Causes of hiccups in children, newborns. Whyhiccups an adult?

Update: October 2018

Hiccup from a physiological point of view is jerky
contraction of the diaphragm, which results in
nonspecific respiratory failure. Subjectively man
feels unpleasant and intense breathing movements that
occur quite often.

What happens during hiccups? It is involuntary
physiological response caused by synchronously arising
myoclonic contractions of the diaphragm, as well as intercostal

Due to the contraction of muscles, an imitation of fixed
inhalation, but abrupt closure of the airways by the pharyngeal cartilage
(epiglottis) blocks the flow of air. At the same time with
the epiglottis closes and the glottis – this causes
a strangled short sound that is heard during hiccups.

Икота: как только сократилась диафрагма, из
the lungs are pushed out by the air that passes through the larynx,
slams the glottis and the epiglottis, while publishing
characteristic sound “IR”.

Why человек икает?

There are a number of safe causes of hiccups in adults and
children:Механизм возникновения икоты

Idiopathic hiccups

Hiccups can occur for no reason (idiopathic). She lasts
no more than 10-15 minutes, passes very quickly and does not cause
discomfort. Hiccup is an unconditioned reflex that is impossible.
cause artificially.

Psychogenic hiccups

Often occurs in young anxious girls amid unrest and
experiences, for example, before an exam, interview, public

Интересные факт: С 1922 года некий Чарлз
Osborne, a native of Iowa, began to hiccup while cutting
a pig. He is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as a man who
Hiccup constantly for 68 years. At first the frequency of hiccups was 40
p / minute, then became less frequent 20-25 p / minute. Charles led the usual way
life, attacks of hiccups stopped in 1990, a year later he died
from stomach ulcers (aged 97).

Hiccup due to irritation of the vagus nerve

This nerve passes from the chest cavity to the abdominal. On his way
paired with the esophagus, it passes through a narrow opening in the diaphragm,
where and can be clamped. This happens when:

  • overeating
  • eating too fast
  • fright
  • being in an uncomfortable position
  • when a person hiccups after eating most likely he has eaten either
    hurried, swallowing large pieces of badly chewed food.

Pathological causes of hiccups

But hiccups are not always harmless. There is a long list
pathological factors that can trigger hiccups:

  • CNS lesions. If a person has hiccups all day, and hiccups
    is debilitating, and the phenomenon is frequent – it can
    indicate a possible encephalitis, stroke, TBI, tumors
    the brain.
  • Metabolic disorders, such as uremic,
    diabetic or hepatic coma.
  • Intoxication of the body with muscle relaxants, barbiturates. Often
    You can observe a picture when a drunk person hiccups for a long time – the reason
    into alcohol intoxication.
  • Spinal pathology – herniated disc, violation
    circulation in the vertebrobasilar system, with diseases
    spinal cord and cervical spine (tuberculosis,
  • Pathology of the gastrointestinal tract – subphrenic abscess, pancreatitis,
    diseases of the biliary system, reflux esophagitis,
    esophagus diverticulum, gastritis, gastric ulcer and ulcer
    duodenal ulcer.
  • Oncological pathology, such as lymphogranulomatosis,
    sarcoidosis, esophagus tumors, lung cancer, mediastinum, stomach cancer,
    pancreas, liver.
  • Increasing intracranial pressure (see elevated
    intracranial pressure in a child)

Pathological hiccups never go away in 5-10 minutes, man
often hiccups, the attack can last for hours. She often
repeated and long worried person. With this reason
which could provoke hiccups is difficult to determine (reception
food, hypothermia, etc.).

Why ребенок часто икает внутриутробно?

Not many people know that a child hiccups in the womb, not yet born.
This unconditioned reflex is laid during the intrauterine process.

Somewhere in the 7th month of pregnancy, the expectant mother can feel
intermittent rhythmic contractions of the abdomen that
last from a few minutes to half an hour;
several times a day or occur a couple of times a week.

This is due to the same contraction of the diaphragm, which
caused by ingesting a small amount of amniotic
fluid. This is a kind of breathing exercises and training.
aperture. For a child, it is not dangerous, but even vice versa.

But if the expectant mother feels similar cuts almost
constantly, you should see a doctor, probably a child
experiencing intrauterine hypoxia.

Causes of hiccups in newborns

In children, hiccups are observed at least less than in adults. But y
babies causes hiccups are often harmless and harmless, so if
it happened, do not panic, and try to help the baby –
hiccups give the crumbs the same discomfort as adults. If a
the child constantly has hiccups – this is a reason to seem for children

Binge eating

Often грудной ребенок икает из-за банального переедания или
active sucking with air ingestion. The solution lies
on the surface: you can not overfeed baby. If a он пьет из
bottles, it should be designed so that the air does not
got into the stomach while sucking. When breastfeeding is important
correctly apply the crumbs and beat out a rational pose for
feeding A few minutes upright after eating
help to burp air and excess food.


Еще довольно часто икают новорожденные дети при
hypothermia. In this case, you need to warm and feed the baby,
You can drink some warm water.

Child anxiety

Fright can cause hiccups in children, in which case hiccups occur
as a reaction to some event that disturbed the crumb (the arrival of the doctor,
injection, loud sound). Need to distract the child, wear it on
pens so that the hiccups go away.

Causes associated with eating

The causes of hiccups in older children are similar to those in adults.
– food in a hurry, dry hands, conversations during meals often to
lead her.

How to get rid of hiccups?

How to help kids, we have already told. Older children and
adults can do something of their next:

  • take a deep breath and hold your breath for a couple of seconds, then
  • exhale воздух и сделать 10 маленьких глотков холодной
  • eat lemon slice
  • straighten
  • drink warm tea
  • call someone by phone, go to the store – i.e.
    to be distracted

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