Causes of sweating arms and legs in infants


  1. Causes of sweating in children
  2. Medical causes of excessive sweating

Watching their newborn baby, attentive parents learn all about the long-awaited child. First of all, mom watches how much the child sleeps, what his appetite is and whether there are rashes on the skin.

But the daily monitoring carried out by caring parents, often accompanied by the detection of excessive sweating handles and legs of the baby. This fact causes significant concern and excitement.

It is worth noting that the question is why the hands of the baby are sweating and legs, interested in almost every third family. Forecast can to be not entirely optimistic. For this reason should get acquainted with this problem in more detail.

First you need to reassure your parents, as half of the cases excessive sweating of the baby is solved even without intervention pediatrician. Therefore, at the first stage, you should not panic and run into a pharmacy for cosmetics, because so you can still harm the child more.

Causes of sweating in children

Factors that may adversely affect excessive sweating of the legs and arms of the baby, maybe not even have medical reasons. That is, sweating can be caused several reasons, namely, you need to pay attention to the fact:

  • How the baby eats;
  • How correctly do you dress him;
  • Are there any external stimuli?

We will consider them in more detail, first finding out why the child can sweat heavily in a dream.

  1. Baby food. At the baby, the arms and legs sweat from the banal overeating. Not only the limbs sweat, but also the head, armpits and groin, and he himself becomes very moody. Eliminate the problem in this case is very simple by adjusting the norms nutrition.
  2. The second mistake of parents is no less common – it is surplus clothes. Breasts can also be active, and when the child is overly wrapped in different blouses, sweating is provided. The baby needs to be worn according to the weather, and this concerns it first of all premises.
  3. External stimuli may be represented by the source increased noise, stressful situations and others. Overfeeding and hunger is also a source of stress. Even a pediatrician is always wonders if the child is nervous and how sleeps.

These are the main non-medical reasons that answer the question, why do babies sweat hands and legs. Eliminate them conscious parents will not be difficult. If this was not possible, then causes of sweating can be caused by diseases.

Medical causes of excessive sweating

You must immediately inform that you should not be scared either, since the arms and legs of the baby may sweat due to increased sweat glands. It almost always happens in in the event that one of the parents suffers from such a problem.

In medical practice, this phenomenon is called hyperhidrosis. If in the family dad and mom suffer from excessive sweating, then the child will become its owner. In this case, we are talking about primary hyperhidrosis.

Secondary hyperhidrosis is always triggered by serious diseases and without medical intervention, parents do not get along. We are talking about such diseases:

  • Vascular dystonia, which manifests itself in dysfunction activities of internal systems;
  • Infectious diseases;
  • Genetic disorders
  • Rickets – indicates a lack of bone mineralization tissue and is one of the most common causes of symptoms which is manifested in increased sweating in infants;
  • Diabetes;
  • Endocrine disorders and others.

Be sure to study the material about why a child has a dream sweating head.

Practical advice – how often to bathe a baby with soap. medical reasons for excessive sweating of arms and legs in newborns, diagnosis and treatment can only be prescribed specialist!

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