Causes of wen on the face, on the head.How to remove them, how to recognize that it is a wen

Lipoma, or wen is a benign tumor consisting
from fat cells. Neoplasm may occur in representatives
both sexes at any age. The prevalence of the phenomenon – 1% of
total population of the planet. The tumor is located absolutely in
various places and organs. The main condition for the appearance of a lipoma is
the presence of adipose tissue cells.

Favorite place of residence of lipomas in a person is fat,
located directly under the skin – external subcutaneous
lipomas. They can be single (in 94% of cases), or
multiple – lipomatosis. Most often lipomas are formed on
head (in the infraorbital region and in the upper eyelid). Risk
there is a wen on the face in a malignant tumor, but
extremely small. In 99% of cases, histological examination of cells is not

Causes of Wen

The reason for the appearance of this kind of formations in 60% of cases
considered genetic predisposition. Hereditary
lipoma tendency – familial lipomatosis. Also
The relationship between the frequency of appearance of lipomas and
expression of the obesity gene (HMG I-C). Possible reasons may be
include blockage of the sebaceous gland duct, impaired innervation
certain parts of the body. Also identified risk factors:

  • overweight;
  • violation of lipid metabolism and metabolic processes in general;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • diabetes, pathology of the kidneys and liver.
  • hormonal disorders

Histological varieties of lipomas

There are several types of limes formed under the skin.
The classification is based on the histological structure of education:

  • Lipofibroma – consists of fat cells, it feels to the touch
  • Fibrolipoma – fibrous lipoma – dense wen. Consists of
    adipose tissue and connective (fibrous).
  • Cavernous lipoma – angiolipoma – fat formation with
    multiple blood vessels.
  • Myolipoma – contains fatty tissue and muscle fibers.
  • Mielolipoma – adipose tissue is present in the tumor and
    hematopoietic (hematopoietic cells), resembles in structure
    Bone marrow.

At the initial stage, they are almost invisible and does not deliver
discomfort, but over time increase in size.

Complications in the presence of Wen

Despite the good quality of the tumor, lipoma is a pathology.
The appearance of a white wen on the face or on the head requires
timely consultation of a specialist in order to exclude possible

  • Liposarcoma – lipoma similar in appearance
    malignant fatty tumor.
  • Large-sized lipoma puts pressure on organs and tissues,
    thereby preventing their normal functioning: occurs
    squeezing, disturbed nutrition and innervation of tissues, which is fraught
    the consequences.
  • If the wen is located under the skin and is not separated from the surrounding
    tissue capsule, it grows diffusely and penetrates into the muscle and
    connecting fibers. In this case, the probability is high
    converting a tumor into a malignant cancer.

Structure and external signs of lipoma

Lipoma consists of fat cells (adipocytes) of various sizes.
(tiny and gigantic) that are dividing uncontrollably, and more often
just sealed in a capsule of connective tissue. Wen has
lobular structure. Its size varies from grains to the head.
small child.

Lipoma in the body lives autonomously and is not communicated with others
her tissues. Even in the case of complete depletion of the body, lipoma
continues to grow in size (see wen on the body, under

Externally, the subcutaneous wen looks like a white nodule covered
skin normal color. When pressed, it can roll and
change location, in the absence of pressure returns to
original point.

The peculiarity of the subcutaneous wen is very slow growth: it
increases over the years. With multiple lipomatosis formed
lipomas are usually large and tend to coalesce between
by myself. Preferably they appear on the head, where very thin
subcutaneous fat layer: in the neck, on the neck.


 Do I need treatment for wen on the head?

Treatment of Wen do not practice. There are indications to remove
lipo, it is: Удаление жировика

  • The desire of the client directly to get rid of the lipoma that has
    unsightly appearance and delivering insecurity.
  • A large sized wener that puts pressure on
    surrounding tissues and disrupts their nutrition and functioning.
  • An old “leg wagon” in violation of the blood supply
    may rot and die, which is a source of infection.
  • Fast growing lipoma.

How to get rid of the wen on the face – a radical method

Traditional medicine in the fight against subcutaneous lipoma is powerless. On
question how to remove the wen on the face forever?  There is only one
response with a 100% guarantee of no recurrence — by surgical

Precautionary measures: Removal of subcutaneous wen at home
conditions are extremely dangerous, especially on the face. All sorts of gadgets,
compresses can only soften the skin, and the capsule should be removed,
in which is located lipoma, otherwise it will arise again. Moreover,
there is a huge chance of infection and its suppuration that
can provoke sepsis.

The operation lasts 20-30 minutes and is carried out regardless of the size.
education. At the same time use local anesthesia. Surgeon
makes an incision and cleans the fat deposits along with the capsule,
surrounding neoplasm. With its large size after removal
fat accumulation patient put drainage for the outflow of fluid from
empty cavity. After such an operation only after 1-2 weeks
customer returns to work.

  • Injection lipolysis

Hypodermic lipomas can be disposed of without surgery.
intervention by injection lipolysis, if the size of the formation
does not exceed 3 centimeters. In the wen a special syringe is injected
a solution that dissolves fat formation from the inside. is he
completely disappears after 2-3 months. Lack of lipolysis – method
effective only in 80% of cases.

  •  Minimally invasive removal methods

In the modern world, there are not radical ways
getting rid of such neoplasms. Removal of Wen on the head
can be done as follows:

Endoscopic method. In this case
minimal incision is made and using optical
endoscope (in the form of a tube) through a small hole, it is removed.
The scar remains almost invisible.

Липосакция. Used to get rid of
soft lipomas. A special syringe pierces the lipoma, its
the contents are pumped out, the capsule remains under the skin. Probability
The return of the lipoma is very large.

Laser mode. Beam cut
laser with disinfecting and coagulating properties.
Lipoma is destroyed. Removed the contents of the education along with
capsule. The cavity is processed by high-energy laser
ray and sutured. Relapse after removal of the wen by laser
happens extremely rarely.

Proper and timely removal of limes in any way
absolutely not life threatening, and when performing proper activities
gives no complications except for a possible scar or
occurrence of the wen in the same or another place again (this
possible in the case of incomplete removal, the remainder of a small amount

Автор: Мельникова Светлана Георгиевна врач-дерматолог

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