Causes of thrush in women

Update: December 2018

Vaginal candidiasis most women sign under the simple
name thrush. This disease occurs with active
reproduction of fungi of the genus Candida in the vaginal mucosa at
occurrence of favorable factors.

Symptoms of thrush in women are bright enough – this is abundant
discharge cheesy nature, sometimes unbearable itching and burning in
crotch area (especially sitting on the leg), painful
urination, as well as discomfort, burning and pain during
intercourse. In this article we will look at why
thrush appears in women, causes, provoking
factors contributing to the change of normal microflora

Thrush in women is often combined with other infections.

At first glance, thrush is not a serious disease,
it does not belong to sexually transmitted diseases and STIs, because
yeast-like mushrooms normally contained in the composition
conditionally pathogenic flora of the vagina and with normal immunity do not
cause pathological signs and unpleasant symptoms. But,
Candida mushrooms can be transmitted through sexual contact and often
combined with sexually transmitted infections. Causes of thrush in women

Moreover, with a significant weakening of the body’s defenses,
spread of fungal infection may acquire
generalized form, lead to a violation of the course of pregnancy,
during childbirth infection of the fetus is possible.

It should also be borne in mind that most chronic
gynecological diseases, including STDs, are asymptomatic
flow, without vaginal discharge and other painful

Without a complete diagnosis, distinguish “unhealthy” discharge from
normal difficult. Therefore, it is not necessary to do independently
diagnosis and treatment of thrush, and you should definitely contact
to the gynecologist for a complete examination:

  • The doctor will take a smear (see increased white blood cells in a smear)
  • Directs to the diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases
    – chlamydia (chlamydia in women – symptoms, treatment regimens),
    ureaplasmosis, gonorrhea, mycoplasmosis, trichomoniasis, gardnelerosis
    (discharge with the smell of fish in women), for this purpose, PCR, ELISA,
    RIF diagnostics.
  • The clinical picture of thrush in a woman has a similar
    symptomatology with STIs and it should be remembered that in addition to candidiasis
    there are other diseases that can wear hidden
    character. Therefore, it is so necessary for any pathological symptoms.
    consult a doctor in time to detect hidden infections and
    conduct appropriate treatment without bringing them chronic

Thrush in a woman, regardless of the causes,
fairly easy to treat (Thrush in women is a treatment,
drugs). Today, her treatment is very effective with
using a large arsenal of various antifungal drugs in
Gynecology, both local and systemic (review of the best
candles from thrush). If a woman has chronic thrush
character, often recurs, this is an indication for more
complete thorough examination, detection and treatment of disorders in
the body, leading to a lack of immune response to fungal

Why there is a thrush in women and girls – the reasons

There are a number of different external and
internal causes, factors that violate healthy microflora
vagina. This reduces the number of beneficial bacteria that
naturally inhibit intensive reproduction

The pathogenic properties of fungal agents are manifested only when
active growth of fungal flora, causing inflammation of the mucous
vagina in the form of vaginitis or colpitis. Moreover, the appearance of thrush
in girls who are not sexually also possible because
the occurrence does not depend on sexual activity. Main reasons
the appearance of thrush in women:


Cancer Treatment

The reason for the violation of the harmonious ratio of microorganisms in
vaginal mucosa is immunosuppressive therapy,
chemotherapy, radiation in cancer.

Hormonal disruptions

Natural hormonal disruptions, surges, such
как климакс, беременность или патологические отклонения, такие
как сахарный диабет у женщин, ожирение, дисфункция яичников,
thyroid disease. Very often in older women
age thrush is one of the first signs of sugar
diabetes, so every year you need to take a glucose test in

Chronic diseases

Reduced immunity due to chronic somatic diseases –
chronic pyelonephritis, tonsillitis, bronchitis, liver cirrhosis, HIV


The decrease in the body’s defenses is triggered by food.
poisoning, severe injuries, hypovitaminosis, burns and other
severe illnesses.


With anorexia, unbalanced low-calorie diet, with
some types of diets. Abuse of sweets, pastry
bakery products also contribute to the development of thrush.
It is believed that with abundant use carrots, vegetables, fruits,
restricting easily digestible carbohydrates in the diet can get rid of
легкой степени кандидоза vagina.

Antibiotic use

This is the most common and obvious cause of thrush in women,
especially long or frequent treatment with various antimicrobials
means (11 rules how to take antibiotics).
Since the reservoir of fungi Candida is the intestine, and when
intestinal dysbiosis caused by taking antibiotics as
usually occurs the spread of fungi to other organs in
first in the vagina.

Wet linen

У некоторых женщин причиной occurrence молочницы может стать
wearing wet clothes, that is, swimming in open water, in
basins, because a wet environment contributes to vital activity
fungus candida.

  • Thrush is a frequent companion of pregnancy.
  • Long emotional stress, stressful situations.
  • Sharp climate change.
  • Use of hormonal contraception.

Synthetic underwear

Also the cause of thrush can be a craze for synthetic
underwear, especially wearing a thong panties, combidress,
tight pantyhose. In such underwear the heat exchange is broken, it is formed
closed space by type of vacuum, the temperature rises in
crotch area and increases humidity, which contributes
размножению fungi.

For the same reason, thrush is more often diagnosed in hot weather.
years, especially in women with overweight (overheating).

Local factors

  • Apply colored scented toilet paper and
    deodorized gaskets.
  • Use for intimate hygiene various antibacterial
    intimate gels, soaps, vaginal sprays, it reduces local
    иммунитет и является причиной occurrence молочницы.
  • Women who have the habit of often douche different
    means are not aware that they have a detrimental effect on
    микрофлору vagina. Douching for thrush soda, chamomile,
    manganese solution is not acceptable.
  • Violation of personal hygiene on trips, long journeys
    in the absence of normal conditions for taking a shower.
  • Rare tampon change during menstruation and use
    daily pads can cause dysbiosis
  • Use of local contraceptives.
  • And, of course, hypothermia weakens the protective forces.
    организма, что ведет активизации дрожжевых fungi.

Women who are not sexually active may also experience
thrush due to personal hygiene, taking antibiotics,
hormonal disruptions due to intestinal dysbiosis (treatment).

If itching, burning, discomfort during and after
sexual intercourse should be as soon as possible examined by a gynecologist,
since this may not only be a symptom of thrush in women.
Причины occurrence кандидоза могут быть связаны с более
deep disturbances in the body of a woman whose treatment
impossible without a thorough diagnosis. Chronic
difficult-to-treat thrush can be a sign of sugar
diabetes, intestinal dysbiosis, HIV infection, cancer

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