Causes of frequent urination in men, treatmentpathologies

Update: December 2018

Numerous causes of frequent urination in men make
практически невозможным полное избавление от pathologies. If
representatives of the strong half of humanity prostate adenoma
glands, they become regular visitors to the urologist.

What is urination medically?

During the day, a healthy person excretes 75% through the kidneys.
liquid taken by him (about 1500 ml). The remaining excretion of fluid
from the body entrusted to the intestines and skin (25%).
The normal number of acts of urine does not exceed 3 times,
although, of course, this statement is relative. If a person is in
during the day I used a lot of liquid (3-4 liters), you can
expect the body to eliminate the excess either
an increase in the amount of urine, or an increase in the regularity of acts
urine excretion.

The anatomic reservoir of urine is the bladder. Him
capacity in a healthy person is about 300 ml. However,
its size can vary greatly depending on
psycho-emotional state, environmental conditions.
Physiologically, a person can consciously suppress the urge to
urinate and control the degree of overflow given
body. In impressionable people, neurogenic receptor stimulation
bladder wall is a common cause
rapid urinary emptying, as with cystitis (inflammatory
bladder changes).

The entire cycle of urine secretion through the urinary system can
divided into 2 phases:

  • Fills
  • Allotment

The filling phase is controlled by the central nervous
activity and nerve cells of the spinal cord. At this stage in
the bubble accumulates a certain amount of urine, but the upper
the sphincter is in the “closed state”.

When the amount of urine in the bladder reaches 250-300 ml, there will be
contraction of the muscular layer of the body and its contents through
the urinary duct begins to move outward.  So
осуществляется физиологическое urination. Частое мочеиспускание у men, лечение

In men, around the urethra (urethra)
is the prostate gland, which with an increase in
size hinders the process.

Anatomically, the urethra consists of 3 parts:

  • Prostatic
  • Membranous (membranous)
  • Spongy (penile)

Classification of types of frequent urination

Frequent urination – an increase in the number of acts of discharge
urine from 5 to 20 times a day. There are several varieties.
this pathological condition depending on the clinical

  1. An increase in the number of acts of urine release during the day
    active movements. Occurs in people suffering from urolithiasis
    disease when calculus (see kidney stones: symptoms, treatment)
    when exiting the urinary duct irritates nerve receptors
    walls and makes it difficult to excrete urine;
  2. The second type: very frequent urinary discharge
    men at night appears with inflammatory changes
    prostate gland or an increase in its size. Sometimes it
    condition is observed when consuming large amounts of caffeine and
  3. Heightened urination during the day and full of it
    absence at night is observed against the background of neurotic states. Have
    men, this species is less common than women.

The main reasons for the increase in the frequency of urine in

Наиболее частые позывы мочеиспускания у men формируются на
background of urinary tract infections. Microorganisms irritate
the nerve receptors of almost the entire urinary system,
поэтому у menы часто возникают позывы в туалет. A place
localization of inflammatory changes in the urinary organs
especially does not affect the frequency of urge.


Prostatitis (inflammatory changes in the prostate gland)
are one of the most frequent factors for increasing frequency
выделения мочи у men до 50 лет. Inflammation of the organ
accompanied by irritation of a large number of nerve receptors,
causing also pain, stinging, burning during urination.

Prostate adenoma. Have пожилых людей доброкачественная
prostate hyperplasia (prostate adenoma, BPH) stands on
second place after prostatitis among the reasons for the increase in the number of desires
на urination. The proliferation of prostate tissue on
initial stages are accompanied by irritation of the nerve receptors.
with the growth of the near-urethral glands in the wall
мочеиспускательного channel. These glands produce mucus,
which protects the wall of the urethra from damage. When running
prostate adenoma tissue hyperplasia hinders the flow of urine through
the urethra, so the man himself
cannot urinate.

Genital infections. Frequent cause of increased urination
молодых men являются венерические инфекции: трихомониаз,
Chlamydia, gonorrhea. Pathogens in this situation
are microorganisms affecting the prostate and seminal

  • Trichomoniasis – a typical symptom of trichomoniasis are
    воспалительные изменения urethra Mechanism frequent urges to
    the allocation of urine in this pathology classic – stimulation
    urethral receptors inflammatory substances and
    pathogen toxins. At the same time a man feels strong urges for
    in the morning, but the amount of urine excreted is scarce and is combined with
    the appearance of white frothy discharge from the urethra with blood impurities. Her
    streaks appear in the urethra.
  • Chlamydia is triggered by a special microorganism (Chlamydia
    trachomatis), affecting the urinary tract and genitals. Basic
    symptom of the disease – a sharp pain in the process of urine through the
    urinary tract. Since the pathogen lives inside the cells,
    inflammation is activated only when the immune function is weakened
    system. As a consequence, frequent urination in men
    occurs only in the period of exacerbation of infection.
  • Gonorrhea is a venereal infection provoked by the cocci of the genus
    Neisseria. This bacterium infects the urethra and
    the rectum. In gonorrheal infections, the frequent urge is combined with
    the release of a small amount of urine, as well as a strong cut and
    pain when urinating, as the external opening is affected

Pyelonephritis – inflammation of the renal pelvis and the bladder.
Male pathology is less common than female
beautiful half. However, prolonged inflammatory
the process in the kidneys and bladder can become chronic and
provide a constant desire to urinate.

Urethritis – inflammatory changes in the urethra.
The main symptom of the disease is pain and constant pain, and
also non-specific secretions in men from the urethra
channel. At the same time, the number of urges to

Bladder hyperactivity. Frequent urge to urinate
due to overactive bladder in men are accompanied
the urge to release the urine at night or during the day. With this pathology is not
there are inflammatory changes in the wall of the organ, and a reduction
its muscles are caused by the excitation of the muscles of the bladder
responsible for the excitation (hypertonia). In such a situation, even
the slightest experience provokes a contraction of the bladder.
The treatment of such a pathology requires careful examination by a doctor and
prescription sedatives.

Diabetes insipidus. Of the rare causes should be distinguished non-sugar
diabetes (symptoms). This disease is accompanied by a violation
концентрационной функции почек при pathologies эндокринной system.
As a result, during the day a large volume of liquid enters the
bladder and requires discharge to the outside.

How to treat frequent urination

Treatment of male frequent urination requires elimination
causes of pathology. Conservative and
operational methods.

The list of conservative methods for the treatment of frequent

  • Gymnastic exercises to strengthen the muscles
    hyperreactive bladder in adolescents.
  • Drug therapy of inflammatory diseases and
    bacterial infections.
  • Physiotherapy procedures to improve the blood supply in
    areas of the urogenital system and accelerated resorption of inflammatory

If conservative methods do not bring the desired effect,
применяются operational methods. They can be divided into several

  • Sling methods;
  • Suprapubic interventions;
  • Laparoscopic surgery;
  • Injection sclerosing agents.

Thus, frequent urination in men –
etiologic disease requiring thorough diagnosis
before prescribing treatment.

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