Celandine in Oncology

Update: November 2018

About the healing properties of such a popular plant as celandine
known since ancient times. The Russian name of this medicinal herb is
Celandine – speaks for itself. In Russia, folk healers
used it from many ailments – children bathed in broth
celandine for the treatment of diathesis and other skin diseases, they
Parodontosis and dysentery were treated.

When Vladimir Monomakh was diagnosed with lip cancer, in the annals
it is mentioned that celandine helped him cope with this disease. And in
Our time in the treatment of cancer many folk
phytotherapists have resorted to the use of this interesting

The composition of celandine:

The chemical composition of the celandine is very diverse and beneficial.
the properties of this plant are due to the presence in it of more than 22
alkaloids – substances containing nitrogen, having a complex structure,
therefore possessing high biological activity, some of
which can have an antitumor effect. Also in his
Ingredients have vitamins that are necessary for a person in the largest
quantity – ascorbic acid and vitamin A, essential is small,
acids – amber, citric, malic. High activity
saponins also have an expectorant, diuretic,
противослеротическое действие,  флавоноиды — предупреждающие
development and growth of tumors, allergic reactions with
antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.

Use of celandine in oncology

Celandine in Oncology

Today, medicine has several
ways to deal with the development and growth of malignant
neoplasms in humans are:

  • Removal of the tumor by surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • With гормонозависимых опухолях — гормональное лечение
  • Radiation therapy

Of these methods, the strongest adverse negative
Chemotherapy has an effect on the human body, no less than
Irradiation and hormone therapy are aggressive. But,
many experimental experiments, specific clinical cases in
medical practice indicate that the human immune system
able to cope with some unlisted species
oncological diseases. Official medicine cannot yet
understand how to start the mechanism of such a possibility
the human body. So when a person is face to face
faced with such a formidable diagnosis of cancer, he is looking for all possible
ways to combat this insidious and merciless disease. And besides
traditional methods of dealing with malignant tumors can
выделить и следующие виды помощи человеку в  уничтожении
cancer cells:

  • Improving the immunity of the patient with oncology
  • The use of plant poisons in herbs, i.e.
    herbal drugs, in which
    alkaloids are present
  • Psychological mood to recover, auto-training,
    meditation and other methods of self-hypnosis and self-control.

Therefore, each cancer patient is faced with the choice of one or another
taking into account the diagnosis and opinion of doctors, their own
ethical principles, material capabilities, their physical and
psychological state.

Celandine, hemlock, aconite roots, periwinkle, milestones, ferule
plants, which insist in 40% alcohol, are formed
substances that are called plant poisons capable
have an antitumor effect. But, поступление таких
drugs in the body should be in strict dosages, in
small quantities, according to a certain scheme, strictly
individually, drip, so therapy with poisonous herbs takes
long time, at least 3 months. The patient must also
understand that you should not hope for a 100% effect from the treatment only
some herbal remedies. Oncology — очень серьезное,
a formidable disease that should be treated with traditional
medical methods, complementing and continuing therapy with
traditional medicine.

In addition, the use of vegetable poisons is advisable when
early stages of oncology, when the size of the tumor is insignificant,
также прием внутрь ядовитых препаратов  должно производиться
only under the control of a phytotherapist, since excess dosage
can cause poisoning. If the patient is not found
the first, second stage of oncology, if the size of the tumor is already large,
and for the treatment of poisons need a high dose and a lot of time, then the person
this treatment should be abandoned, and only
traditional treatments offered by doctors.

Read more about the beneficial properties and contraindications.

Можно ли  постоянно использовать чистотел в лечении

The use of the same plant poison is not always
it is advisable to alternate poisons every 4 months because
each herb contains different alkaloids and changing them expands
the range of poisons on cancer cells.

Who is contraindicated to apply celandine?

With онкологии использование чистотела имеет противопоказания для
persons suffering from bronchial asthma, patients with epilepsy (see
treatment, symptoms of epilepsy, causes of epilepsy), by some
neurological disorders, as well as people with angina. With
the use of infusions of celandine in oncology, hemlock or other
poisonous plants inside, patients should listen to the reaction
organism upon the action of vegetable poison, when
unreasonable nausea or vomiting should stop taking
drug because it can be a signal of excess dose. With
an overdose of celandine may develop respiratory paralysis
center. You should also regularly monitor biochemical
blood counts, liver tests, because celandine and other
poisonous herbs have a toxic effect on the liver.

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