Causes of green stools in newborns atbreastfed or bottle-fed

It is believed that the human child is born strongly
premature even though he is born within the time provided for
by nature. All organs and systems at the time of birth are still very
imperfect and continue to develop after the release of a large
world. Judging how correct and timely things are.
development, accounted for by all possible manifestations: behavior,
mastering skills, even by excretion.

о зеленом стуле у новорожденного

No matter how mocked the topic of interest of young mummies to
the contents of the diaper, in fact products
infant life is a good indicator of the condition
his health. That is why their color, smell and texture are so
carefully analyzed by adults.

Newborn chair: many options

In matters of health, we are accustomed to focus on a certain norm.
If we talk about the chair of a newborn baby, to name some
The only option norm is impossible. The baby “is entitled” to
any chair, and if the child himself does not show any signs of illness
at the same time – mom can not panic.

For example, baby’s original feces — meconium — dark green.
colors thick and viscous. Then, before the introduction of complementary foods, in infants
feces liquid and unformed. Artificial chair is usually more
thick and uniform. Mommies are most worried about the appearance
greenery, although in most cases of cause for concern

Children with any type of food may have green stools.
some changes in the intestinal flora or simply by reacting to
ingested substances.

In more detail this question is better to consider separately for
artefactors and babies.

Зеленый стул при грудном вскармливании

зеленый стул в памперсе


Most often, an infant’s baby’s chair
milk, has a light brown color, liquid consistency with
small white splashes of grain, and a sour smell.
However, it is perfectly acceptable if the mother finds parts in the diaper.
mucus or blood streak (due to a small vessel bursting in the intestine).
Sometimes a newborn’s chair can be foamy or green.
shade. Greens may be different.

  • If the baby poked a little while ago, the green color of feces
    may result from an oxidation reaction in air.
  • Some foods give a green color to an infant chair.
    which mom could eat. Most often this vegetables are seen:
    огурцы, кабачки (см статью овощи при ГВ).
  • Sometimes a green tint occurs due to the intake of some
    drugs. Iron itself gives feces a green color, from
    antibiotics may disrupt the intestinal microflora, and as a result
    – as it gets green.
  • Dysbacteriosis. This condition is not a disease, the essence of it
    is already in the title. Dysbacteriosis – unbalanced
    composition of intestinal flora. Bacteria, which ideally should be low,
    exceed the required amount. In children who are completely on
    breastfeeding, dysbiosis can even occur from
    dosing as boiled water, which is usually given
    babies already upsets the natural balance in the intestines. In general,
    the imperfect composition of the intestinal flora is characteristic of infants, because
    their intestines are still in the process of formation. (См подробную статью
    дисбактериозе >>>)
  • Green foamy stools are often mistaken for lactose manifestation.
    failure. However, this diagnosis is quite rare. More often
    it’s an imbalance of the front and rear milk. We already know that
    because front milk is more liquid and watery, and back milk is more
    fatty, thick and rich in nutrients. If mom
    changes the breast too often or takes the child’s breasts before
    how about he finished sucking, the baby may not get back milk in
    enough, but the front gets in excess. Besides
    a green foamy stool in this case also has a bad
    weight gain.
  • Due to the release of bilirubin.

Зеленый стул у детей on искусственном вскармливании

Being bottle-fed, the baby can also
�“Please” parents with a green chair. Artificialists get in
As a food adapted mixture, which, unlike breast
milk is always constant in its composition. In this case
дело в составе смеси:
зеленый стул является результатом
high iron content.

  1. Читаем о смесях и как смесь подобрать >>>
  2. We read article about a chair of the child on artificial feeding

Should I worry?

By itself, a green chair is not a problem, it is an option

Of course, it may be a symptom of the disease, but at the same time
there must be other signs. Only for one fact
green chair no conclusions can be done.
The best thing
focus on the child. Clearly, the baby will not be able to tell
how does he feel and does he have pain somewhere, but babies have
their “alert systems”. If the baby has a good appetite,
asleep, not showing anxiety – it means that everything is normal with him. If a
same parents notice manifestations in the baby’s behavior that indicate on
malaise, which are present simultaneously with the green chair –
It makes sense to seem a pediatrician.

Тревожными призonками в этом случае

  • rash;
  • crying often for no reason;
  • frequent regurgitation;
  • restless sleep;
  • increased mucus in the baby’s feces,
    putrid odor.

Green chair – the actions of parents

In some cases, the green chair of a newborn is a phenomenon.

  1. If a кал приобрел зеленый цвет после приема лекарств, то после
    their abolition the color of children’s stool will be the same.
  2. In the event that a mother’s menu falls under suspicion, you can
    try to exclude products that potentially provoke green
  3. При подозрениях on лактозную недостаточность в первую очередь
    нужно onладить грудное вскармливание. Chest need to alternate every
    2 hours, but not more often, and let the baby suck so much breast,
    how much he wants.
  4. Для искусственников главной рекомендацией является замеon одной
    смеси on другую Зачастую родители только опытным путем приходят к
    what mixture suits their baby.

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