Causes of frequent urination in women

Update: October 2018

The process of urination is quite intimate, the multiplicity and
whose volume is strictly individual. But not always everything goes in
physiological rhythm, very often women notice
frequent urination, which may be accompanied by discomfort and
even pain.

In most cases when such problems occur, ladies
very reluctantly go to the doctor with this complaint and then, when
The corresponding symptoms become unbearable.

But the wait-and-see tactics that everything goes by itself are wrong,
because this problem, which many people feel ashamed to say out loud, has
under a certain reason, which must understand the doctor.
About the causes of frequent urination in women, painful and
painless – will be discussed in this article.

The concept of frequent urination

When do you have to talk about frequent urination?
The fact is that the strict norms of frequency of urination during
No days, there are only certain conditional frames and averaged figures
– 2-6 times a day. Frequency of physiological urinary emptying
bladder varies depending on a number of factors (physiological
characteristics of the organism, metabolic rate, nature
nutrition, drinking regime, etc.), on different days the multiplicity
urination is also different.

Frequent urination is exceeding the threshold of personal
comfort of a woman when she herself notices that the body is much
more often it signals the need to alleviate the physiological need,
or rather, it is necessary to empty the bladder more often than usual.

In fairness it should be noted that the short-term
(day or two) symptoms of such a plan should not cause special
alarms, but if the situation is delayed and aggravated, the only
The right decision would be to promptly consult a doctor.

Causes of frequent urination in women

With such an unpleasant symptom as frequent urination
women’s causes can be very different, sometimes unrelated
health and disease (physiological). Main reasons
this phenomenon is divided into four large groups, the first place
among which pathological processes of organs and structures
urinary system.

Urinary System Pathologies

Frequent causes of frequent urination are infectious.
diseases of the urinary tract inflammatory nature. Have
female there is a natural, anatomical predisposition
to these diseases, and they suffer from these problems 3 times more often

  • Cystitis

Frequent painful urination in women is bright
a sign of cystitis. Pains during urination – burning and cutting,
after going to the toilet a woman is tormented by a feeling of incomplete
emptying urine from the bladder, which literally forces
sit on the toilet. At the beginning of the urge to urinate celebrated
urinary incontinence (for more information on cystitis, see cystitis in women –
symptoms, treatment). The nature of urine does not initially change, but with
the progression of the disease urine becomes turbid. Treatment regimen
схожа с терапией пиелонефрита, применяется также физиотерапия (HaveВЧ,
inductothermy and iontophoresis), phytopreparations (see ciston in cystitis,
15 drugs for cystitis), as well as cranberries for cystitis.

  • Haveретрит

Frequent urination, painful at the beginning of urinary emptying
bladder, characteristic of urethritis. The pain has a burning character and
accompanied by itching. The general condition of women rarely suffers from
leads to a delay in the process and late treatment to doctors.
Urethritis treatment includes antibiotics and probiotics for
restoration of the vaginal biocenosis (see list of drugs

  • Pyelonephritis

Haveчащение мочеиспускания может свидетельствовать о наличии
chronic pyelonephritis. The disease manifests dull pain
whining character, localized in the lumbar region, which
worse in cold weather. With exacerbation of pathological
process notes: Частое мочеиспускание у женщин - причины

– a sharp rise in body temperature, down to chill – and
weakness – nausea – impurities of blood and pus appear in the urine –
disease progression leads to the development of arterial

Treatment of pyelonephritis is long lasting and includes antibacterial
therapy, antispasmodics, painkillers and herbal remedies.

  • Urolithiasis disease

Haveчащенное мочеиспускание может говорить о существующей
urolithiasis with localization of calculi in the bladder.
Urge to urinate appear suddenly, sharply and
provoked by intense physical exertion, occur when running
or shaking in transport. When the bladder is not empty yet
completely during urination may also occur
interruption of urine flow. There is pain in the lower part
the abdomen and the area above the pubis, both at rest and in the process
urination. Treatment of pathology, depending on the severity of the disease
and the nature of the stones, maybe medicamental,
physiotherapy or surgical, but always includes

  • Bladder wall muscle weakness

Manifestation of frequent urination with small detachable volume
urine. The urge to urinate is always sharp and requires immediate
toilet visits. Since this pathology has congenital
nature, therapy aims to strengthen the urinary muscle tissue
Bubble special exercises and drugs.

  • With overactive bladder

In this case, the amplification of nerve signals causes frequent desires to
emptying the bladder. The disease wears central
origin, so treatment is aimed at interrupting
pathological excitability of the nervous system regulating the process
urination (sedatives, muscle relaxants, etc.).

Frequent urination as a secondary symptom of various
body pathologies
  • Gynecological diseases

Haveчащение мочеиспускания может являться признаком запущенной
uterine fibroids – benign tumor, which is its size
squeezes the bladder. As the disease develops
gradually, dysuritic disorders precede a long time
uterine bleeding, cycle disorder and tenderness below
belly. Treatment of hormonal and surgical (see uterine myoma –
symptoms and treatment).

When the uterus is omitted due to weakness of the ligamentous apparatus,
there is a displacement of the organs and tissues of the pelvis, including
Bladder. Frequent urination with incontinence
indicates a significant prolapse of the uterus. Woman long
worry painful manifestations of the lower abdomen, heavy menstruation
and bloody vaginal discharge. Conservative treatment
(hormones, exercise therapy) or surgical.

  • Endocrine diseases

Frequent urination at night is often one of them.
first signs of diabetes in women. In addition, a woman
tormented by constant thirst, itchy skin, weakness and fatigue. Treatment
includes diet, drugs that reduce the level of sugar (with
the ineffectiveness of diet therapy), insulin therapy (with
insulin-dependent form of the disease).

With diabetes insipidus associated with dysfunction
hypothalamic-pituitary system, there is a rapid
urination, increases the daily amount of urine up to 5
liters. Women are tormented by constant thirst, weight is lost, there is
dry skin and mucous membranes. Treatment гормональное, пожизненное.

  • Heart and Vascular Diseases

Frequent night urination in women may be a sign
cardiovascular failure. With heart failure
activities during active daily life activities occur
hidden edema that descend at night and are expressed in frequent
urination. Treatment – этиологическое, направленное на
compensation of the identified heart failure.

Physiological causes

If there are certain physiological reasons for a woman
disturbed by frequent urination in the daytime, the most
frequent of which are:

  • diet features associated with heavy fluid intake
    (coffee, soda, alcohol) and diuretic products
    properties (watermelon, cranberry, melon, lingonberry, cucumber, etc.)
  • stress and anxiety at which oxygen starvation of cells
    leads to frequent urination
  • first and third trimester of pregnancy when increased
    urination is associated with the growth of the uterus and the compression of the urinary
  • hypothermia of the body, in which there is a compensatory
    increased urination;

When the root cause is physiological factors that
cause frequent urination in women treatment is not required.
Self-provoking situation leads to normalization

Medication intake

Haveсиление мочевыделения, приводящее к частому посещению туалета,
also provoke drugs from the group of diuretics that have
therapeutic diuretic effect. These drugs are prescribed for
отеках, hypertension, для лечения гестоза беременных.

Causes of frequent and painful urination

If a duet of symptoms is found – frequent urination
women and pain when urinating are likely
inflammation of the urinary organs or genitals
background infection. Some sexually transmitted infections
painful and frequent urination is also inherent (more in
our articles):

  • Chlamydia in women – symptoms, treatment
  • gonorrhea in women – symptoms, treatment
  • trichomoniasis in women – symptoms, treatment

Abundant frequent painless urination in women more often
all indicative of running a certain
diseases of the above groups. The fact is that female
the urinary system, in fact, is one, and the infection,
arising in the urinary organs, easily switches to the genital

Very often, for example, urethritis and vaginitis are diagnosed.
The structure of the female urinary organs explains the ease
spread of infection, of which a particularly dangerous option is
ascending infection – from the vagina to the uterus and appendages, from the urethra
on the bladder and kidneys. Pathologies such as cystitis
urolithiasis, vaginitis and vulvovaginitis of various
etiology, manifested by painful urination.

Painful and frequent urination may be due to
irritations vaginal tissue:

  • with improper use of the tampon
  • after intercourse

At the same time, the symptoms are transient – discomfort and frequent
the urge to urinate passes during the day. But these days are
dangerous period because the damaged mucous is
Excellent entry gate for various infectious agents.

Frequent urination that bothers a woman for
two or more days, should not be left without diagnosis and treatment.
Any pathology of the genitourinary system is a threat to normal
implementation of reproductive function. Therefore, women’s health should
to be not only the main concern of the nation, but also the priority of each
individual women, and the symptoms are the symptoms to
present them to the doctor.

Watch your body and listen to it.

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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