Causes severe back pain betweenshoulder blades

Update: December 2018

Большинство людей при возникновении боли в спине между shoulder blades
associate its appearance with various vertebral disorders
pillar, nerve roots of the ligaments, intervertebral discs or
drives. But it should be remembered that such painful sensations can
to be associated with other diseases of the chest –
stomach, heart, respiratory system, mediastinal organs.

Such pain can be as acute, which is rapidly increasing.
and either passes quickly or increases significantly with time
and chronic – which worries the patient for a long time and
requires an accurate diagnosis, because it may be
a symptom of a serious pathology of any organs of the chest. Sometimes
боль между shoulder blades может возникать только после резких физических
loads or after a long stay in a certain uncomfortable
position It should be remembered that the pain in the interscapular region is
not a disease, but a symptom, and before using any
ointment for back pain or injections, the real cause should be established
their appearance. When referring to a doctor it is very important to describe all
the slightest concomitant symptoms that accompany pain
sensations, time of their occurrence, provoking factors of her
gain because the doctor needs help in determining
directions of examination and sometimes it is very difficult to establish the correct
diagnosis without accurate data on the nature of the pain.

Very often the late detection of the true cause of pain
between the shoulder blades, make a person pass a lot of expensive and
lengthy examinations, use different treatment options,
which are sometimes appointed not advisable and therefore do not bring
the desired result. It is therefore very important that the patient himself knows
about the possible list of diseases for which this is characteristic
pain syndrome.

 Pain caused by pathologies of the spinal column

On such obvious reasons as bruises, injuries, sprains and
vertebral fractures we will not stop in detail, but
consider other possible causes of such pain in

Intervertebral hernia

You should know that vertebral hernia in the thoracic region
spine is a very rare occurrence since this section
the spine does not carry such an increased load as the cervical and
lumbar spine. To diagnose or exclude this
pathology neurologist, osteopath directs a patient to MRI, CT.
The changes in the intervertebral hernia are due to the fact that the fibrous
ring – the outer part of the intervertebral disc from the strain begins
acts, while the distance between the vertebrae and
pinched nerve roots. That is the fibrous ring
it cracks, the pulpal core begins to protrude into it (shock absorber
in the center of the disk).

When such a hernia is found, doctors prescribe NSAIDs.
(anti-inflammatory drugs), physiotherapy,
physiotherapy, reflexology, in severe cases, shown
surgery. Difference of such pain with intervertebral
hernia of the thoracic spine from other pathologies is her
localization in only one place, also pain may radiate in
chest, which may resemble the symptoms of dysfunction
lungs or heart. With prolonged absence of intervertebral treatment
hernia may be a curvature of the spine, paraparesis of the lower
limbs, pelvic organs disorders, chronic
pain syndrome.

Overstrain in combination with hypothermia of the back muscles

Боль между shoulder bladesExcessive back muscles can also
pain in the area of ​​the shoulder blades, it is not considered a disease, but
with frequent excessive loads, weight lifting, with prolonged
being in a sitting position, in a monotonous pose – increases
risk of osteochondrosis, scoliosis, intervertebral hernia. Highly
often such pains affect persons whose work compels
being in the same position a few hours a day is a seamstress,
drivers, office workers, surgeons.

Sometimes при сочетании такой профессии и кондиционера,
hypothermia may cause a so-called backache when pain
become more intense and requires the appointment of NSAIDs
(nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), applications
warming, distracting ointments, massage, etc. For prevention
such complications should try to avoid drafts, lead
the most active lifestyle, yoga, Bodyflex,
gymnastics, every six months take a course
professional massage.

Spinal tuberculosis

About the disease today, many doctors like
�“Forget” and the tuberculosis services in the country for some
reasons decline, and in fact almost 90% of the population
infected with childhood mycobacterium tuberculosis. If a person
injured, especially the back, or joint, or just severely
overcooled, with very weak immunity, at the site of injury
quite often there is a tuberculous focus, which even on
X-ray on specific grounds is not always possible during
to recognize.

Often in such cases, the diagnosis is established only if
when a person is already exhausted from terrible pain and has a number of complications.
With this disease a person may be disturbed by a very strong
жгучая боль между shoulder blades, пациенты ее описывают как скручивающую
or drilling in one point of the spine, as well as localization
hearth in the thoracic spine, pain radiating to the thoracic
cell, in which there is a burning sensation, heat, aches.

Spinal tuberculosis — это очень коварное заболевание,
moreover, when it occurs in the spine, it is not always in
the patient has foci in the lungs, it may be
independent focus of tuberculosis infection in any department
spine. People are used to the notion that tuberculosis is
a disease that affects only low social strata of the population and
localized, as a rule, only in the lungs. It’s huge


With the weakening of the body’s defenses, the Koch wand, which
there is in the body of almost every person, are activated in
most weakened organs and slow inflammatory begins
process, it can be like kidneys, lymph nodes, female
fallopian tubes, prostate or testicles in men and
individual vertebrae in the spine or joints in the limbs.


According to statistics, almost 50% of the population has varying degrees
development of scoliosis – curvature, twisting of the spinal column, and
most often it is the thoracic spine in combination with
cervical or lumbar. And since the edges are connected to
thoracic, there is a change in shape and chest.
There are a lot of reasons for its development – these are congenital pathologies.
ligaments, bones, as well as acquired – intense physical
overload, sedentary office work or schoolchildren
a desk.

With lateral and direct chest x-ray, a surgeon, a neurologist,
An orthopedist or osteopath can make a similar diagnosis. Therapy
such pathology should be very intense and long – this
massage, wearing a special corset, therapeutic exercises. With
сколиозе боль в спине между shoulder blades является лидирующим
symptom, and also it has the following symptoms:

  • At an early stage, the visual distortion may be subtle,
    but with the progression of scoliosis when examining the patient from behind,
    curvature becomes noticeable.
  • With сколиозе наблюдается повышение утомляемости мышц спины
  • Shoulders and arm position may be at different heights.
  • The pains that bother the patient in the chest are localized.
    more often in one side
  • Между shoulder blades боль может быть как периодической от сильного
    overvoltage or prolonged standing or sitting, and
    may be permanent.


Since the primary stages of osteochondrosis today are detected
even in preteen children, this pathology can rightly be called
the scourge of the modern urban dweller. More recently, it
the disease was considered a disease of the elderly, but modern life,
wrong, sedentary lifestyle leads to early
the development of degenerative changes in the joints and spine.
Withчиной болей в спине способствует воспалительный процесс, который
develops in the surrounding tissues around the damaged vertebrae, and
also due to pinching of the nerve roots. For osteochondrosis
The following symptoms are characteristic:

  • Constant, aching pain in the back, aggravated by sneezing,
    coughing, sudden change in body position, during physical exertion
  • With выпрямлении плеч можно услышать хруст между shoulder blades
  • Chest pain can be described as “worth the call.”
  • Reducing the mobility of the ribs leads to difficulty when
    breathing, and the person begins to breathe with his stomach
  • Limited movement in the hands, there is a weakness
    tingling or numbness in the hands.

Intercostal neuralgia

Intercostal neuralgia обычно беспокоит человека болью в одной
side of the chest, but in rare cases it can be
blade areas. This happens in situations where
squeezing of the nerve roots in the thoracic cavity when excessive
loads, with supercooling, injuries, infectious diseases
or with osteochondrosis of the thoracic.

With межреберной невралгии симптомы, боли усиливаются при
pressure on the chest, when coughing, and may disturb
patient day and night. Since the pain in osteochondrosis,
scoliosis and intercostal neuralgia is very difficult to differentiate, for
clarification of the diagnosis should be addressed to qualified
orthopedists, neurologists, osteopaths, surgeons.


This disease is very similar to osteochondrosis, in nature
pain, according to the factors of its gain under load, changing position
body. It is also chronic in nature, with periods of exacerbations.
and remission. It is possible to distinguish spondylarthrosis from osteochondrosis
only using x-ray, MRI or CT. With этом заболевании
cartilage is destroyed and replaced by bone tissue, therefore
vertebrae can detect bone protrusions.

Myositis of the back muscles

After any hypothermia, ARVI, flu, muscle overvoltage,
back injuries can cause inflammation in muscle tissue – myositis.
Like any disease, it can be acute or chronic. Pains
they can be in any parts of the spine, they are aching
nature and also intensifies with feeling, movement, physical
load. This is not a dangerous condition, and the use of warming and
pain relief ointment for back pain usually helps.

Diseases of internal organs

As we have said, not always the pain in the shoulder blades on the back
are signs of diseases of the spine, almost all
diseases of the mediastinum, heart, stomach, pancreas
glands and gallbladder can contribute to the appearance of pain
ощущений в back. In our time of oncological tensions, when
cancer does not spare either children or adults, the development of organ tumors
mediastinum, stomach, lungs can manifest and pain in the area

Diseases of the cardiovascular system

Coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, angina is
diseases that can also be the causes of such pains. With
angina pectoris for example, the pain never lasts more than 5 minutes and
taking nitroglycerin, it basically passes right away. However, with
acute attack, if severe pain lasts more than 5 minutes, decreases
blood pressure, cold sweat appears, skin pallor
cover, you should immediately call an ambulance.

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

Peptic ulcer, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, triple
diseases which can also be blamed for the occurrence of pain
in the thoracic region, both in front and behind. Also the development of cancer
diseases of the stomach, pancreas can cause such

Respiratory diseases

If the patient has a cough other than back pain,
body temperature, even slight, can be caused
pathology of the lungs. Usually such diseases as pneumonia or
pleurisy preceded by hypothermia, acute respiratory viral infection, influenza. AT
recent cases of atypical forms
pneumonia when pneumonia is caused by such pathogens
like mycoplasma or chlamydia, they are not accompanied by very high
temperature, and may occur on the background of subfebrile, while
back pain may appear on the right, left, while breathing in, especially
aggravated by deep inspiration. The main difference criterion
pathology of the lungs from other causes is the presence of temperature,
not even high and coughing.

Other diseases

  • Osteoporosis with vertebral body fractures, say against the background
    prolonged use of steroid hormones or the drop in estrogen
    postmenopausal women.
  • Metastasis to the vertebrae of gastric cancer, for example, may also
    cause pain
  • Spontaneous fractures with irrational loads.
  • Ankilokhiruyushchy spondyloarthritis (ankylosing spondylitis) systemic
    disease. Astonishing more often than men, in which amid inflammation
    vertebrae are affected and ossification of ligaments occurs. AT результате
    the spine becomes inflexible, and is x-ray described,
    like a bamboo stick.

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