Causes of ingrown toenails – pedicure andwearing ballet shoes

Update: February 2019

British foot disease specialists (podologi) came to
concluded that modern women who are fond of wearing shoes on
flat sole and wearing shoes-ballet shoes most often suffer
such a pathology as an ingrown nail.

Specialists from Nottingham University due to the sharp
increase in the last 5 years, the number of visits of women to doctors
about the problems of ingrown toenails, found that the main
reasons for this phenomenon:

  • excessive pedicure
  • wearing too narrow shoes (slippers)
  • also often this problem occurs in women in the last terms
    pregnancy and postpartum period.

Scientists explain that tight shoes with solid soles are tight
squeezes the sock and thumb, this leads to an imbalance between
insufficient force of adhesion of the nail bed with the nail and
mechanical pressure on the nail.


Therefore, with the growth of the nail bends and grows into the surrounding
soft tissue. These shoes are mostly worn by young girls.
influence of fashion, and pregnant women – for convenience and safety in
period of childbearing and due to the abolition of shoes with heels.

Another important cause of nail ingrowth specialists see
in excessive foot care, more precisely in excessively frequent pedicure and
short nail clipping. Too hard filing or
cutting nails violates their growth.

It is a complex of provoking factors: wearing close shoes,
frequent pedicure and pregnancy guarantees the development of ingrown nail and
its possible complications, such as inflammation of the surrounding tissues,
abscess, lymphadenitis.

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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