Causes, symptoms and treatment of the diseasedemodicosis

Лечение demodicosisа у человекаDemodecosis is a dangerous cutaneous
disease. It manifests as rash, blackheads, ulcers and itching.
The cause of the lesions is a microscopic mite. Без treatment
pathology will progress and lead to serious
cosmetic defects in the form of scarring of the skin. ATозможно поражение
hair and eyelashes. Проявления demodicosisа нельзя скрывать
cosmetics, otherwise the situation
will worsen.

General description of the disease

Demodecosis manifests itself in the form of damage to the meibomian ducts and
sebaceous glands parasitic mite. Most common lesions
localized on the face. ATнешне заболевание можно перепутать с угрёвой
rash, as in both cases, the sebaceous glands are affected. but
the pathogenesis of such lesions is different.

Demodecosis causes demodex mite. This is a small parasite that
inhabits under the skin of the patient. It is located near the hair
follicles and feeds secretions from the sebaceous glands. Size of such
tick is from 0.1 to 0.4 mm. Haveвидеть паразита можно только
under a microscope or using special medical

The life span of the body is only a few weeks.
During this time, the females have time to lay eggs to continue the race. On
larvae form during 2–3 days.

AT небольших количествах он не доставляет особого дискомфорта.
With a weakened immune system or severe stress, the parasites begin
actively multiply, as a result, a person feels itchy and others
unpleasant symptoms.

Causes of development

Ticks that provoke pathology are constantly present in
skin, sebaceous and meibomian glands. The disease itself occurs
only in some cases when comfortable conditions are created for
breeding parasite. There are many reasons that
contribute to the development of pathology. It can be both internal
and external factors.

Among the internal factors that provoke
pathology development include:

  • ATид demodicosisаreduced immunity;
  • chronic viral and microbial diseases;
  • helminthiasis;
  • autoimmune disease;
  • oncology;
  • pathology of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • skin diseases;
  • pregnancy;
  • diabetes.

The human immune system during chronic diseases
subjected to severe stress. Intoxication can often occur
organism residues of vital activity of microorganisms. Any injury
or surgery reduces immunity, so the body
ceases to fight infections.

Causes of development болезни demodicosisMite demodex can
be activated against the background of an existing skin disease. Behind
due to the fact that local immunity is depressed, the parasite
starts to activate. Demodicosis is often diagnosed in the background.
seborrheic dermatitis.

Another disease associated with the tick of the Demodex family,
is rosacea. It manifests itself in the form of nodules on the skin of the nose,
that spread all over the face. This pathology is most often
occurs in women at a young age of 18 to 30 years.

Demodecosis can develop against the background of acne,
perioral dermatitis. ATероятность развития патологического
process increases with hormonal failure or restructuring,
which occurs during pregnancy.

К внешним факторам, которые провоцируют demodicosis,

  1. Как лечить demodicosisWrong temperature conditions. Mite
    is a thermophilic parasite. Its maximum activity
    it is noted at a temperature from 35 – 45ºС. Поэтому demodicosis чаще всего
    diagnosed in the summer. Additional negative
    Impact have baths, saunas and solariums.
  2. Geographical location. Most common pathology occurs in
    residents of large cities. According to statistics, it is 55−60% of cases
  3. Unhealthy Lifestyle. It leads to a disruption in the exchange
    substances as a result sebum loses its protective
  4. The use of low-quality cosmetics. Because of this protective
    skin properties are reduced.
  5. Behindгрязнённый воздух. Of great importance is environmental
    the environment in which the person lives.

Most people think that you can only become infected with a tick.
in close contact with its carrier. Miteи Demodex являются
unadapted to life outside the human body. but, согласно
the results of the study, such a parasite can for a long time
maintain its vitality in the external environment.

Symptoms of pathology

The primary form of the lesion is manifested as redness, rash and
peeling. The affected areas have clear boundaries on which
pustules and papules are formed. The skin becomes bumpy and
gets unhealthy shade.

Some patients may not even guess that under their
skin parasitic tick. He can not manifest itself.
Its presence can only be determined by scraping and
further laboratory research. To the number of characteristic
signs of pathology include the following clinical

  • зКлиническая картина demodicosisауд;
  • acne;
  • peeling;
  • ulcers;
  • bumpy skin;
  • ulcers;
  • feeling of a mask on the face;
  • unhealthy skin color;
  • increase in the size of the wings of the nose.

Mite может локализоваться не только на коже лица, но и поражать
hair. The first symptom is that the disease has spread to
hair is hair loss. AT особо запущенных случаях
can reach full baldness.

On коже могут присутствовать уплотнения в виде небольших
cones. Itching becomes especially intense at night. AT
in the root zone a scurf in the form of scales is formed. Pretty
An unpleasant symptom of hair damage is a persistent odor.

ATиды и стадии

Behindболевание бывает 2 видов: первичное и вторичное поражение.
The first type is the defeat of healthy skin. Most often he
observed in people over 40 years. ATторичный тип возникает на фоне
already existing dermatological problems. It could be ugly
rash, couperosis or dermatitis. Такая разновидность demodicosisа
differs by more extensive lesions and intense itching.

Behindболевание протекает в несколько стадий:

  • erythematous;
  • papule-pustular;
  • hypertrophic.

Особенности treatment demodicosisаThe first stage is manifested in
a form of redness that occurs for no apparent reason. Erythema
can be different shades: from light pink to purple with blue
by low tide. On покрасневших участках со временем начинают расширяться

The appearance of rashes and pustules indicates
papules-pustular stage. Hypertrophic form of the disease
characterized by a strong thickening of the skin and an increase in the amount of sebaceous

Diagnostic methods

Confirmation of the diagnosis is carried out through a series of
microscopic studies of biomaterial that was taken from
the patient. To make the results as truthful as possible, the patient
must be prepared in advance for the selection of material for research. Behind
a week before removing the scraping you need to completely abandon the decorative
cosmetics. Behindпрещается умываться средствами с высоким содержанием
alkalis Крем для лица также prohibited. If a не следовать этим
simple rules, even a tick present may not be

The selection of material is carried out in the morning, but the maximum activity
parasites observed in the evening. Therefore, a primary examination can
give negative analyzes.

Mite демодексScraping for the study is taken from the affected
areas: skin, eyelashes and eyebrows. Detect the parasite can only
by microscopic method. On это уходит всего несколько
minutes, so the procedure is carried out immediately before
by the patient.

To remove scraping, use a scalpel or special
A device that allows you to squeeze the contents of acne. Assembled
The material is placed under the glass. For carrying out ciliary test
You need 4 eyelashes from each row. After placing them under glass
туда добавляется капля 10−20% раствора alkalis It may be
glycerin, kerosene or gasoline.

An equally effective diagnostic option is the method
�”Sticking”. It involves the use of a special transparent
tapes with adhesive backing. Before bedtime a small piece of tape
stuck on the affected area. Onутро он отклеивается и
placed under glass for microscopic examination.


ATарианты treatment

Процесс treatment demodicosisа у человека является довольно
lengthy. The exact amount of time it takes to
elimination of pathology depends on the extent of the lesions and
индивидуальных особенностей организма the patient. Therapy can
last from a few months to two years.

Topical preparations

Лечение demodicosisа должно быть направлено не только на
elimination of symptoms, but also to improve immunity. For
parasite destruction uses special medicines –

Among the most effective are the following

  1. Мази при demodicosisеDemalan This cream has
    antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. AT составе
    medication present is olive oil, chamomile extract, lanolin and
    metronidazole. The cream helps relieve irritation, reduces
    intensity of itching, eliminates edema and activates metabolic processes
    in the tissues.
  2. Мазь ATилькинсона. Before applying it is recommended to process
    skin using calendula tincture or eucalyptus.
  3. Sulfuric ointment. This medicine allows you to completely kill the tick.
    The disadvantage of this ointment is that it dries out the skin and
    causes severe peeling. To avoid burns
    Do not apply on the lips and eyelids. AT качестве дополнительного
    protective agent can use panthenol or moisturizer
  4. Eubetal. These are antibacterial drops. Their
    recommended for blepharitis and blepharoconjunctivitis.
  5. Prenatsid. The drug in the form of ointment, which removes
    toxic reaction on the skin.
  6. Spregal. The cream is distinguished by its anti-parasitic effect. AT его
    The composition contains butoxide and esdepalletrin. ATторая лекарственная
    form – spray.

Specialists have developed a special line of drugs for
external use which are designed to combat
demodicosisом — «Стоп демодекс». It consists of special shampoos,
gels, balms and soaps.


Сейчас существует множество современных способов treatment. Each
of them has its contraindications, which should be in advance
familiarize. To the number of effective methods treatment

  1. Метод treatment demodicosisаOzone therapy. Active oxygen
    occupies an important place in the elimination of the inflammatory process.
  2. Cryomassage. For such manipulation is used
    a liquid nitrogen. It allows you to cool and dry the skin. This method is not
    kills a hypodermic tick, but helps to reduce the severity
    symptoms of demodicosis.
  3. Plasmapheresis. This procedure is quite dangerous and has
    a number of contraindications. It can only be carried out.
    highly skilled dermatologists.
  4. TCA peeling. In contrast to the usual peeling such manipulation
    allowed for skin with irritations and rashes. During peeling
    the patient may feel a strong burning sensation.

Different masks with soothing substances will also be useful.
or applications with dimexidum. All physiotherapy procedures
should only be conducted by a professional who owns
relevant knowledge.

Folk remedies

Folk remedies treatment demodicosisаGet rid of the subcutaneous
tick can be popular methods. Before use it is necessary
consult a doctor and test for allergic
reaction, as they contain only natural

Clay masks are quite effective. For her
cooking will need to mix the calendula tincture, white and
blue clay. All components are mixed to get
mushy composition. It is applied on the affected areas at 20
minutes The remedy is recommended to remove using cotton
sponge. Clay well dries the skin and penetrates into the deepest
its layers. However, this tool is not able to kill the tick, it only
dries the fat it eats.

Как вылечить кожу от demodicosisа

The mask with Trichopolom can only be used with permission.
dermatologist. To prepare it, you need to crush 2 tablets.
main ingredient and mix with petroleum jelly. The resulting ointment
applied to the face locally.

Good effect is given by washing with tar soap. It has
antimicrobial, antiseptic and antifungal effects.
Daily recommended to wipe with diluted 10% alcohol
propolis. You can buy such a tool at any pharmacy. If a
there are lesions of the hairy part, then propolis can
add to shampoo. For greater effectiveness, it is recommended
ополаскивать волосы водой с propolis.

The combination of calendula tincture and ointment is effective.
Demalon. After washing, the skin should be cleaned with tincture, and after 5
minutes to apply the cream. In the evening, the face is simply wiped by tincture without
use ointment. The optimal duration of the therapeutic course
is 1.5 months.

General recommendations

Способы борьбы с demodicosisомATо время treatment demodicosisа
Care should be taken to keep your face clean. For a period of
therapy must completely abandon the pool,
solarium, saunas. Steaming treatments and hot baths also

Scrubs, fat creams and cosmetics can only aggravate
the situation. It is recommended to use only those means for
washing, which recommended dermatologist.

Wipe your face with disposable towels. All medicinal
means are applied on clean and dry skin. Recommended as possible
change bedding more often, in particular a pillowcase. Desirable
to iron products in the steamer mode. For washing you can
use special antiparasitic agents.

The doctor may prescribe antihistamines: suprastin or
Terfenadine. To improve overall immunity, it is recommended to take
products that contain B vitamins, as well as C, E and
A. Any drug can only be used after
consultation with a specialist, otherwise signs
demodicosisа на лице могут стать более явными, а процесс treatment

Power Rules

Правильное питаниеWhen demodicosis recommended
stick to a special milk and vegetable diet. She will help
reduce the load on the digestive system and will contribute
removal of toxins from the body.

The patient must completely give up alcohol, fat
food, fast food, pickles and canned food. Banned carbonated
drinks, coffee and packaged juices.

Лечение demodicosisа кожи

The basis of nutrition during this period is porridges, dairy products and
vegetables. Drinks allowed green tea, fresh juices or
still water. Nutritionists recommend switching to oatmeal and
buckwheat porridge. Due to fiber peristalsis and improves
cleaned intestines.

The following products will be useful:

  • boiled lean meat;
  • milk products;
  • fresh vegetables;
  • wholemeal bread;
  • raisins;
  • peanut;
  • almond.

With the help of diet and folk remedies it is impossible to get rid of
demodectic lesions. In this case, an integrated approach is needed,
which consists of the use of external medicines,
application of traditional medicine and diet.

Possible complications

The lack of therapy for demodicosis in the early stages leads to
disease progression and aggravation of the clinical picture.
Complications manifest as the development of other diseases.
These may be the following diseases:

  • blepharitis;
  • barley;
  • rosacea on the face;
  • purulent lesions;
  • conjunctivitis.

Irritation and persistent itching force the patient to comb
amazed plots, and this leads to re-infection. Have
immunocompromised patients develop subcutaneous abscesses.

In addition to cosmetic problems, a person can start
psychological disorders. Such patients become withdrawn.
due to the temporary lack of opportunity to lead the former way of life.
In advanced cases, psychoses and psychoneuroses are observed. In that
case, it is necessary to treat not only the external manifestations of pathology, but
and mental disorders that have arisen against their background.

Preventive measures

Современное лечение demodicosisаPrevent development
diseases can be with the help of medical and cosmetic procedures. AT
remission period with no obvious signs of inflammation
microdermabrasion is recommended. This procedure
is to remove the surface layer in which they accumulate
ticks. A similar result gives non-facial cleansing.

AT качестве профилактики можно делать фруктовый пилинг.
Organic acids present in its composition create
adverse conditions for the life of the tick. Reduce risk
demodicosis and improve metabolic processes will help laser therapy.
This effect is possible due to the fact that in the treated area
decreases sebum production.

The condition of the skin is directly dependent on nutrition. ATажно правильно и
eat balanced. A nutritionist will help you choose a special
a diet in which the fat content of the skin will decrease several times. ATажно
follow the purity of the tools that make up.
Tweezers, scissors and forceps need to be periodically sterilized.
by boiling.

Skin demodicosis is an unpleasant disease that delivers
массу неудобств и требует длительного treatment. ATажно
diagnose the presence of ticks in the early stages. Timely
treatment will help avoid unpleasant complications.

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