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Update: November 2018

The pancreas is one of the most complex organs in the body.
human, difficult to diagnose and almost defies
recovery. Normal depends on the work of this gland.
digestion, and metabolism. Numerous medical
studies conducted to determine risk factors for
development of pancreatitis, determine almost 200 reasons. But,
the main causes of pancreatitis are alcohol and

Why does pancreatitis appear?

Pancreas – the most important secretory organ functions
which consist in the development of special hormones and juice, without
which is impossible digestion and normal metabolism in
human body. В длину эта железа составляет всего 15
см, и весит почти 80 гр.
, однако она за сутки выделяет
больше 1,4 литра панкреатического секрета. Her
secretory function is to deliver the selected
pancreatic juice to the duodenum. The composition of the juice
pancreas includes the following enzymes – trypsin, lipase,
maltase, lactase, whose functions include acid neutralization
stomach and aid in digestion. Also this little body
the most important hormones are produced – insulin, glucagon, 
lycopoin regulating blood sugar levels involved in
carbohydrate metabolism and the creation of phospholipids in the liver.

Панкреатит причины возникновения

Of course, the work of the pancreas has a direct impact and
the way of life of man, and the food he uses. For digestion
proteins, fats, carbohydrates are produced by the gland
appropriate enzymes – for trypsin proteins, for fats
lipase, etc. 


Therefore, excessive use of harmful foods, alcohol,
medicines leads to the fact that the outflow of pancreatic juice
the gland slows down, pauses and remains in the tissues itself
glands or ducts without reaching the duodenum.
The digestive process is disturbed and the inflammatory process develops.
– acute pancreatitis, the causes of which can be
overeating, and poisoning, and trauma.

Inflammation of the pancreas as a separate isolated
the process almost never occurs, iron is always involved in
патологические процессы при любых diseasesх, особенно
digestive system. Moreover, the state of the pancreas itself
glands are very difficult to determine because for the diagnosis of this
the small organ is deep enough.

Byдробно: Лекарства для поджелудочной железы и Панкреатит:
symptoms and treatment

So, in acute pancreatitis, the causes of inflammation are considered
the following factors recognized by all experts:

  • Diseases of the gallbladder, biliary
    This is considered one of the main causes of pancreatitis,
    because with hypertension in the biliary tract and throwing
    bile; inadequate chemicals occur in the pancreas
    processes. Bile promotes increased enzyme release
    pancreas. That her own and hurt. Wherein
    blood vessels are also affected, creating powerful tissue swelling and
    further hemorrhages. The origin of such pancreatitis
    (excluding alcoholic) makes up 70% of all acute
    inflammatory processes in the gland.  All other pancreatitis,
    as many experts believe, refer to the idiopathic
    unclear etiology.
  • Diseases of the stomach, duodenum.
    Such disorders of the gastrointestinal tract as gastritis, gastric ulcer, weakening
    motor function or inflammation of the duodenum
    —  способствуют формированию недостаточности сфинктера Одди.
    Byэтому при этих diseasesх также нарушается отток желчи и
    pancreatic secretion. That is, again, iron is damaged
    own enzymes, stagnant in the ducts.
  • Атеросклероз сосудов, сахарный диабет, гипертония,
    With этих diseasesх
    circulatory disturbance occurs in the pancreas,
    restriction of its power, which contributes to the development of pancreatitis. With
    pregnancy uterine pressure on the vessels also affects the development
    pancreatic ischemia, so women in anticipation of the child are prone to
    risk of developing acute pancreatitis.
  • Alcoholic, food, chemical poisoning.
    With различных отравлениях, токсическими веществами, кислотами,
    alkalies, as well as intoxication arising from helminthic invasion,
    even frequent consumption of fruits and vegetables, stuffed 
    pesticides and an abundance of other chemical additives in food
    способствуют активации ферментов pancreas.
  • Withем некоторых лекарственных средств, таких

    • Azathioprine
    • Furosemide
    • Metronidazole
    • Tetracycline
    • Glucocorticosteroids
    • Estrogen
    • Thiazide diuretics
    • Cholinesterase inhibitors
    • Sulfanilamides
    • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Pancreatitis is a disease of people prone to
    With нарушении жирового обмена также
    enzymes are activated. And if a person has a tendency to
    chronic overeating, risk of pancreatitis
    increases at times, especially with the abuse of fatty, fried
  • Injuries to the gland, injured abdomen.  With stupid
    injury, wounds, after unsuccessful operations on the gallbladder,
    the duodenum may also develop acute
    inflammatory process in the pancreas.
  • Инфекционные diseases. Viral acute and
    chronic hepatitis, chronic liver failure,
    chronic tonsillitis, chicken pox, mumps
    (mumps), any purulent-inflammatory processes, common and
    localized in the abdominal cavity, dysentery, intestinal sepsis –
    все эти diseases повышают риск панкреатита.
  • Allergization of the body. There is a version about
    allergic origin of certain types of pancreatitis. In the blood
    such patients are often detected antibodies that indicate
    on autoagression. And this is also a cause of pancreatitis.
    inflammations since the pancreas itself is
  • Genetic location. There are a number
    genetic disorders in which pancreatitis begins to develop
    have a child since birth.
  • Withем алкоголя — даже однократный прием
    alcohol in a non-drinker and ulcer can lead to acute
    pancreatitis or a destructive process in the gland.

Statistics of pancreatitis by reason of appearance

  • The bulk of patients entering the hospital with acute
    pancreatitis are people who abuse alcohol. By
    некоторым данным свыше 40% всех пациентов  — это алкоголики с
    necrosis of the pancreas or destructive pancreatitis.
  • And only 30% of patients are treated due to
    concomitant gallstone disease.
  • 20% of overweight people suffer from this disease.
  • Viral hepatitis, injury, medication and
    poisoning as the cause of pancreatitis is only 5
  • Birth defects, developmental anomalies, hereditary
    расположенность составляют не более 5%

Pancreatitis prevention

With приступе острого панкреатита требуется срочная медицинская
help, so the treatment is carried out in the hospital, sometimes
the patient requires surgery. Very often acute
pancreatitis, especially after several attacks, goes into
chronic, in which the pancreas is constantly
subject to self-destruction. Byэтому профилактика панкреатита,
такого грозного diseases, является самым лучшим способом не
prevent the development of acute pancreatitis.

  • Quitting smoking and overuse
    , нагрузка на поджелудочную железу снизится в разы
    and in the presence of chronic pancreatitis people guaranteed
    prolong the remission period.
  • Чрезмерные тренировки в тренажерных залах,
    excessive exercises, running and jumping, visiting baths and saunas are capable
    also cause exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis. Most
    The best option for exercise is therapeutic.
    gymnastics, breathing exercises and massage.
  • От состояния желчных путей и желчного пузыря
    напрямую зависит функционирование pancreas. If in
    the gallbladder has already formed stones, then you should remove them from
    organism, and the sooner, the better (see diet with stones in the gall
  • While eating, listen to your body,
    overeating always has a very negative effect on the state
    обмена веществ
    , желудочно-кишечного тракта, и
    pancreas including.
  • Try to eat food in small portions, but often, and
    also, if possible, do not mix many different
    products, adhere to the principles of separate nutrition.
    Especially hard to pancreas with
    mixing proteins and carbohydrates.
    Good sometimes arrange
    fasting days, using only simple food, soups, cereals,
    cottage cheese.
  • Byджелудочная железа очень не любит кофе,
    therefore, it is worth either to limit its consumption or not to drink
    more than 1 cup per day, especially it is harmful on an empty stomach. Soluble
    It is desirable to exclude coffee in general, it is a very “poisonous” drink for
  • Try to consume less products containing coarse.
    Fiber, cabbage, beets, carrots better bake, stew. what
    You can eat with pancreatitis described in detail in our article. Should
    less eat too sweet, fatty, sour and salty foods,
    as well as canned, smoked food, avoid eating
    citrus fruit With риске развития панкреатита особенно полезны
    mineral water, low-fat dairy products, seafood.

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