Causes, symptoms and treatmentapathy

Causes, symptoms and treatment apathyUnder often
occurring in psychiatric practice the term apathy is understood
psychopathological condition, expressed in the absence of persistent
interests, depressed emotional background and utter indifference to
events and surrounding people. Morbid indifference
demoralizes the personality and throws it out of the social sphere of life
of society. Without taking drastic measures, internal reserves quickly
exhausted, and the situation is only getting worse.

Provoking factors

Highlighting the reasons that entail the appearance of this
psychopathological syndrome, doctors pay attention to the fact that
that apathy is a condition that most often signals a whole
complex somatic and neurological disorders in the body.
Before proceeding with the treatment of mental disorder,
It is necessary to exclude the following diagnoses:

  • Факторы провоцирующие апатиюschizophrenia;
  • chronic depression;
  • dementia;
  • brain cancer;
  • AIDS;
  • alcoholism, drug addiction;
  • organic lesions of the central nervous system;
  • severe endocrine disorders.

Нередко виновником возникновения apathy становится прием

If during the course of treatment with any drug
remedy such symptoms as general malaise, lethargy,
fading emotions, interest in the future has disappeared, then
discuss these points with your doctor.

Главенствующую позицию среди всех причин apathy занимает
the concept that the disorder is protective
mental response, designed to retouch depressive experiences
person According to supporters of this psychoanalytic theory,
apathetic state is able to minimize for some time
the importance of the needs and desires of the subject, which allows
reconsider their attitude to life in general, thereby eliminating
internal contradictions.

Some psychology experts view apathy as
affordable way to hedge against a nervous breakdown. Sounds
paradoxically, but often pathological indifference overtakes
most responsible and motivated individuals who are completely
laid out in a professional field. Благодаря apathy
workaholic gets much needed unloading.

In individual clinical episodes to diagnose the exact cause
disorders are quite problematic because the trigger
Pathology is hidden in the secret department of the psyche – in the subconscious. Other
In other words, in his life’s journey, man has
a traumatic situation that caused him severe mental pain.
Subconsciousness thus protects a person from a new portion.

Развитие устойчивого безразличия

The development of sustainable indifference is also associated with emotional
burnout. Such an abnormal condition is a response to
monotonous and hard work, lack of due recognition for
labor invested

Forms and relationships with depression

Conventionally, the disorder can be divided into several main forms.
В справочниках по психиатрии описываются следующие виды apathy:

  1. Формы и связь apathy с депрессиейПассивная. Rare
    the type of mental disorder whose origins you need to look for
    hormonal imbalance or genetic characteristics of a particular
    person Pronounced external signs practically
    are missing.
  2. Активная. Aloof and inert
    personality completely devoid of interest in life. Симптомы apathy хорошо
    expressed and visible to other people. Without proper treatment pathology
    makes a serious imprint on the psyche, provoking suicidal
  3. Травматическая. Develops due to
    organic brain damage caused by
    mechanical injury, oncology or hypoxia. From apathetic
    condition can be eliminated by eliminating the etiological factor.

There is also such a term as social apathy, for which
characterized by a loss of interest in the system of social relations. Such
pathological passivity can be experienced by both one person and
single group of individuals.

The connection of a state associated with complete indifference, and
depressive disorder is beyond doubt. Apathy can
cause depression and also be considered as one of
her symptoms but her presence in the symptomatic picture
not enough for an accurate diagnosis.

Clinical manifestations of depression are more extensive.
variety. Symptoms such as decadent
mood, sleep problems, impaired mental function and so

However, a detached attitude to the world around us is sometimes directly
indicates the presence of a depressive disorder and leads to
development of the so-called apathetic type of depression. In such
Apathy situation determines the specifics of a depressed mental
condition, is in close connection with other affective
violations of this pathology and affects their course.

Risk group

TO сожалению, от apathy никто не застрахован. Neither age nor
social status in this matter does not play absolutely no role.
Due to a wide range of reasons leading to impoverishment of emotions, highlight
какую-то одну категорию людей, подверженных apathy, не
seems possible. However can not be said about the faces
possessing a somewhat greater predisposition to this
mental pathology. These include:

  1. Причины возникновения apathyPeople of retirement age.
    Первые признаки apathy могут обнаружиться сразу же после выхода на
    well deserved rest. This is because the citizen is sharply
    loses communication, it’s not so easy for him to rebuild his life and
    devote yourself to new affairs.
  2. Women of any age category. It is known that in
    the body of the fair sex is produced less
    hormone of joy (serotonin), rather than in the male, so they
    automatically fall into the risk group.
  3. Persons leading an active social and social life. By virtue of
    the specifics of their work they have to contact many
    people and to shoulder the burden of responsibility. Sometimes a man
    just does not stand up and burns out emotionally.
  4. People prone to psychosomatic diseases.
  5. Children of puberty.
  6. Hyper-corresponding personalities.
  7. Persons who are not indifferent to alcohol and drugs.
  8. People disappointed in life and feel themselves
  9. Secured and in nothing not denying citizens.

A mentally balanced person tries as quickly as possible.
normalize your condition and bring life back to normal.
It’s much harder for people who have
the following character traits:

  • Симптомы apathyexcessive suspiciousness and
  • propensity for hypochondria and melancholia;
  • perfectionism;
  • lack of self-confidence;
  • frequent mood swings;
  • isolation;
  • hyperbolization of any problems;
  • propensity to take everything to heart.

Clinical picture

A person who is in a state of total indifference is very
easy to identify, as manifestations of such mental
frustration visible to others even to the naked eye. TO
типичным симптомам apathy относят:

  1. Reluctance to do usual work and everyday
    activity. Perhaps the most obvious sign on which
    draws attention to the immediate environment. The patient can not days
    get out of bed, refuse food, do not keep clean
    of your body.
  2. Апатия: клиническая картинаNarrowing social circle. If a
    sociable person breaks off all connections with friends for no reason
    and familiar, it should be alarming.
  3. Bad mood. The apparent deterioration of the emotional background can
    talk about serious problems of a psychological nature.
  4. Rejection of hobbies. Hobbies are a powerful source of positive
    of emotions. TOогда внезапно пропадает заинтересованность в любимом деле,
    this may indicate the extinction of higher emotional
  5. Inability to concentrate. TOрайняя степень переутомления
    leads to a violation of higher nervous activity and, as a result,
    к apathy.
  6. Prostration. Sometimes weakness is so pronounced
    character that a person is not able to perform elementary
    hygiene procedures, not to mention more labor-intensive
  7. Impaired memory and cognitive abilities. TOрайне тревожный
    a symptom that you find that you need to immediately consult a doctor
    to eliminate heavy organic pathology.
  8. Признаки apathySlow reaction rates. При apathy
    all mental and physical processes are weakened.
  9. Dizziness. It arises from both a lack of physical
    activity, and from psycho-emotional exhaustion.
  10. Absent-mindedness The cause of its occurrence becomes indifference
    to the surrounding reality, coupled with the weakening of mental
  11. Feeling lonely. It seems to man that nobody needs him,
    he is afraid of being abandoned.

Общее впечатление, которое производит погрязший в apathy
man, rather depressing. Conversation with such a person is hard and
not interesting. If a не принять мер по возвращению в нормальную колею,
the patient faces an unenviable fate.

Diagnosis of Disorder

Independently come to the conclusion that there was a failure in the psyche,
not everyone can, therefore, to diagnose
pathology must specialist with appropriate education.
Despite the tremendous progress in medicine and the field of information
technology, many people still do not find the courage to appeal
for help to a doctor whose consultation could spare
пациента, попавшего в сети коварной apathy, от мрачных мыслей и

In most cases, this is caused by public fear.
censure. However, it is important to understand a simple thing: a psychologist is exactly
the same doctor whose methods of influence are not on the body, but on the psyche
able to protect the patient from the deadly threat. With the patient will
a conversation was held during which the doctor will try to determine
the cause of apathetic disorder. Consultation also provides
возможность установить степень запущенности apathy и ее форму.
To get a more detailed picture of the psycho-emotional
the patient’s condition, the doctor conducts specially designed
psychological tests.

Диагностика apathyIntroverts tend not to aspire
to open the soul to strangers, even if before them
is an experienced psychologist, so in this situation
the only right decision will be a deep introspection. Practicing
this valuable technique is extremely important to be extremely honest with yourself
by myself. It is necessary to reflect on the causes of
mental disorder and also give a sober assessment of your condition
and the ability to fight the disease without help.

Therapeutic strategy

In a condition where the individual is deprived of any desire for something
do and be emotionally involved in social life is required
the adoption of emergency measures, which are developed taking into account the reasons
caused apathy. You have to understand what mental aberration is.
not always a serious illness requiring
serious medical intervention.

If it is known that apathy originated after exposure
any traumatic factor, hasty and thoughtless steps can
affect the apathetic state in the worst way.
The rehabilitation period may be delayed for several days or
weeks during which a person needs rest, physical
and emotional relaxation as well as relief from everyday

Miraculous drugs that can
moments of the eye to normalize the emotional background of the patient, simply not

Therapeutic strategy в борьбе с апатией

That is why it is so important to consult a psychologist or
psychotherapist. The indispensability of such a step is due to the fact
that only a small percentage of people are capable of independently
diagnose apathy in oneself and stop its symptoms with one’s own
by forces. Prevention of the chronic form of mental disorder
базируется на следующих мероприятиях:

  • correct alternation of work and rest;
  • avoidance of stressful situations;
  • adherence to the day.

Faced with apathy, you need to balance the diet. On the table
must be present foods rich in vitamins and minerals.
Among other activities that will promote effective
лечению apathy, стоит выделить:

  • regular outdoor stay;
  • active physical culture and sports;
  • swimming pool;
  • massage and acupuncture.

Медикаментозное лечение apathy

By the use of pharmacological agents only resorted to
running cases.

Of the most innocuous drugs used natural
adaptogens and complexes containing a loading dose of vitamin B. For
eliminating severe symptoms may be necessary
psychostimulants, neuroleptics and nootropics. The selection of drugs should
deal exclusively with the doctor.

Pathological condition during pregnancy

Апатия при беременностиBearing a child, a woman is experiencing
extreme physical and emotional overload. In that
the crucial period of her life is the hormonal adjustment
and there is a partial revaluation of life orientations, so there is no
no wonder that the expectant mother begins to suffer

For the condition of a pregnant woman should be installed
constant control. Due to the reduced criticality of perception, it
may miss anxious symptoms. Apathy is usually subject to
emotional, active women who are on maternity leave
holidays have lost their usual social circle. Symptomatology
classical disorders, it may be joined by thoughts about
future fate of the baby and his place in a changeable world.

Such a state during pregnancy needs mandatory
correction. Do not wait for passivity to disappear – under threat
health is at once two people.

Without a doubt, apathy is a real scourge of modern times.
The sense of meaninglessness of existence on the background of neurosis is barely familiar
Do not every second person. Face apathy means
test your nervous system for strength. The main thing is by no means
case, do not let the disorder take its course and strictly
follow all the instructions of doctors, and even better – to perform
preventive measures and then you don’t have to get rid of
agonizing psychological state.

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