Causes of pain in the navel

Update: October 2018

Pain в области пупка, являются распространенным симптомом и
testify to certain health problems.
The intensity and irradiation of such pains in the navel can be
different, but even with a slight pain discomfort is not worth it
treat a symptom as a trifle. After all, every signal
which gives us the body, indicates a problem with
health of one kind or another. In the navel area are projected:

  • transverse colon
  • петли тонкой guts
  • восходящая часть и нижняя горизонтальная 12-перстной
  • large gland
  • upper ureter and kidney
  • greater curvature of the stomach (with the omission of the stomach)

Causes of pain in the abdomen near the navel most often
кроются в заболеваниях тонкой guts. Malfunctioning
тощей guts ведет к нарушению процессов всасывания питательных
substances that inevitably affect the human condition. therefore
long disturbing pain near the navel – signal for
urgent visit to the doctor, especially if
additional symptoms, which we will discuss below.

The most likely causes of pain in the umbilical
the areas are the following diseases:

  • Непроходимость просвета тощей guts острого характера;
  • Circulatory disorders of the mesenteric vessels supplying skinny
    intestine, acute and chronic course;
  • Еюнит — воспаление тощей guts;
  • Пупочная грыжа (врожденная, послеоперационная,
    Acquired) can hurt under load, with restraint;
  • Enzyme deficiency leading to impairment
    parietal digestion in the jejunum;
  • Онкологические образования тощей guts;
  • Infectious enterocolitis, spastic and non-spastic
  • Синдром раздраженного intestines, приводящий к патологическим
    изменениям моторики тощей guts функционального генеза.

Each of these diseases, in addition to the pain near the navel, forms
a certain pattern of symptoms. therefore следует акцентировать
attention to changes of any kind in the functioning of the body and
Be sure to explain to your doctor all the symptoms.

Боли вокруг пупка, связанные с непроходимостью тощей guts

Непроходимость тощей guts является грозным состоянием,
resulting in the death of the patient in the event of undue delay with
treatment. Закупорка просвета guts может быть механического
nature (gallstone, tumor, roundworm) or due to
squeezing outside (adhesions, inversion of intestines). In patients with children
age and young people obstruction may be due
инвагинацией – внедрением петли intestines в соседнюю
the gut.

Clinically observed cramping pain in the umbilical
areas with increasing intensity and decreasing the gap between
contractions. Repeated vomiting, only slightly alleviating the condition
patient, accompanied by pain syndrome – characterized by a change
nature of vomit to intestinal contents. Wherein
there is no stool, gases do not depart.

After some time, the pain symptoms go away, and the state
the patient is rapidly deteriorating, there is a drop in blood pressure, weakness,
tachycardia. The above symptoms of incipient shock are
adverse prognosis for the life of the patient, any delay with
emergency surgical intervention may be

Pain в околопупочной области при острых нарушениях
mesenteric circulation

A common cause of this pathology is vascular occlusion.
mesentery pieces of blood clots from the bloodstream, which is probably when
the presence of cardiovascular disease. Also reasons
blood supply insufficiency can be: blockage
mesenteric arteries with blood clots, compression of arteries outside
tumor formations.

The condition is accompanied by painful and cramping pains in
the umbilical region, which decreases slightly when making
patients with forced knee-elbow position. Pain трудно
gives in to stopping even with the help of morphine and is accompanied by
the appearance of sticky and cold sweat, tachycardia and increased blood pressure,
feeling of horror. Как реакция intestines на развивающуюся ишемию,
vomiting and loose stools appear. 6-12 hours after the first
manifestations of pain around the navel subsides as the nerve dies
рецепторы guts.

Blood appears in the gag contents and feces or
discharge from the anus by the type of raspberry jelly. Further
diffuse peritonitis develops with characteristic manifestations – acute
abdominal pain, delayed gas, stool, general deterioration
states. This pathology also requires the provision of emergency
help on the operating table.

Pain в околопупочной области при нарушениях мезентериального
chronic circulation

Severe illnesses such as non-specific aortoarteritis and
atherosclerosis (treatment of atherosclerosis of the brain), lead to
состояниям хронической ишемии intestines. Pain attacks
accompanying this state, have their own characteristics – the pain of
the umbilical region extends to the epigastric as well as to
iliac fossa on the right; pain attack is pronounced character by
type of contractions and begins 20-40 minutes after a meal. Pain
It is stopped by reception of nitroglycerin. As the disease progresses
patients lose weight and note the ever-present problems with
intestines – rumbling and bloating, constipation, which are replaced by diarrhea.
Since the disease is characterized by gradual aggravation
conditions, it is important to get tested as soon as possible and get
adequate therapy.

Pain вокруг пупка, сопровождающая хронический еюнит

Chronic jejunitis is a long-lasting inflammation of the skinny
guts. The development of the disease contribute to the transferred intestinal
infections, parasitic lesions, unbalanced nutrition,
excessive alcohol, spicy and fatty foods, chronic
hepatitis, metabolic disorders and immunodeficiency states.


The most pronounced spastic pain in the umbilical region
due to spasm of the intestinal wall. Also characterized by pain in the background
flatulence caused by distention of intestinal mucous
gases. Inflammation of the mesenteric lymph nodes – mesadenitis,
which is manifested by pain from below and to the right of the navel, in
navel and left hypochondrium. Disease progression
leads to the development of gangliolite and the transformation of the nature of pain from
spastic in the burning.

The condition is accompanied by painful diarrhea, up to 20 times a day.
Often, diarrhea occurs immediately after eating and leads to general weakness,
tremor of the hands and a fall in blood pressure. Against the background of dysbacteriosis character feces
masses change – if initially they represent
porridge mass with pieces of undigested food, then in
Further, the feces become frothy and smelly. When expressed
pathological changes in the jejunum feces acquires fat
shine and has a consistency ointment. Suffering and general condition
due to the development of enteral syndrome and beriberi.
The disease progresses slowly, so early treatment begins.
allows you to avoid irreversible changes in the jejunum.

Abdominal pain around the navel with enzyme deficiency
(enzyme-deficient enteropathies)

Enzyme-deficient enteropathies are pathologies that develop
due to the lack of production of a number of enzymes like
congenital or acquired, or because of their biochemical
inferiority. This condition leads to defective
parietal intestinal digestion.

Clinically enzyme-deficient enteropathies are expressed in
intolerance to certain products. Children’s disease
age leads to mental and physical retardation, and
in the adult – to the development of common enteral syndrome. Most frequent
form of enteropathy – gluten enteropathy or intolerance
gluten, less common disaccharidase deficiency

There is a state of a series of symptoms that occur after
use of the product to which there is intolerance. Arises
pain near navel, flatulence and watery, light yellow frothy
diarrhea with fractions of undigested food. Treatment for this pathology
– strict exclusion from the diet of products to which is present
intolerance, as well as enzyme therapy.

Pain in cancer of the jejunum

This is a rather rare cancer pathology, the most
characteristic of men over 30 years. First sign
cancer process jejunum – severe pain in the navel
by type of contractions, combined with nausea and belching, heartburn,
intestinal rumbling, diarrhea. The characteristic signs of cancer are
tarry feces and progressive anemia. Skin cancer treatment
the gut requires an immediate start and is

Pain вокруг пупка, характерная для синдрома раздраженной

Синдром раздраженной guts классифицируется в группу
functional bowel disease. Motility is impaired,
there is flatulence and cramping around the navel. Disease
very common and is a consequence of the modern pace
life, and women are 2 times more likely to suffer from this

Ambulatory pain is associated with both diarrhea and constipation.
Feces mucous. For the disease is characterized by daily cyclical –
maximum manifestations falls on the first half of the day.
Partial, cutting pain in the navel with diarrhea can
arise immediately after breakfast, while defecation brings
relief. During the day there is heartburn, flatulence and belching air,
pains around the navel that decrease after the discharge of gas or
toilet visits. Pain может перетекать на подреберье (слева и
right), the right iliac region. In the evening and at night the patient
nothing bothers. Since the disease brings a huge
psychological discomfort, you must assign a directional
treatment and strict compliance with all recommendations of the doctor.

Pain near or below the navel, with other diseases

Non-specific ulcerative colitis (NUC)

НЯК полиэтиологическое заболевание intestines, при котором на
слизистой guts образуются очаги некроза и язвы. At the same time
diarrhea with blood and abdominal pain
varying severity. With complications of the underlying pathology (intestinal
obstruction перфорации guts) боли становятся очень сильными,
temperature rises, symptoms of peritoneal irritation appear.
With uncomplicated UC course, the temperature usually does not exceed 38
degrees, the patient is also worried about the false painful urge to
defecation, bloating. The basis of differential diagnosis
NNK are endoscopic and x-ray methods of research

Disease Крона

Or granulomatous enteritis can affect any department.
intestines, чаще проявляясь поражением подвздошной guts (илеитом).
It is an inflammatory disease that develops genetically
predisposed individuals with impaired autoimmune response when
associated intestinal infections. The clinic includes
intoxication (lethargy, fatigue), fever,
diarrhea, weight loss, abdominal pain, often simulating seizures
appendicitis, bloating, vomiting, loss of appetite. Disease
способно осложняться прободением guts, кишечной непроходимостью,
toxic megalcolon, fistula in the bladder. To install
диагноз помогает эндоскопия и биопсия intestines.


This inflammation of the mesenteric lymph nodes is influenced by bacterial
or viral process in the body. Most often the culprits of his
become staphylococcus, salmonella, shigella, klebsiella,
enteroviruses, adenoviruses, Epstein-Barr virus, mycobacterium
tuberculosis. Pathology is accompanied by abdominal pain and
intoxication. With severe paroxysmal or persistent pain
the general well-being of the patient suffers a little. In the diagnosis helps
Ultrasound of the abdominal cavity, tomography, sometimes you have to resort to
diagnostic laparascopy.

Causes of pain above the navel

Above the navel is the pyloric part of the stomach and part
двенадцатиперстной guts. Pain symptoms above the umbilical
areas cause gastropathy and ulcerative processes in these
organs. Initially, pain is manifested by slight burning sensation and
accompanied by discomfort, then, as the progression
ulcerative process, pain becomes brighter, acquire
permanent, and during perforation, ulcers become sharp and
intolerable. During ulcer perforation and the development of peritonitis sharply
general symptoms are growing up to loss of consciousness. Stomach cancer and
двенадцатиперстной guts также сопровождается болью выше пупка
of a permanent nature (see the first signs of stomach cancer).

Causes of abdominal pain below the navel

  • Pain ниже пупка может сигнализировать о патологиях толстой
    guts и проблемах женских половых органов.
  • Endometriosis is the most common pathology of the female genital tract,
    one of the manifestations of which is pain below the navel.
  • Ишемическое состояние intestines может проявляться
    soreness below navel. Chronic process
    manifested persistent pain, acute – a sharp pain syndrome and
    paralysis of intestinal peristalsis.
  • Atherosclerosis of the vessels that feed the intestines, manifests itself aching
    spastic pains and atonic constipation.
  • In addition to the above conditions, pain below the navel can
    to indicate the following diseases: cystitis, syndrome
    раздраженного intestines, раке яичников или матки, аневризме брюшной
    aorta, uterine fibroids.

Causes of pain to the left of the navel

  • Слева от пупка вверху живота расположены петли guts, сальник,
    gate kidney and ureter.
  • Скопления газов в просвете толстой guts могут провоцировать
    pain near the navel on the left side, in the lower abdomen.
    Однако при наличии патологического процесса толстого intestines боль
    will be accompanied by violations of the chair, blood and mucus in the feces,
    temperature. The scarlet blood in the stool speaks of hemorrhoids,
    tarry stools – about bleeding in the digestive tract.
  • Viral diseases of the lungs can also manifest as pains in
    umbilical zone due to irritation of the diaphragm.

Causes of pain to the right of the navel

  • On the right above the navel are the following organs – the ascending division
    толстой guts, ворота правой почки.
  • Pathologies of the kidneys cause pain in the front right and in the area
  • Appendicitis begins with pain discomfort in the navel, and in
    the subsequent pain sensations are shifted to the right (see symptoms
    appendicitis in adults, signs of appendicitis in children).

Based on the above, it becomes clear that the painful
sensations around the navel or to the side of it may indicate
about a variety of diseases, some of which are threatening
of life. Whatever the cause of the pain in the umbilical region, she
should be diagnosed. After all, timely identification even
the most dangerous disease gives a high chance of recovery and
opportunity to lead a full, healthy life.

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