Cervical erosion – what it is, typescauses, symptoms, treatment and danger of erosion

Erosion of the cervix is ​​called any violation of the normal
condition of its mucous membranes. Such violations may
treat mechanical or chemical damage as well as
аномальное развитие эпителия mucous membrane. Keep healthy and
to prevent the serious consequences of the disease to the woman will help regular
visit the gynecologist.

What is this disease, the causes of erosion, symptoms,
treatments and whether it is dangerous for women’s health and how
to protect ourselves in the future – we will consider further.

What is cervical erosion?

Cervical erosion is an ulcerative defect of the vaginal mucosa
parts of the cervix. Her cunning is that long
time the disease has no manifestations. Pathology takes
one of the leading places in the structure of gynecological diseases and
Often diagnosed in women of different age groups.

Cervical erosion does not turn into cancer, but it prepares
soil for tissue rebirth.

Chronic inflammatory processes lead to scarring,
the formation of cystic cavities, polyps. Erosion is
defective mucosal changes in the cervix. Very rarely
there is a true form that heals quickly, most often it
acquires a permanent character.

When factors affect the uterine surface of the cervix, the cells
epithelium can not normally perceive the acidic environment, harmful
microorganisms that live in the vagina for a long time.

The cylindrical epithelium has no protective function, therefore,
when viruses, bacteria affect it, it is not protected.

As a rule, after one (less than two) weeks damaged
mucosa begins to heal. Most epithelialization occurs
некорректно, и на месте истинной появляется псевдоэрозия шейки
матки – тоже видоизмененный участок шеечного эпителия, но уже
no signs of damage.

To не путаться, пациентки должны знать, что эрозия – это рана
(ulcer) on the cervix, and pseudo-erosion is the process of its
improper healing, literally – what remains on the neck after
how the wound heals.


It should be understood that the term “erosion” is quite extensive and
It contains several manifestations of the disease. therefore
It is necessary to distinguish between species.

Congenital erosion A congenital type of this disease is
displacement of the cervical cylindrical epithelium. Celebrated
congenital erosion in childhood or in adolescence,
however, the symptoms of the disease are mostly not
проявляется.Выявление происходит при кольпоскопии, где
determined by the presence of a bright red area that can not be
staining when using Lugol solution.
True cervical erosion True form is a defect of stratified squamous epithelium.
cervix. When viewed with the help of mirrors can be seen bright red
a spot with a diameter of up to 1 cm around the external osum of the uterus with clear
delimited edges. In mucous secretions during cervical erosion
after some time, bloody streaks appear.
Pseudo-erosion (false) What it is? The most common type of gynecological
diseases occurring in every second patient. It looks like
on the true, too, a bright red spot that appeared on the mucous
cervix, various sizes. Small measured in
millimeters, while great erosion can grow to
a few centimeters. The difference from the truth is that the surface
uterus with pseudo-erosion is flat and does not bleed. There are large
risks of infection, which is accompanied by the appearance of pain in the lower
parts of the abdomen, whiter and contact bleeding (after
sexual contact or gynecological examination).

Development options

Doctors identify several options for the development of erosion, among

  • Ectropion. The pathological process is characterized by inversion.
    cervical mucosa due to surgical interruption
    pregnancy or childbirth.
  • Endometriosis of the uterus. With this disease occurs
    casting and germination on the endometrial cervical mucosa
  • Leukoplakia. Pathology implies keratinization of the cervical epithelium
  • Polyps diagnosed in the cervical canal area, as well as
    polyps of the cervical uterus and condyloma.

Causes of

The causes of cervical erosion, unfortunately, are not fully understood,
However, in modern medicine it is considered that the main
prerequisites for the development of this female disease are
inflammatory processes of the genital organs such as endocervicitis and

In girls and girls under 18, erosion can be congenital and
show up after the start of sexual relations. Many specialists
ectopia in all nonpartum women is classified as congenital. Girls up to
21 years old and women during pregnancy, as well as during the involution period,
erosion is considered the result of hormonal adjustment.

In these cases, changes often take place independently and
require only survey and observation.

When the patient has erosion of the cervix, its causes development
may be different. However, most often superficial cells
epithelium begins to reject due to previously developed
inflammatory process.

The main causes of erosion in modern medicine taken

  • inflammation of the genital organs – vaginitis, cervicitis;
  • hormonal disruptions;
  • reduced local or general immunity;
  • genital infections and inflammatory diseases of the female genital
    spheres (HPV, chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea,
    vaginal dysbacteriosis, etc.); traumatic effects (abortion,
    mechanical damage, surgery, childbirth and

Symptoms of cervical erosion + photo

In the vast majority of cases, cervical erosion rarely self
manifests clinically and most often a similar diagnosis is
find at gynecological examination. But it so happens that
patients refer to a gynecologist with complaints of bleeding,
not related to menstruation, especially after intercourse.

Possible symptoms of cervical erosion:

  • any bleeding, especially after
    sexual intercourse;
  • lower abdominal pain
  • pain during intercourse
  • copious whitish discharge
  • The change in overall health is not observed. Often to erosion
    inflammation joins. Then symptoms will appear
    more clearly: the pain will increase, discharge will be more abundant.
  • Discharges from cervical erosion are otherwise called whites and
    are a thick white liquid without a strong odor,
    which often leaves traces on underwear. Such discharge
    usually indicate the presence of inflammation or latent infection,
    often accompanying this disease.

All symptoms are not specific to erosion and their manifestation.
can sometimes indicate the development of a completely different gynecological
diseases. In any case, the appearance of even one symptom
is the reason for the appeal to the gynecologist for


What does erosion look like in the photo?

эрозия шейки матки на фото

Complaints of patients with erosion due to concomitant
inflammatory diseases of the vagina (colpitis) and cervical
canal (endocervicitis). When complicated by inflammation erosion
появляются слизистые или слизисто-гнойные бели, ощущение

Complications: the danger of the disease?

The fact that the symptoms of cervical erosion in a woman do not
manifest especially pronounced, by no means indicative of
отсутствии необходимости лечения diseases. In the event of
pseudo-erosion around the cervical canal epithelium appears, not
possessing the property of protection against penetration from the vagina into the uterus

In certain cases, it is also possible the development of spontaneous
epithelialization of cervical erosion, resulting in possible
the formation of defective epithelium.

The answer to the question “How is erosion dangerous?” Depends on which
It is the changes that the doctor discovered during the examination:

  • if it is pseudo-erosion (ectopia, congenital erosion), then no
    there is no threat to health, and no consequences arise
  • if this is true erosion caused by infectious
    diseases, the main danger is that
    infection can penetrate the uterus and in the uterus, and in the future
    cause infertility;
  • if it is dysplasia, then without proper attention there is
    реальная опасность development рака шейки матки через несколько
    years old.

A common view on malignant degeneration of erosion
wrong. Dangerous are only those cervical erosion, in which
there are atypical changes. They are well detected in
standard colposcopic and laboratory examination,
and their presence means only that the pathological area follows
to eliminate.

Impact on pregnancy

The presence of cervical erosion does not mean that a woman will not
mother. Naturally, like any damage to organs entering
in the urogenital system, erosion is the object of close observation
gynecologist. Depending on the type of erosion, its size and
the location of the treatment can be prescribed both before and after
of pregnancy.

Если эрозия обнаружена у беременной женщины, то лечение
also carried out after childbirth, since during the pregnancy and
Fetal disease condition does not affect. Symptoms of erosion
pregnant women may have blood impurities in their secretions, as well as
burning and itching during intercourse.


The diagnosis can be established already at the first visit to the doctor.
Meanwhile, in many cases, a visual inspection is only half the battle
диагностике diseases.

Therefore, patients will need to pass the following tests:

  • Visual inspection by a mirror to identify changes on
    mucous membrane. True erosion: the epithelial layer is bright red,
    its bleeding is seen. False erosion: squamous epithelium
    replaced by cylindrical. Simple erosion: epithelial layer
    smooth. Papillary: on the mucosa formed nipple
  • ordinary smear on flora;
  • PCR-based diagnostics
    types of infections (herpes genital, trichomoniasis,
    микоплазмоз и etc.);
  • blood test for hepatitis, HIV, syphilis;
  • biopsy (in case there is a suspicion of malignant
    education – a piece is taken from the affected part of the cervix for
    histological examination).

Only after all the data have been collected can the doctor
make a final conclusion, make a diagnosis, determine
are there any complications and only then can the patient be treated.

Treatment of cervical erosion

If this condition requires the use of therapy, the doctor
assesses how extensive the affected area and the running
diseases. Based on this analysis, he decides how to treat erosion.
cervix by selecting one of these methods:

  • Drug – used medication that affects
    infection causing mucosal irritation. Local –
    The patient is treated with healing candles and tampons. This method
    may involve chemical cauterization of the wound
    drugs with further rehabilitation therapy.
  • Surgery – cauterization.

Conservative treatment of cervical erosion is to:

  • carrying out non-specific anti-inflammatory therapy;
  • treatment with drugs that inhibit the growth and development of fungal
    bacteria and sexually transmitted viral infections (with its
  • correction of hormonal and immune disorders;
  • the use of physiotherapy techniques (rarely) – vaginal
    mud tampons, mineral water irrigation, iontophoresis
    with medications, ultraviolet and shortwave
    ultraviolet therapy, microcurrent and ozone therapy,
    helium-neon laser.

Sparing treatment methods include the use of candles. Candles
against cervical erosion are prescribed in the following situations:

  • erosion caused by a violation of the vaginal microflora;
  • pain during menstruation, localized in the sacrum;
  • caused by sexually transmitted diseases;
  • arising on the background of hormonal disorders;
  • injury as a result of abortion or difficult childbirth.

Causes of recurrent cervical erosion

Causes of cervical erosion in recurrent manifestations almost
similar to that in the initial occurrence of the pathology:

  • infectious inflammatory processes,
  • promiscuity,
  • hormonal disorders,
  • immune disorders.

Surgical treatment: cautery erosion

Cauterization of cervical erosion is carried out in order to influence
pathological epithelial changes to remove damaged
cellular structures on the cervix. There are several major
procedures for the procedure, which last no more than
half an hour:

  1. Diathermocoagulation. The most outdated and traumatic method –
    moxibustion erosion using current. Due to high efficiency
    method, it has not yet been abandoned. Procedure
    carried out without anesthesia for 20 to 30 minutes in the second period
    menstrual cycle. After the procedure, the patient is under
    observation in the ward and if everything is good, let her go home.
  2. Криотерапия – прижигание жидким азотом (“промораживание”
    tissue). More gentle method than diathermocoagulation. Minus this
    method – possible relapses (reappearance);
  3. Laser coagulation – application in the treatment of laser. After
    the procedure does not remain on the neck of adhesions and scars,
    healing and recovery are fast (4-6 weeks).
  4. During chemical coagulation, the cervix is ​​treated with drugs,
    destructive for the arisen cylindrical epithelium. Flat
    the epithelium, growing, closes the area, which was previously affected
    erosion. This method не лишен недостатков. It is not used when
    erosion, which occupies a large area.
  5. Диатермоконизация – иссечение разросшихся тканей
    special loop. On the surface of the scorched erosion is formed
    scab, which leaves a week after the procedure. Overgrowing
    zones with multi-layer epithelium usually complete after one and a half
    of the month.

Folk remedies for cervical erosion

Before using folk remedies, be sure to
consult with the gynecologist.

  1. 2 tablets mumie thoroughly dissolved in 1 tsp. warm water
    add sea buckthorn oil. Put a tampon soaked in
    solution, according to the above scheme.
  2. Bergenia root extract: 3st l crushed plant root
    poured over one hundred boiling water, cooked on a quiet fire to full
    evaporation of the liquid. Drinks three times a day, 30 drops per half hour
    before meals.
  3. Настой календулы применяется для спринцевания влагалища в
    cases of congenital erosion and mechanical damage
    mucous membrane. The tool is the prevention of many STDs.
  4. 2 tablespoons of pharmaceutical chamomile pour a liter of boiling water into
    pan Place the pot with the lid on the water bath for 15 – 20
    minutes Turn off the heat, insist the solution for 40 minutes, then cool
    to room temperature.
  5. Honey treatment, you need one teaspoon of honey
    wrap in a bandage or gauze, make a tampon with it, tie up with a thread,
    Introduce it into the vagina as deep as possible. Do it on
    night, in the morning you will notice some blood, this is normal.
  6. Ointment “Levomekol.” Miraculous ointment that is excellent
    Has established itself in wounds. Squeeze the ointment on the swab and enter
    him in the vagina at night. In the morning remove the tampon and hold
    douching Spend daily for two weeks.
  7. When cervical erosion is recommended every day to enter inside
    влагалища сок алоэ, лежать после этого нужно 20 minutes
  8. Douching Infusion of hypericum: 4 tbsp. l Hypericum herbs
    pour 2 liters of hot water, boil on low heat for 10 minutes and insist
    30 minutes
  9. For treatment use broth boron uterus (decoction is used
    and for douching, and in the form of tampons soaked in broth). To
    make a decoction, 2 tablespoons of raw mixed with half
    liter of water. The mixture is brought to a boiling state, filtered and
    cool. Douching should be carried out once a day, at night.
    The course of treatment is about a week (5-7 days on average).


As you know, it is better to prevent pathology than to engage in it.
treatment. To обезопасить себя, следует выполнять ряд

  • Visit the doctor regularly (at least twice during
    of the year).
  • Follow the rules of hygiene. In particular, you should take a shower
    at least twice a day, especially during menstruation.
  • Use condoms for sexual intercourse with occasional
    partners to prevent the entry of infections.
  • Strive for monogamy and regular sex life.
  • Protected in cases where pregnancy is not planned.
    It should be remembered that any abortion complicates the pathology,
    injures the cervix.

From the material you have learned what the erosion of the neck is.
why is it important to start treatment on time and how to protect yourself
from this disease. Be healthy, pass in time
Examination by a gynecologist and watch your health!

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