
  • Have sex
  • Withнимать аспирин, ацетилсалициловую кислоту
  • It should only take a shower, you can not go to the sauna, bath,
    to take a bath
  • Use tampons, you can use only hygienic
  • Exclude sports, heavy physical labor,
    intense exercise

Folk remedies in the treatment of cervical polyps

No traditional methods in the treatment of cervical polyps have
proven effectiveness, no recipe for traditional medicine
eliminates the cause of the appearance of cervical polyps, can not change
areas of tissue that can lead to cancer. Moreover,
the use of folk remedies in gynecology always implies
the introduction of tampons containing medicinal herbs or holding
спринцевания, которое  чаще всего приводит только к
complications (see How to do douching, and why it is dangerous
produce). Do not self-medicate if you are sure
that any method can help, discuss it with your health care provider.
a doctor. Withем различных лекарственных отваров или свечей с
celandine, possible as maintenance therapy after
removal of the neoplasm and only after consulting with

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