Causes of yellow discharge in women. Abundanthighlight yellow

Update: December 2018

Highlighting the yellow color in women is a cause for concern,
or quite normal? Of course, every woman’s condition
her health, the number and shades of vaginal discharge – all
very individual.

If white-yellow discharge occurs in women, then
discharge with a slightly yellowish tinge, without other unpleasant
symptoms such as itching in the vagina, burning during urination,
lower abdominal pain, and the color of the discharge is not intense – it can be
variant of the norm.

However, if an unpleasant smell is observed, for example
fishy, ​​oniony, sour or putrid odor
smell, there is discomfort, discomfort during and after
sexual intercourse is a pretext for examination and consultation

Most often, bright yellow, yellow-green discharge from women
are a sign of genital infections or inflammatory disease
uterine appendages, cervical erosion and other diseases.

Когда highlight yellow можно считать нормальными?

  • By quantity – discharge should not be more than 1 tsp in
    day. Sometimes the amount of discharge before menstruation, during and after
    intercourse increase slightly.
  • По цвету —  выделения не должны оставлять ярких следов на
    underwear, if the selection is light yellow, that is, have a weak
    yellowish or cream is the norm.
  • Healthy woman excretions should not be accompanied.
    unpleasant smell.
  • On consistency – healthy discharge is usually watery, not
    thick and not abundant, depending on the menstrual cycle
    consistency may vary – in the middle of the cycle when
    ovulation appear clear, stretching mucous discharge.

If there is an abundant yellow vaginal discharge that is,
what to do?

Of course, each person has his own concept of shades and
intensity of colors, therefore, based on the description of the selection
It’s hard enough to say for sure the pathological discharge from a woman
or normal? Not one gynecologist, only on the basis of color,
consistency or amount of discharge will not be able to determine the diagnosis
female disease.

To do this, you should pass a smear on the flora and bacterial seeding on
pathogenic microorganisms. The only thing that’s for sure is healthy
women should not be noticeable, intense colors in
secretions. This is always a warning sign of any kind.

If a bright yellow discharge in a woman has arisen after
unprotected intercourse, it is likely that the cause of their
appearance has become a genital infection. Today hidden
genital infections are widespread, and they are often
flow in a chronic, low-symptomatic form, hence their
title. Such diseases include trichomoniasis, mycoplasmosis,
chlamydia in women, gonorrhea, genital herpes, etc.

Among sexually transmitted infections are STIs, trichomoniasis and
gonorrhea is most often accompanied by abundant yellow secretions in
women, in addition to this can be an unpleasant smell, as well as itching and
burning during urination and intercourse.


If a woman does not lead a sex life, then according to various internal
reasons – significant or prolonged stress, reducing immunity,
hormonal disorders, antibiotics, less often
из-за несоблюдения интимной гигиены — может появится
bacterial vaginosis, thrush in women (thick, curd
discharge) or gardnerellosis when the smell of rotten fish appears or
other odors.

If any suspicious secretions appear, especially after
doubtful sexual contact, should immediately contact
to the gynecologist. He will examine the woman, take a smear test for flora and
bacterial seeding for antibiotic susceptibility, also
will send to smear by PCR for STIs, and will also need to
donate blood by ELISA for hidden infections.

Without specifying the cause, no self-treatment.
it can not be done, it can blur the real clinical
picture and in the future will be more difficult to determine the true cause
pathological secretions.

Many women practice douching as a means to
purification of secretions and for the treatment of various diseases. In our
article, you can learn all about douching, how to do it and why
you can not douche without the recommendation of a doctor, alone. Also
Why not douche with thrush soda, potassium permanganate and

If there was a yellow-green discharge, what is it that

A healthy woman should not have yellow-green discharge – this
является явной патологией, признаком инфекции и inflammation. Besides
what was listed above, that is, in addition to STIs,
bacterial vaginosis and thrush, any inflammatory processes
internal female genital organs – the cervix, the uterus itself,
appendages of the uterus, are also accompanied by secretions of yellow color,
yellow-green or green with a smell or no smell.

Such diseases include adnexitis (salpingo-oophoritis) –
inflammation of the uterus, salpingitis – inflammation of the fallopian tubes,
oophoritis – inflammation of the ovaries – characteristic of these diseases
copious discharge of yellow – green color. With scanty yellow or
the greenish secretions are chronic forms of these
diseases, as well as, cervical erosion, bacterial

In acute inflammation, hospitalization is most commonly indicated.
sick because the rise in body temperature, lower abdominal pain,
pain in the lower back, extending to the leg deprives a woman of working capacity.
In chronic diseases, during periods of exacerbation, also often
should be treated in a hospital.

In any case, thick, greenish, yellow-green discharge from
women – a signal indicating that a woman should
immediately visit the gynecologist, since any inflammatory
processes without adequate treatment become chronic, often
recurrent, can cause infertility, ectopic
pregnancy (symptoms), miscarriages, premature birth, and
age increases the risk of cancer
female genitals.

In our time of oncological tensions, even the youngest
women should be constantly monitored by a gynecologist, at least 1 time
a year since uterine cancer, cervical cancer is registered now
not only in women during menopause, menopause, but also in women
reproductive age. Especially dangerous if a woman has
regular brown, mid-cycle bleeding, between
monthly, it is also an alarming sign and a reason to turn
to the doctor.

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