Causes of increased lipase in the blood. What is it aboutHe speaks?


  • Lipase – what is it?
  • Table: age dependence of lipase values
  • Indications for analysis of lipase
  • Symptoms of deficiency and excess lipase
  • Analysis
  • Causes of deviations from the norm
  • Lysosomal Acid Lipase (DLCL) Deficiency
  • Factors affecting blood lipase levels
  • Normalization of lipase levels
  • Video
  • Prevention of lipase surges

Bad habits: smoking, alcohol, disturbed and not
balanced diet, uncontrolled reception of medical
drugs contribute to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and
especially disorders in the pancreas. The most dangerous of
they are infected with pancreatic necrosis. Mortality with such a lesion
reaches 85%. Diagnosis of this and other diseases of the digestive tract complex
and consists, inter alia, of blood biochemistry, which determines
уровень липазы — одного из энзимов поджелудочной
glands. Consider what happens in the body when lipase
increased in blood.

Lipase – what is it?

Enzyme, indispensable for normal digestion, is
lipase. It cleaves triglycerides (fats / lipids) to glycerol and
carboxylic acids. Also lipase is important in
processing of vitamins (retinol, calciferol, tocopherol,
phylloquinone, prenylmenaquinone) and linoleic, linolenic,
arachidonic, eicosapentaenoic and docosahexaenoic acids.

It is produced by various organs, by origin and
is divided into:

  • synthesized by the lungs (pulmonary);
  • produced by the intestines;
  • gastric (of particular importance in infancy, when
    the pancreas has not yet begun its enzyme production);
  • leukocyte;
  • pancreatic;
  • in infants, in the oral cavity (for the assimilation of maternal
    Milk) – lingival.

An important role is played by pancreatic lipase. Its content in
human plasma constantly. But if degenerative
processes with pancreatic acid cells, then the amount of lipase
is increasing.

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Table: age dependence of lipase values

The norms of this enzyme are constant for both women and men,
the amount varies only according to age:

Age Children under 17 Adults
Normal amount of lipase 0-130 U / ml 0-190 U / ml

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Indications for analysis of lipase

Write out this laboratory test when
there are suspicions of disorders of the pancreas:

  • severe abdominal pain syndrome, often surrounding;
  • body hyperthermia;
  • vomiting.

In addition, the value of lipase in blood or urine samples may
talk about the progress of the following diseases:

  • cancers;
  • cholelithiasis, biliary dyskinesia, cholecystitis,
  • pathological changes of the pancreatic parenchyma:

  • piggy;
  • acute cholecystitis;
  • chronic liver disease;
  • diabetic ketoacidosis;
  • obstruction of the small intestine;
  • violation of all the functions of the kidneys;
  • рак молочной glands.

Analysis of this enzyme in 98% of cases gives an exact answer about the presence
заболеваний поджелудочной glands. If the diagnosis has already been made, then
The study will show how effective the treatment is.

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Symptoms of deficiency and excess lipase

When it is necessary to guard and turn to
a doctor?
If the consistency of the chair has changed to liquid,
abdominal cramps appeared, appetite was gone and weight started to go away,
there was a periodic feeling of nausea, vomiting, flatulence, general
weakness and low physical activity. In addition, sometimes
slightly increase body temperature.

All these symptoms speak of both surplus and deficiency.
lipase. The only thing that hyperthermia of the body most likely indicates
enzyme overruns.

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For the study, venous blood is collected.
There are a number of restrictions on eating before taking an analysis. So it is necessary
exclude within 12 hours before, the following foods: fatty,
spicy, spicy, and even better if you refrain from them for 4
days Like most other blood tests, you must donate
on an empty stomach and in the morning hours, preferably before noon. If this
same day the patient will be prescribed x-rays, it is worth thinking about transferring the day
for blood sampling. In an emergency, when it comes to life
the patient, the analysis is carried out without the stipulated conditions.

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In modern medicine, there are two ways to determine
the amount of enzyme in the blood: immunochemical and, most
popular and fast, enzymatic.

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Causes of deviations from the norm

An important diagnostic indicator is the increase in the number
plasma lipase. The increase in this indicator suggests that
that the following pathological processes take place in the pancreas

  • Destruction of gland cells, resulting in blood
    high levels of lipase are released, as well as other
  • Pancreatic juice delay in ducts due to
    stones, tumors of the duct itself or duodenal ulcers

But most often these processes occur either simultaneously or
being a consequence of one another.

Low enzyme level, talks about the development of such states

  • cystic fibrosis;
  • stomach ulcer;
  • cancers;
  • peritonitis;
  • chronic pancreatitis;
  • hyperlipidemia;
  • diabetes;
  • Crohn’s disease;
  • high blood pressure.

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Lysosomal Acid Lipase (DLCL) Deficiency

Congenital and Inherited Lack of Specific Enzymes
Lysosomes cause lysosomal diseases. Frequency of manifestation of such
diseases is quite low, but the danger from such conditions is very
is great. Так ДЛКЛ (дефицит лизосомной кислой липазы)
causes Wolman’s disease (develops in infancy) and disease
accumulation of cholesterol esters (progresses less and
characterized by lesions of older people).

Wolman disease without enzyme replacement therapy (for example,
use of Sebelipaza alpha) is fatal at first
year of life This disease has a very rapid course.
causes liver failure, an enlarged spleen,
paralytic intestinal obstruction. Diseases of ester accumulation
cholesterol are distinguished by a weaker development
the liver is affected and dyslipidemia develops
provoking the development of atherosclerosis).

Lysosomal disease treatment is life-long.
enzyme replacement therapy, which ensures bringing back to normal
the level of transaminases, the volume of the liver and spleen, improves the number
surviving patients. The prognosis of disease, with early diagnosis and
prevention of degenerative processes in the liver,

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Factors affecting blood lipase levels

Acute and
chronic pancreatitis, injuries, pancreatic cancer,
obstruction of the duct.

To decrease in indicators: cystic fibrosis, surgical removal
поджелудочной железы, снижение функциональности glands. But not
forget that taking a number of drugs significantly distorts
laboratory results. Such as non-steroid
anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics, heparin, oral
contraceptive, captopril, corticosteroids, furosemide. Development and
the progress of a disease such as hemolysis (destruction of red blood cells
blood) can significantly affect the result of research.

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Normalization of lipase levels

It does not matter which way the lipase level deviated from the norm, in
in any case, this indicates a malfunction
gastrointestinal tract that need as fast as possible
eliminate. AT классическое лечение входит как прием медикаментов,
and a constant diet, and in some cases (if
neoplasms) and surgical manipulations. If primary
the disease is associated with the pancreas, is prescribed

  • regulating lipase production;
  • myotropic, antihistamine, cholinergic drugs;
  • anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • Gastrozole, Omez, Omefez, Losek, Ultop, Controls,

For diseases of the gallbladder: antibacterial therapy and
enzyme preparations (creon, festal, pancreatin, and others).
The dosage and regimen prescribed by the doctor, based on the indicators
enzyme levels in a patient.

In addition, dieting, avoiding bad habits, and in
acute period, even fasting show quite good
the results in the process of normalizing digestion and, accordingly,
уровня lipase.

AT случаях значительного снижения уровня энзима рекомендована
regular physical activity. Proven direct effect, with
the tendency to decrease by triglyceride levels in the blood and
cholesterol. Food supplements of any origin also give
good result. Low Fat Diet Rich
vegetables and fruits, not only normalizes enzymes, but in general
positive impact on the general condition of the body.

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