Causes, symptoms and treatmentintercostal neuralgia

Что делать при межреберной невралгииPeople often
consider chest pain a symptom of heart disease, spinal or
digestive system. But she can testify about
развитии intercostal neuralgia. Pathological process
characterized by strong painful sensations in the chest. This
The problem can occur in people of any age, therefore it is important
be aware of its symptoms in order to promptly consult a doctor and
prevent serious complications.

Nature of the disease

Intercostal neuralgia is a reflex pain
syndrome that occurs after compression, irritation and inflammation
intercostal nerves. Another name for the disease is thoracalgia.
An unpleasant phenomenon is accompanied by acute pain, which often
manifest when you inhale and exhale.

In the thoracic region there are 12 pairs of spinal nerves. Their
form sensory, motor and sympathetic fibers. Everything
nerves are located in the intercostal spaces between the outer and
the internal intercostal muscles that are responsible for inhaling and
exhale If a у человека развивается торакалгия, болевые импульсы
pass through the nerve fibers to the spinal cord and the brain that
leads to severe pain.

WITHимптоматика этого вида невралгии напоминает признаки болезней
сердца и других internal organs., поэтому некоторые люди при
severe chest pains first go to a cardiologist.
Someone decides to do self-medication and takes heart
drugs that can lead to unpredictable consequences.

Lack of medical diagnostics and correct therapy only
worsen the patient’s condition. About any health problems
must be reported to the doctor so that he can determine the pathology and
prescribe the correct treatment.

Causes of pathology

A number of factors can affect the appearance of thoracalgy, however
most often it occurs as a consequence of inflammatory-degenerative
changes in the spine. Neuralgia usually develops in the background.
other diseases. The intercostal nerve is irritated and
pinched, also possible compression of the spine in the thoracic region
spine. The disease occurs by the following

  1. Признак межреберной невралгииProblems with the nervous system.
    Multiple sclerosis or polyradiculoneuritis – the most common causes
    manifestations of neuralgia.
  2. Infections. The disease can develop due to tuberculosis, influenza,
    бруцеллёза или опоясывающего лишая. Sometimes it even occurs
    because of the common cold.
  3. Tumors. Pathological processes may undergo ribs,
    vertebrae, joints and ligaments of the spine, as well as intervertebral
  4. Injuries, frequent microtraumas and hypothermia can also cause
    to the appearance of the disease.
  5. Diseases spine. Pathology often develops in the background.
    scoliosis, osteochondrosis, deforming spondylosis and hernia
    intervertebral discs.
  6. Intoxication. Due to some medications used
    for a long time, complications may occur. Components
    drugs disintegrate in the body and form harmful substances
    which in large quantities easily damage the nervous system and lead
    to the occurrence of neuralgia.

Как лечить межреберную невралгию

Pathology may occur due to reduced immunity or
susceptibility to allergies. But usually it occurs due to osteochondrosis,
in which the cartilage tissue is broken and the roots are compressed
nerves. This is what causes acute pain in a person. Diseases
spinal column can disrupt muscle tone, which will complicate
general condition of a person.

When the form of thoracalgia is running, the consequences are determined
according to the cause that caused it. If a не лечить заболевание,
then a person’s blood circulation is disturbed and dysfunction occurs.
internal organs. In chronic form, the patient observed
breathing problems. Due to persistent pain syndrome possible
insomnia, depression and impaired cardiac muscle. In future
может развиться гипертонический криз или иное опасное

Signs of illness

WITHимптомы межреберной невралгииIn neurology about
symptoms and treatment of intercostal neuralgia studied
almost everything. Pathology can be diagnosed by certain
signs that are often confused with the symptoms of other diseases.

Intercostal neuralgia is manifested by pain along the intercostal space. They
may be sharp, sharp, pronounced, shooting, permanent
or periodic. Increased sensation with coughing and sneezing. To
to ease the pain, the person has to lean in the affected side, and
when coughing or sneezing, press your palm against the sternum or ribs.

On palpation by the doctor, the pain usually increases.
Only this method can determine the direction of the pulses along
the nerve. Some patients say they experience burning,
tingling or numbness in the affected area.

Blood pressure drops are possible, but only if
the cause of neuralgia was osteochondrosis.

Как проявляется межреберная невралгияIf a
intercostal nerve is affected on the left, then sensations resemble
angina pain: there is a burning sensation that
time spreads to the left arm, shoulder blade and along
spine. However, in angina, these symptoms do not depend on
body movements, coughing and other things, and after the use of nitroglycerin
they decrease. To exclude heart disease, the patient
need to do an ECG.

But with myocardial infarction pain after use
nitroglycerin is also not reduced, therefore it is often confused with it
neuralgia If pain or other discomfort occurs in
areas of the heart, you must call an ambulance, and
then go through the ECG.

When the nerves of the lower ribs are affected, a person appears
cramping back pain, resembling renal colic. They
may radiate to the leg or groin. Sometimes with thoracalgia
symptoms characteristic of pleurisy, mediastinal tumors
and aortic stenosis. For any abnormal condition
It is recommended to consult a doctor immediately.

Diagnostic methods

Диагностика межреберной невралгииTo determine
intercostal neuralgia can only doctor. The patient will need
be examined to diagnose the disease and determine the causes
its development.

First, a person should visit a therapist. Doctor examines
patient, asks him about traumas, operations and
associated diseases. All this information is entered into the local
status. Then the therapist prescribes tests and medical
examinations, with the results of which directs the patient to
necessary specialists.

The patient must conduct a differential diagnosis of
clinical manifestations to exclude heart disease and other
internal organs. The patient will need to undergo a neurological
examination to find the causes of the disease. The physician must determine
localization of pain and muscle tone. He also appreciates
loss of sensitivity in the arms and legs. If a
necessary, the specialist prescribes additional laboratory

The main diagnostic methods used for
patients with suspected thoracalgia:

  1. Массажи при межреберной невралгииX-ray.
    This informative way helps to study the structure of the bone and
    identify violations of a traumatic and non-traumatic nature.
    Pictures are made in straight, side and oblique projections.
  2. CT Computed tomography allows you to explore the bone
    structure and soft tissue. Usually CT is prescribed to reveal
    pathological changes.
  3. Myelography. Together with computed tomography this method
    helps to diagnose soft tissue structures included in
    spinal canal.
  4. MRI Magnetic resonance imaging is
    highly informative and safe method by which
    manages to get images of organs and tissues. They are identified by him
    pathologies of muscles, ligaments and nerve tissues, as well as degenerative
    spinal changes.
  5. Contrast discography. During this technique is used
    a contrast agent that is introduced into the intervertebral disc for
    diagnosis of the disease.
  6. Electro spondylography. Computer method functional
    diagnosis allows you to assess the state of the vertebral system,
    identify pathology at an early stage and determine the level of the lesion.
    With this method, a specialist monitors the course of the disease and
    dynamics of therapy.

Ultrasound is used to exclude diseases of the abdominal organs and
retroperitoneal space. But using this technique is impossible
view the structure of the spine due to the high bone density

Drug treatment

Therapy for neuralgia goes in two directions: first
the patient’s condition is facilitated by reducing and relieving pain, and
then apply the means to get rid of the disease, against which
she has evolved.

People are usually treated on an outpatient basis. The first 4-6 days the patient is shown
bed rest. The mattress should be even and firm. The best
The solution will be an orthopedic model. Saggy bed
contraindicated, because it will only worsen the patient’s condition.
A person with thoracalgia may be given:

  1. Препараты при межреберной невралгииNSAIDs. Medicines
    have anti-inflammatory effect, are appointed in the form
    tablets, injections or suppositories. They также способны избавить пациента
    from pain. Popular drugs in this group are Diclofenac, Meloxicam,
  2. Sedatives. These medicines soothe the nervous system.
    Usually they are produced on a plant basis. The bestи средствами
    Novo Passit, Sedasen and Persen are considered.
  3. Muscle relaxants. Preparations help relieve spasms.
    striated musculature. In the treatment of neuralgia use
    Mydocalm, Sirdalud or Tolperil.
  4. Vitamins of group B. Milgamma, Neyrobion and Neyrorubin apply
    to repair damaged nerve structures and improve
    passing pulses between them.

Neuralgia also uses gels and ointments that have
anesthetic action. They may contain nonsteroidal
anti-inflammatory or anesthetic agents. The best
preparations – Ketonal, Fastum gel, Kapsikam, Finalgon.

A relatively new form of drug for treating this
diseases and other pathologies of the musculoskeletal system
is a transdermal patch. As impregnation in it
anti-inflammatory and analgesic components are used.
When the patch is glued to the affected area, these substances
are released and have a nerve necessary impact. To such
means Voltaren.

Как быть при боли в области ребер

In the treatment of thoracalgia, patches with special
composition, in which there is no NSAIDs, hormones and other habitual
components. Excellent tool – Nanoplast Forte. It possesses that
the same action, but in a pronounced form.

In place of the localization of the disease process can be applied
knitted sweater, woolen shawl or other source of indirect
heat Hot items are prohibited – they are not only not
will help, but also harm the patient. Extensive warming
activates local blood flow, and with a gradual cooling effect
there will be a reverse: the edema will increase, and also the painful

Auxiliary procedures

When irritation of the intercostal nerves is caused by any
disease (depression, infection, cold, etc.), doctor
prescribes drugs designed to get rid of it
ailment. If a причиной возникновения торакалгии стали патологические
changes in the spine, then comprehensive treatment is carried out
affected part of the skeleton. In the treatment of disease can
apply several techniques:

  1. Лечебный массажMassotherapy. This effective
    method helps to achieve excellent results of therapy. Via
    massage manages to relax muscles, relieve pain and
    facilitate the general condition of the patient. Carry out the procedure usually with
    using warming ointments or creams that enhance
    relaxing effect. During the session, the person is in
    sitting position. Masseur rubs intercostal spaces and
    kneads the muscles of the back of the patient.
  2. Acupuncture. An effective technique is aimed at eliminating
    pain and muscle imbalance during the exacerbation of the disease.
  3. Manual therapy This technique is used after
    there will be an aggravation of the disease. Before treatment, a specialist is required
    conducts manual diagnostics to determine areas of muscle
    spasms, overstrain of the articular ligaments and displacement of the vertebrae. This
    therapy restores the anatomically correct intercostal and
    intervertebral ratios, normalizes and improves
    blood circulation and metabolic processes in the body. When will increase
    the diameter of the hole through which the pinched nerve passes will disappear
    pain, and tissue tone on the intervertebral discs recover.
  4. Acupressure. During this procedure, the specialist presses
    fingers on the active points associated with the affected organs. Such
    the method stimulates the body’s defenses, relieves pain
    and improves emotional state.

The patient may be prescribed physiotherapy. On the state of man,
suffering from neuralgia, positively affect electrophoresis, UHF,
laser and magnetic therapy. It will be useful and therapeutic
physical Culture. Moderate loads will have a beneficial effect on muscle
spine corset.

During pregnancy

Торакалгия — это серьёзная проблема для
pregnant women. Expectant mothers do not always know what to do when
intercostal neuralgia. They боятся, что лекарства и процедуры могут
harm their children. Therefore, doctors should pay a lot of attention
pregnant women who need to avoid possible

The specialist selects an individual scheme of complex therapy.
for the future mother suffering from thorakalgia. Some women
refuse medication because they fear for
fetal condition. They предпочитают принимать витаминные комплексы,
use ointments and dry heat, as well as observe bed rest
and engage in physical therapy.

Gymnastic exercise has a positive effect on health
women during pregnancy. They могут предотвратить застой крови
in the joints and spine.

Novocaine and other anesthetics are prescribed for pregnant women with large
caution. Usually they are written out only when unbearable

The use of traditional medicine

Intercostal neuralgia is treated not only with medication
drugs. Some patients choose folk remedies, with
which can avoid the negative effects observed in
medication treatment. There are many proven recipes
compounds that alleviate the symptoms of neuralgia. Effective
folk remedies that can be prepared at home

  1. Питание при межреберной невралгииFor processing
    freshly squeezed horseradish or radish juice is used in the affected area,
    which helps reduce pain.
  2. Tincture of the rue is also used to relieve symptoms.
    diseases. To prepare the composition take 2 tbsp. l raw materials and poured
    his boiling water The remedy is infused for two weeks. With intense
    pains compresses applied to the affected area.
  3. The lotions of steamed wormwood will also be effective. Dried
    the plant is crushed to a pasty state. In the resulting
    a lot of sea buckthorn oil is added. The finished composition is applied in place.
    pathological lesion.
  4. If a дома есть герань, тогда можно сорвать с неё листок и
    rub them a painful area. You can take a few sheet
    plates, wrap them in linen fabric and attach to the problem
    place for 1-2 hours.
  5. Apply gauze moistened to the area of ​​the affected nerve.
    infusion of flaxseed.
  6. Effective impact has on the patient’s condition ointment from
    aspen buds and vaseline. Means can be prepared
    on their own. Kidneys need to crush. Raw materials are mixed with
    petroleum jelly in a 4: 1 ratio. The resulting ointment is rubbed into the area
    localization of pain 3-4 times a day.
  7. Useful remedies for neuralgia are valerian tinctures.
    and birch buds. The components included in their composition, have
    positive effect on the body. Such tools can replace
    industrial ointment.
  8. Improve well-being bath with sage and sea salt. 4 tbsp. l
    dry grass pour a glass of boiling water and infuse for an hour.
    After that, the tool is filtered and added together with salt in
    a bath.
  9. Another effective tool is a decoction of peppermint. In 200 ml
    boiling water add a tablespoon of dried leaves of the plant, insist
    and take 100 ml in the morning and evening. If desired, in the decoction
    add honey.

For ingestion also use decoctions of chamomile or lemon balm,
that help strengthen the nervous system.

We must not forget that traditional medicine helps to cope with
painful sensations only for a while. Man
suffering from thorakalgia, be sure to get tested by
a doctor who will identify the cause of the disease and determine
suitable treatments.

Preventive measures

Профилактика межреберной невралгии

To prevent the emergence and development of thoracalgia, people
you need to follow the elementary rules. They должны правильно питаться
and lead a healthy lifestyle. Stress prevention is also needed.
to prevent negative consequences. Man needs to be avoided
hypothermia and situations that can lead to injury
spine. He needs to monitor his posture and more often
exercise so as not to get sick. Especially this
for those who work while sitting. You should also regularly engage
gymnastics and various kinds of active sports.

You can not run the pathology of the musculoskeletal system. WITH
pains in the back or chest, you must immediately go to
the doctor who will make the correct diagnosis. If a своевременно
go to the hospital, then there is a chance to completely get rid of
intercostal neuralgia. Folk remedies can only be used
after consulting a doctor.

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