Causes of Vaginitis, Symptoms and Treatmentdiseases

TOак вылечить вагинитATагинит — это инфекционное
disease of the vagina, manifested in the form of pathological
discharge and itching. The disease is provoked by pathogenic microflora. Have
girls vaginitis has an allergic and bacterial character. Without
timely and qualified treatment pathology can
lead to serious complications. ATажную роль играет гормональный
woman’s background.

Description and Causes

Причины развития вагинитаATагинит является довольно
common disease that can develop even in
childhood. Sometimes provoke pathology can
hypothermia, stress and hygiene. Have взрослых
women infection often occurs after unprotected sex
of the act.

ATоспалительный процесс сопровождается зудом и неприятными
secretions. Some symptoms may look like venereal.
If a вовремя не начать терапию, то возможны серьёзные осложнения в
reproductive system. ATоспаление представляет наибольшую
danger when the uterus is affected.

С вагинитом сталкивается около 70% женщин. Main
причины развития diseases следующие:

  • Симтомы вагинитаhormonal adjustment
  • violation of hygiene standards;
  • emptying the vaginal walls;
  • allergic reaction to a condom or medicinal
    drugs that are inserted into the vagina;
  • immunodeficiency virus;
  • diseases желудочно-кишечного трof the act.

The infection is sexually transmitted. Provoke pathology
can pathogens gonorrhea, mycoplasmosis and chlamydia.

The disease is often diagnosed in women who suffer from
endocrine pathologies. May contribute to infection
trauma to the genitals. It may occur while wearing
synthetic and poor-quality linen, after childbirth and rough
полового of the act.

Under the influence of negative factors, the infection penetrates into
genitals. This creates the most favorable
atmosphere for its development and further spread
genitourinary system.

Симптомы diseases

The signs of vaginitis are the same for all patients. Their intensity
depends on the cause and form of the inflammatory process. TO
the number of common symptoms include:

  • pain during intercourse and urination;
  • itching;
  • irritation;
  • feeling of pressure on the vagina and vulva;
  • contact bleeding.

TOак лечить вагинит у женщинTOаждый из видов
pathology has its own special manifestations. When gonorrheal type
may appear thick purulent discharge yellow.
The distinguishing feature of Trichomonas vaginitis is a frothy discharge,
greenish yellow. ATо время развития коккового вида патологии
discharge abundant and yellow.

Acute form can be recognized by more intense
, покраснениям и припухлости. ATо время
chronic form, the patient experiences moderate pain and
relatively normal state of health. ATагинит в хронической стадии
may occur for several months and only escalate
after hypothermia, pregnancy or alcohol.

Main формы и виды

Существует множество разных классификаций diseases, в основе
which may be manifestation or exacerbation with certain
factors, causes and nature of the inflammatory process.

Профилактика вагинита

In terms of intensity and duration, vaginitis can be acute,
subacute and chronic. The acute form lasts no more than 2 months,
Subacute can last from 2 months to six months. Chronic
the form lasts for six months. Such a colpit has phases
aggravations and lulls.

AT зависимости от фактора, который способствовал развитию
pathology, the following types of pathology can be distinguished:

  • Первые признаки вагинитаbacterial;
  • Trichomonas;
  • gonorrhea;
  • mycoplasma;
  • yeast;
  • atrophic;
  • allergic.

By the nature of the inflammation, the disease can be serous,
mucous and purulent. There is also a general classification
involving the separation of vaginitis species into specific and
non-specific. TO числу первых относятся формы патологии, которые
sexually transmitted, whereas nonspecific vaginitis
caused by bacteria that are always present in the vagina. Their height
сдерживается до тех пор, пока не arise проблемы в
the functioning of the defense system. Often this form of pathology
observed during pregnancy. This is because in
женском организме происходит hormonal adjustment.

Have детей чаще всего наблюдаются следующие разновидности

  • gonococcal;
  • Trichomonas;
  • non-specific;
  • candidal.

Features of treatment diseases Gonococcal type
pathology observed in girls aged 3 to 12 years. AT 60%
cases affects not only the vagina, but also the urethra
канаl The disease can go away without symptoms, but most often they
appear 1-3 days after infection. Have пациенток наблюдаются
green purulent secretions that form after drying
crusts. ATозникает покраснение в области наружных половых органов,
girls may complain of pain when urinating.

The acute course of trichomonas vaginitis manifests itself in the form of liquid
frothy secretions, sometimes with blood impurities. The reason
появления специфического вида diseases у детей могут быть
staphylococcus and E. coli. AT первом случае arise
watery yellow-green discharge. With intestinal lesions
the patient’s wand feels intense itching and burning on the external genital
organs. Lymphatic may increase in the groin

Signs of candidal vaginitis in children are the same as
adults. This is itching, burning and discharge of the curd consistency.
The chronic form of the pathology is very rare.

Most often, mixed vaginitis occurs. Its cause is
specific pathogen, supplemented by a secondary opportunistic
infection. In this case, the process of diagnosis and treatment

Diagnostic methods

Обследование при вагинитеInitially the patient
must undergo a gynecological examination. The doctor holds a finger
study, and then uses a special mirror. By itself
the procedure itself is not pleasant, but in case of illness
is needed. The gynecologist pays attention to the condition of the mucous membrane,
the nature of the discharge and the general condition of the vulva and cervix. AT
during the examination, the doctor takes the necessary material for
conducting analyzes.

To the results of the study were not distorted, to
gynecological examination must be properly prepared. For
This should follow simple guidelines:

  1. Refuse to have sex the day before the inspection.
  2. On the eve of a shower, but without the use of special means,
    creams and oils.
  3. Think about answers to questions about the duration
    menstrual cycle, date of last menstruation, character
    discharge and pain of sexual intercourse.

At the reception it is better to come in comfortable clothes, since it will be necessary
undress A week before the inspection, you must abandon the vaginal
candles. AT противном случае результаты бактериального посева или
smear may be distorted.

Than лучше лечить вагинит

To analyze the vaginal smear, the material is recruited from
clearance between the cervix and vagina. For этого используется
special loop or wand. AT мазке можно выявить грибок,
trichomonas, coccal bacteria and white blood cells that will
testify about the bacterial process.

Анализы при вагинитеSowing from the vagina going to
sterile tube. Material landed on a special
nutrient medium where fungi and bacteria begin to grow.
This method allows you to identify pathogens and
antibiotic sensitivity.

The result of the study will be ready in 5-7 days. Based on it
the doctor selects a drug that can effectively work
on a bacterium or fungus.

ATерно определить диагноз возможно лишь с помощью комплексного
survey. A simple gynecological examination will be
not enough.


Features of treatment

Осмотр гинекологаSymptoms and treatment of vaginitis closely
connected. ATрач подбирает лекарственное средство в зависимости от
pathogen pathology. Most often for therapy
antibiotics are prescribed. It can be as drugs for the reception
inside and vaginal means.

For терапии болезни, вызванной грибком, назначаются специальные
candles with antifungal effect, creams and pills. To
get rid of Trichomonas vaginitis apply Trichopolus and
Metronidazole tablets.

For устранения раздражения при заболевании неинфекционного типа
Intimate sprays or gels should be discarded, and
also change the brand of hygienic tampons or completely abandon
of them.

In the treatment of atrophic lesions, estrogens are used. They
may be in the form of vaginal creams, pills and rings.

ATо время лечения важно принимать меры, чтобы повысить иммунитет
and restore normal vaginal microflora, because if the disease
will become chronic, it will be quite problematic to heal
completely, as frequent relapses are possible. For улучшения работы
The immune system is assigned to receive vitamin complexes. They
help not only to improve overall well-being, but also reduce the risk
appearance of exacerbations.

The duration of treatment is from 7 to 10 days. Exact duration
can only determine the doctor, relying on the severity
diseases. After treatment, the patient must pass

AT пожилом возрасте может возникать атрофический тип болезни. Him
cause is climacteric or insufficient
the amount of sex hormones. AT этом случае врач подбирает
hormonal drug depending on individual characteristics

Recipes of traditional medicine

Народные средства лечения вагинитаUsing
traditional drugs in combination with traditional treatment will help
faster to achieve the desired therapeutic effect, but such
funds can be used only after consulting a doctor.
You must first make sure that you are not allergic.

Чаще всего для терапии используются разные настои на
основе лекарственных растений
. Quite effective
is an infusion of sage leaves, chamomile flowers and calendula. ATсе
components are crushed, 2 tbsp. l dry raw materials are poured 200 ml
boiling water. The resulting remedy is infused for 30 minutes on
water bath. Before taking the medicine you need to cool.

To приготовить настой чистотела, следует взять 2 Art. l
измельчённой травы и добавить 1 л boiling water. Remedy recommended
insist in a thermos for 3 hours.

For приготовления настоя может использоваться полевой хвощ.
Ground grass is poured boiling water and infused for 3 hours.

Treatment of the disease folk remedies aims to ensure that
restore the amount of female sex hormones. For этого
means that contain phytoestrogens are used. For example,
it may be licorice root. It can be used as
as a dietary supplement, and as part of the infusion.
To приготовить средство в домашних условиях, потребуется 1 Art.
l измельчённого корня и 200 мл boiling water. Medication insists on
water bath for 15 minutes. Him рекомендуется принимать по 1
Art. l 3 times a day.

Лечебные травы от вагинитаRed clover flowers
contain not only phytoestrogen, but also vitamin C. The plant helps
improve tissue metabolism and accelerates the healing process.
На 2 Art. l dry raw material is taken 200 ml of water. Infusion is prepared in
for an hour. It is recommended to take it 2−3 times a day before
a meal. The optimal dosage is ⅓ cup. Therapeutic course may
last from 2 to 3 weeks. After a short break, treatment can be

For устранения вагинита можно использовать народное средство на
walnut leaf base. They need to be poured with water and boiled.
within 20 minutes. The resulting decoction is filtered and
used for washouts. Before conducting such a procedure in
home conditions need to consult with a specialist
as it has many contraindications.

For лечения инфекционной разновидности болезни рекомендуются
baths. To приготовить средство, необходимо запарить 100 г
сосновых веток в 10 л boiling water. The composition is boiled for about 40 minutes.
Перед применением отвар должен настояться в for an hour.

ATозможные осложнения

Прогнозы при вагините

If you do not start treatment, there is a high risk of developing
serious complications. One of the most dangerous is the appearance
erosions on the cervix. No therapeutic intervention infection
may spread to the upper genitourinary system, and as
consequence, kidney damage will develop, which is fraught

Older women with pharyngitis may occur.
hypoxia of the vaginal walls. This disease leads to the formation of
microscopic ulcers. If you do not treat vaginitis in the acute stage,
then over time it will become chronic. From him harder
get rid of, and relapses will occur much more often.

The disease that was caused by pathogens of a specific
origin, can lead to infertility. To избежать развития
complications, it is recommended to be periodically shown to the doctor. Treatment
should be strictly at the appointed rate. On their own
carry out drug replacement categorically
is prohibited. Therapy must begin immediately.
the emergence of the first signs of pathology.

ATагинит симптомы и лечение

Пока пациентка будет лечиться, ей лучше отказаться от
половых контактов
без презерватива. The product must be
only on latex basis, otherwise the therapy will be

Preventive measures and diet

Профилактические мерыATажно не только знать, как
cure vaginitis, but what to do to avoid its occurrence. To
prevent the development of this disease, you must adhere to
simple preventive measures. Avoid genital
contacts with unverified partners. Diseases that are transmitted
sexually, are often the cause of the disease.

You must carefully follow all rules of personal hygiene, in
Otherwise, the development of the inflammatory process is possible. For
scrubbing is useful to use special means before
the use of which is necessary to consult with
a specialist. Especially carefully you need to monitor hygiene in the period

If possible, you should abandon tampons. They являются
excellent environment for the development of pathological microorganisms. If a
there is no way not to use these hygiene products at all, then
they must be changed every 2 hours. ATыбирать стоит только те
products that do not contain fragrances.

ATажно носить только качественное бельё из натуральных
materials. Synthetic looks more attractive, but contributes
development of pathogenic microflora.

Control measures include body weight control.
Obesity is fraught with hormonal disruption, which results in
to a number of pathological processes. It is necessary to pass in time
gynecological examination, through which you can identify
disease in the first stage and start treatment.

Proper nutrition with vaginitis is an important condition.
You should completely give up alcohol, as it is incompatible with
drugs and may trigger development
аллергической reaction.

Fatty, spicy and salty food will not contribute to fast
recovery. Sweets can cause a change in acidity.
vagina. It is recommended to enter into the diet:

  • Правильное питание при женских diseasesхlegumes;
  • liver;
  • mushrooms;
  • dairy products;
  • dried apricots;
  • sea ​​kale;
  • Pine nuts;
  • fruits.

Treatment вагинита зависит от причины возникновения и
intensity of symptoms. ATажно carry out prevention
diseases and comply with all standards of intimate hygiene. At first
signs of the disease should immediately contact a specialist. Than
the sooner treatment is started, the lower the risk of complications.
Any traditional medicines can be used only with
doctor’s permission.

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