Causes of papillomas, symptoms andtreatment methods

Папиллома человекаIn medicine, cases are increasingly recorded
occurrence in people of benign tumors. And
The skin of a person is affected by papilloma. This small
the tumor interferes with patients both from an aesthetic point of view and from
medical It can gradually degenerate into malignant.
form and cause great harm to health. It is therefore very important on time.
Seek help from a medical professional.

The causative agent of the disease and its pathogenesis

The appearance of this benign tumor causes the virus
human papillomas belonging to the family Papillomaviridae, in
which includes 5 genera, 27 species and more than 170 types. Causative agent
affects only the human epithelium, which indicates its
strict specificity.

Важен тот факт, что вирусом папилломы заражён каждый шестой
man on earth, and almost none of his carrier about it
does not know. The thing is том, что возбудитель, проникая в кожный эпителий,
does not show any activity and can stay there for a long time. But
upon the occurrence of adverse conditions, for example, while reducing
immunity, the virus begins to actively multiply, causing
damage to the cell nucleus. Because of this, there is a big
the number of mutated cells that actively divide, grow and
contribute to the appearance of papilloma.

Depending on the ability of viruses to cause oncology
They can be divided into three groups:

  1. TOак избавиться от вируса папилломыPapillomaviruses
    non-oncogenic. These pathogens do not contribute to the occurrence of
    rebirth in cells. They most often cause education
    plantar, vulgar and flat warts.
  2. Low oncogenic risk viruses. They can cause
    the formation of a malignant tumor only with certain
    factors such as exposure to a bad environment and prolonged
    smoking. The most common viruses cause
    papillomas on larynx and genital warts on genital
  3. High oncogenic risk. These viruses more often than others become
    cause of malignant neoplasms that
    usually appear on the larynx and on the cervix.

The exact definition of what type exactly
pathogen, will help stop human development in time
oncology. After all, this disease is much easier to prevent than
to heal.

Infection possibilities

According to statistics, most often the papilloma virus is infected
people aged 17 to 25 years, as well as from 35 to 40 years. Exactly at
this period is the active development of sexual relations. Besides
Moreover, children and adolescents often become infected from their parents.

There are many ways to transmit

  1. Виды папилломыContact and household. Infection occurs when
    using shared towels, scourers and other household items
    everyday life.
  2. Sexual. This method is transmitted sexual papillomas and
    condyloma. It must be remembered that if the partner has on the genitals
    any neoplasms, it is better not to contact him
    due to the high threat of infection.
  3. Through childbirth. Usually, babies from mothers become infected like this.
    if the latter has new growths in the genital tract. In the process
    childbirth can swallow a virus that
    will subsequently cause the appearance of papillomas on the mucous membrane
    larynx Эту форму папилломатоза очень тяжело выto heal.
  4. Contact way transfer in public places. Onпример, в
    baths, swimming pools and sports locker rooms. Wet environment does not kill
    pathogen that easily penetrates damaged skin
    into epithelial cells.
  5. Autoinfection. Often, one tumor contributes to the appearance
    a large number like her on the skin of his master.

No matter how the virus entered the body, for its
Further development requires certain conditions. TO
factors contributing to the formation of papillomas,

  1. Chronic fatigue, nervous strain, presence
    excessive physical exertion and beriberi can lead to
    the appearance of skin growths.
  2. TOурение, алкоголь и употребление of drugs.
  3. Reduced immunity.
  4. Advanced age. It is in the elderly papillomatosis
    appears most often.
  5. Frequent change of sexual partners and non-use of funds
    contraception (condoms).
  6. Onличие у человека проблем с эндокринной и пищеварительной
    by the system.
  7. Uncontrolled intake of oral contraceptives, as well as
    drugs that reduce the body’s immune response.

Удаление папилломы

TO сожалению, заражения вирусом избежать практически невозможно
due to the large number of transmission paths and factors contributing to
the development of neoplasms. It should also be noted that the causative agent
active even during the incubation period when clinical signs are still
not expressed. This time is the most dangerous, because often
carrier of infection does not know about its presence in your body.

TOлиническая картина

Нитевидные папилломыDespite the large number
varieties of papillomas, almost all of them have a characteristic
structure. Therefore, with a simple examination of the patient’s skin surface
the doctor will be able to suspect that he has this tumor.
Most often, papilloma looks like a bundle of pale pink colors,
�”Sitting” on the skin.

Microscopic examination of the tumor can be seen that
it consists of cells of the stratified squamous epithelium mutated
as a result of the life of the virus.

On коже пациентов можно увидеть огромное разнообразие видов
papillomas But самыми распространёнными считаются следующие

  1. Flat papillomas. Most common in adolescents. By
    внешнему виду — плоские выступы, расположенные на поверхности skin.
    The tumors are located on the forehead, neck or cheeks and are easily removed.
  2. Vulgar (simple, ordinary). These papillomas are located
    in groups on the fingers and feet and rise 3 cm above the surface
    skin. By внешнему виду они шероховатые и мелкие.
  3. Периональные остроконечные condyloma. Their views are similar to
    cauliflower. Localized on the genitals, as well as on
    mucous membrane of the mouth and anus.
  4. Причины развития вируса папилломыFilamentous neoplasms.
    Most often appear in persons who have reached the age of forty years. These
    papillomas have an elongated shape, “sit” on the leg and are located
    on the skin above the localization of the endocrine glands.
  5. Squamous cells. Quite often located in cells
    epithelium of the cervix. And on the skin are in the form of nodules. They are easy
    reborn into malignant tumors.
  6. Byдошвенные папилломы. Located on the foot and have a dry
  7. Angiopapilloma. This is an internal tumor that takes its
    origin of connective tissue. Localized on the walls


Most often, papillomas bring their owner only
psychological discomfort. But иногда клиническая картина
papillomatosis is supplemented by redness, itching and soreness of the skin
at the site of the tumor. And also harmless benign
the neoplasm may eventually degenerate into malignant
form. And this is very dangerous. Besides того, папилломы могут
have the following complications:

  1. Tumors located in the throat and on the tongue often lead to
    difficulty breathing and asthma.
  2. In the genitals of women growths provoke development
    inflammatory process.
  3. Injury of papilloma is accompanied by abundant
  4. Clusters of tumors can form polyps.

Causing complications, papillomas cause severe discomfort.
to its owner. And not only from an aesthetic point of view.

Medical events

Papillomas, like any other disease, must necessarily
to heal. There are several methods to get rid of
benign neoplasms:

  1. TOонсервативное лечение.
  2. Onродные средства.
  3. Surgical intervention.

TOатегорически нельзя заниматься лечением папилломатоза
on their own. Be sure to consult with
a doctor Before prescribing any method of treatment, the doctor must
сначала исследует опухоль на наличие в ней злокачественных cells.
This must be done to properly organize the therapeutic

TOонсервативное лечение и домашние средства

Regardless of whether an operative is assigned to a patient
removal of a tumor or not, doctors must first use
медикаменты. The following are most commonly prescribed.

  1. Препараты при папилломахImmunostimulants.
  2. Antiviral. These препараты не уничтожают вирус, а только
    restrain its growth.
  3. Cytotoxic. These лекарства способствуют гибели клеток, из
    which consists of papilloma. Drugs prescribed for large
    the number of tumors localized on the mucous membrane
    гортани и на других внутренних organs. Due to the presence of a large
    the number of side effects of cytotoxic drugs prescribed
    very careful.

Drug treatment is possible only under the supervision of the attending
the doctor. This is due to the ability of a benign tumor.
become malignant.

Quite often, people with papillomatosis resort to
home methods of dealing with the disease. In any case, you need to remember
that before using any, even the most recommended
other philistines of the method need to get advice

Onродная медицина предлагает использовать следующие
means to combat papillomas:

  1. Onродные способы лечения папилломыDry laundry soap.
    They are recommended to rub the tumor several times until complete
    disappearance of symptoms. You can use juice instead of soap.
  2. TOасторовое масло. They are rubbed on papillomas located throughout
    to the body. But больше трёх раз в день проводить процедуру не следует.
    Instead of butter, you can take mashed garlic or sour apples. And juice
    Dandelion gives good results in the fight against warts.
  3. A mixture of iodine with kerosene helps in the fight against
    papillomas located on the palm or foot. Usually after
    second session, the tumor disappears.

All these methods are not a panacea in the fight against papillomas. But
they can show good results and even contribute
recovery with timely treatment.

Operative intervention

The most effective method to get rid of
neoplasms, they remain prompt removal.
There are several ways to treat such papillomas

  1. Хирургическое вмешательствоSurgical removal. This
    The technique is used if papilloma has grown more one
    centimeter or there is a suspicion of being in it malignant
    cells. Together with the tumor in this case, healthy tissue is excised,
    located around the neoplasm. It prevents recurring
    education papillomas. After the necessary manipulation of the skin
    stitched. The operation is carried out for 10-15 minutes under
    local anesthesia. The patient does not experience discomfort. But y
    surgical intervention has its drawbacks – removal
    large area of ​​skin, long healing, formation on the skin
  2. Cauterization with liquid nitrogen (cryodestruction). This technique
    completely painless and takes very little time. Doctor in
    for 5-20 minutes keeps on papilloma a cotton swab dipped
    liquid nitrogen. Quite often for these purposes use a special
    nozzle The temperature of the drug is -196 degrees, so when in contact
    with it, the water in the papilloma cells freezes, expands and destroys
    tumor. The areas of the skin at the site of exposure to nitrogen become white,
    then bubbles appear on them filled with liquid. Around
    bubbles form redness and swelling, and the person begins
    feel burning and tingling. After a while unpleasant
    sensations pass. After cryodestruction, the doctor recommends twice in
    day during the week to process the place of cauterization with boric alcohol
    or a solution of potassium permanganate. After 3-4 days the bubbles burst, and on
    crusts appear in their place, which disappear in a few days
    and open a smooth pink skin. The most common method
    used to remove papillomas located on the eyelids, small
    joints and genitals. A significant disadvantage of cryodestruction
    is that it requires special precision performance. The thing is
    that, if the tumor is not sufficiently frozen, after some time
    time will reappear. And if the frost is too strong, it will be
    damaged healthy tissue with subsequent appearance on them
  3. Removal by laser. Before the procedure, the patient wear protective
    glasses, and the site of exposure is treated with a spray with lidocaine. On
    papilloma is guided by a laser, its rays evaporate water from the cells, they
    gradually dry and turn into a crust. Around папилломы
    after half an hour, redness and edema are formed, which disappear by
    after several days. The crust disappears in 5-7 days,
    exposing smooth and delicate skin. After 14 days comes full
    healing. During this period, you need to protect your skin from exposure to direct
    sun rays that can promote education in place
    papilloma brown spots. After cauterization with a laser for
    three days you can not soak the crust formed, but to use
    makeup is not recommended for two weeks. Disadvantage
    the technique is that after the removal of large papillomas can
    stay scars.
  4. Electrocoagulation (removal of papillomas using electrical
    current). Under the influence of current, the tumor dries out and is separated from
    skin. Full recovery will occur in 7-10 days. During
    this time you need to handle the crust alcohol tincture
    calendula twice a day. As soon as the crust disappears,
    soft skin that must be protected from exposure to the sun.
    Electrocoagulation is a method to send a tumor.
    for research by an oncologist. Disadvantage этой методики является
    the fact that with a weak exposure to electric current papilloma again
    can grow. In addition, this operation on the genitals
    hurts the patient.

All these methods are widely used in medicine and have as
advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, only the doctor, determining the location
the location of the tumor, its size and condition, will be able to pick up
The correct way to treat papilloma.

Prevention methods

Preventing any disease is always easier than curing it.
This also applies to papillomatosis. There are many preventive
activities designed to prevent virus infection

  1. Удаление папилломы лазеромControl sex and
    use of contraceptives (condoms).
  2. Organization of proper nutrition and cessation of smoking, alcohol and
    of drugs.
  3. Personal hygiene.
  4. Taking vitamins, but not uncontrolled, but only after
    consultation with a doctor.
  5. Use of personal funds only

Compliance with these rules will reduce the risk of infection.
papillomatosis and also keep healthy.

Thus, knowing about the symptoms of papillomas, the causes and treatment
of these neoplasms, it is possible to apply for early
qualified help to the doctor. Therefore, do not be afraid of this
viral infection, you just need to comply with preventive measures and
more attentive to their health.

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