Causes of dry mouth, burning tongue, bitterness — these are the symptoms of what disease?

Dry mouth – in medicine is called xerostomia, it is
a symptom of many diseases or temporary conditions of the body,
which decreases or completely stops the production of saliva. it
condition can be for many reasons. Dry mouth can be
with atrophy of the salivary glands, and with any infectious diseases
respiratory system, and in diseases of the nervous system,
diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, with autoimmune diseases, etc.

Sometimes ощущение сухости во рту носит временный характер, при
exacerbation of any chronic illness or admission
medicinal means. But when dry mouth is a sign of seriousness.
diseases, itching of the oral mucosa first occurs,
cracked, burning tongue, dry throat and without adequate treatment
causes of this symptom may develop partial or
complete mucosal atrophy, which is very dangerous. Therefore, if
the person is constantly dry in the mouth, you should definitely refer to
the doctor to establish the true diagnosis and start treatment on time.
Which doctor to contact with dry mouth? Withчину этого
symptom will help establish the first therapist who
will refer the patient to either a dentist or an infectious disease doctor
неврологу, гастроэнтерологу, отоларингологу  и др., которые
establish an accurate diagnosis.

Usually, dry mouth is not a single symptom, it is always
accompanied by other signs of any violations, therefore
most often a person may be worried about the following symptoms:

  • Thirst, frequent urination Dryness рту причины
  • Dry throat, nose
  • Sore throat and dryness make it hard to swallow.
  • Appear bright border of the lips, cracks in the corners of the mouth
  • From the viscosity in the mouth, speech becomes slurred
  • There is a burning sensation, dryness of the tongue, it becomes red,
    tough, itchy tongue
  • The taste of food and drinks changes
  • There is a stench, an unpleasant smell from the mouth
  • May hoarse voice

What to do if a person has such a symptom? Dryness
Mouth – a sign of a disease?

The main causes of dry mouth

  • Dryness рту утром, после сна, по
    worried человека, а днем этот симптом отсутствует
    – This is the most harmless, banal reason. Dryness рту ночью
    appears due to mouth breathing or snoring during sleep.
    Violation of nasal breathing, may be caused by nasal curvature
    septum, nasal polyps, pollinosis, allergic rhinitis,
    runny nose, sinusitis (signs of sinusitis in adults).
  • Как побочный эффект от применения массы лекарственных
    . it очень частое побочное действие, которое
    may be caused by many means, especially if
    several drugs are taken at once and the manifestation
    become more pronounced. Dryness рту может быть при
    use in the treatment of the following medicines of different
    pharmacological groups:

    • all kinds of antibiotics, antifungal drugs in
    • sedatives, muscle relaxants, antidepressants,
      drugs prescribed for mental disorders for the treatment
    • antihistamines (allergy pills), painkillers,
    • drugs for obesity
    • for acne therapy (see acne remedies)
    • medicines for diarrhea, vomiting, and others.
  • Obvious is the appearance of this symptom in various
    infectious diseases due to high temperature
    intoxication. Также при вирусных инфекциях,
    affecting the salivary glands, circulatory systems, and providing
    influence on the production of saliva, for example, with parotiditis (mumps).
  • Системные заболевания и заболевания внутренних
    organs – diabetes mellitus (dry mouth and thirst), anemia, HIV
    infection, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, syndrome
    Sjogren (dry mouth, eyes, vagina), hypotension (dry in
    mouth and dizziness), rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Lesions of the salivary glands and their ducts (Sjogren’s syndrome,
    parotitis, stones in the ducts of the salivary glands).
  • Облучение и химиотерапия при онкологических
    diseases also reduces the production of saliva.
  • Операции и травмы головы могут нарушить
    the integrity of the nerves and salivary glands.
  • Обезвоживание. Any diseases that cause
    increased sweating, fever, chills, diarrhea, vomiting,
    blood loss can lead to desiccation of the mucous membranes and to
    dehydration, which is manifested by dry mouth, the causes of which
    understandable and this is eliminated by itself after recovery.
  • Injury of the salivary glands during
    стоматологических процедурах или прочих
    surgical interventions.
  • Также может быть сухо во рту после

With постоянной сухости во рту значительно повышается риск
development of various gum diseases such as gingivitis
(symptoms). As well as the appearance of candidiasis, fungal stomatitis,
caries, chronic tonsillitis and other diseases of the oral cavity,
because malfunction of the salivary glands reduces the protective function
mucous membrane, opening the way for various infections.

If a кроме сухости во рту человека worried горечь во рту,
nausea, tongue turns white or yellow worried
dizziness, palpitations, dryness is also observed on the eyes,
in the vagina, constant feeling of thirst and frequent urination and
etc. – this is a whole complex of various diseases, to understand
which can only be a qualified doctor in person consultation.
We will consider some diseases in which a combination is possible.
dry mouth with some other symptoms.

Dryness of the mouth during pregnancy

Dry mouth during pregnancy with a normal drinking regimen
should not occur, because vice versa in pregnant women
saliva production increases.

  • However, in cases of natural hot air in the summer,
    повышенное потоотделение может вызывать подобный symptom.
  • Another thing, if dry mouth in a pregnant woman
    accompanied by a sour, metallic aftertaste, this may indicate
    for gestational diabetes and a woman should be tested for glucose in
    blood test, as well as a glucose tolerance test.
  • With беременности женщинам приходится достаточно часто мочиться,
    and if periodic dry mouth occurs, the cause is
    that the fluid from the body is excreted, the need for it
    increases, but there is no replenishment, so pregnant
    should consume enough liquid.
  • Therefore, pregnant women are not allowed to eat salty, sweet and
    acute, all that contributes to the violation of water-salt
  • Also cause dry mouth during pregnancy can be
    a sharp deficiency of potassium, as well as an excess of magnesium.

Dryness around the mouth is a sign of cheilitis

Glandular cheilitis is a disease of the red border of the lips,
a disease that begins with desquamation and dryness of the lower lip,
then the corners of the lips crack, stickings and erosion appear. Withзнак
cheilitis can be discerned by the man himself – between the border of the lips and
mucous membranes increase the output of the salivary glands Lip licking
only worsens the situation and chronic inflammation can lead to
malignant neoplasms. With лечении этого заболевания
try to reduce saliva production.

Why does dry mouth, bitterness, nausea, white, yellow

Bitterness in mouth, dryness, yellow on the tongue, white tongue,
heartburn, belching – these are symptoms that can be with many
gastrointestinal diseases, but most often these are signs of


Dryness рту и белый язык

  • Dyskinesia of the bile ducts or diseases
    gallbladder. But it is possible that such signs can also
    to be in combination with duodenitis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, and
    with gastritis.
  • Dryness рту, горечь — причины могут быть из-за
    inflammation of the gums, combined with a burning tongue, gums,
    metallic taste in the mouth.
  • With аменореи, неврозах, психоза и других невротических
  • If a горечь и сухость сочетается с болями в правом боку — это
    signs of cholecystitis or the presence of stones in the gallbladder.
  • Withменение различных антибиотиков и антигистаминных препаратов
    lead to a combination of bitterness and dry mouth.
  • With болезнях щитовидной железы также изменяется двигательная
    function of the biliary tract, increases the release of adrenaline and
    spasm of the bile ducts occurs, so the tongue can be
    coated with white or yellow bloom, dry mouth appears,
    bitterness, burning tongue.
  • Dryness рту и тошнота — бывают при гастрите желудка,
    symptoms of which include pain in the stomach, heartburn,
    feeling overcrowded. The causative agent of gastritis is not rare
    Helicobacter pylori bacterium.

Dryness of mouth, dizziness

Dizziness, dry mouth – signs of hypotension, that is
low blood pressure. A lot of people have reduced
pressure and at the same time feel fine, this is a variant of the norm. But
when low blood pressure leads to weakness, dizziness,
headache in the back of the head, especially when bending forward, lying down – this
an alarming sign, since a sharp drop in pressure is a hypotonic
crisis, shock, it is very dangerous to health and even life. Have
hypotension often dizzy and dry mouth appears
mornings as well as weakness and lethargy returns by evening. Violation
blood circulation affects the functions of all organs and glands, including
including salivary. Therefore, there are headaches and
головокружение, и  сухость во рту. Withчину гипотинии следует
identify at a consultation with a cardiologist and a general practitioner who may
prescribe supportive therapy.

Thirst, frequent urination and dryness – this can be diabetes

Dryness рту в сочетании с жаждой — главнейший признак,
symptom of diabetes. If a человека постоянно мучает жажда,
you have to urinate often, there is either a sharp increase
аппетита и набор веса, либо наоборот, похудание, все время
dry mouth, nipped corners of the mouth, itchy skin, weakness and presence
pustular skin lesions – should be tested for glucose
blood. Withзнаки сахарного диабета у женщин также дополняются
the appearance of itching in the vagina, itching in the pubic region. Have мужчин
symptoms of diabetes can be expressed by a decrease in potency,
inflammation of the foreskin. Thirst and dry mouth in patients
diabetes does not depend on temperature air if for healthy
human thirst is characteristic in the heat, after salty food or alcohol,
then for those with diabetes, it is permanent.

Dry with pancreatitis, with menopause

  • Pancreatitis

Dry mouth, diarrhea, pain in the left abdomen, belching, nausea,
flatulence is the characteristic symptoms of pancreatitis. Sometimes
slight pancreatic inflammation can occur
imperceptibly. This is a very insidious and dangerous disease that
occurs most often in people who overeat, are addicted to fat,
fried food, alcohol. With attacks of pancreatitis, the symptoms are very
bright, a person experiences severe pain, while
there is a violation of the promotion of enzymes in the pancreatic ducts
glands, they linger in it and destroy its cells, causing
intoxication of the body. In chronic pancreatitis, a person should
follow a diet, know what you can eat with pancreatitis, and what
can not. This disease leads to impaired absorption of many
nutrients in the body. Vitamin deficiencies (see vitamin deficiency,
hypovitaminosis), trace elements disrupts the normal condition of the skin
integuments and mucous membranes. Therefore dimness occurs,
brittle hair, nails, dry mouth, cracks in
corners of the mouth.

  • With menopause

Palpitations, dizziness, dry mouth and eyes –
The causes of these symptoms can be menopause in women. With
menopause decreases the production of sex hormones, fading occurs
functions of the gonads, which naturally affects the general
condition of the woman.

The first signs of menopause in women are due to changes.
functions of the autonomic nervous system usually after 45 years. Symptoms
menopause is greatly enhanced if a woman has suffered stressful
the situation, the trauma or her chronic illness has worsened, this
immediately reflects on the general condition and is called climacteric

In addition to tides, anxiety, chills, pains in the heart and joints,
sleep disturbance, women notice that everyone is draining
mucous membranes, there is not only dry mouth, but also in the eyes,
throat, in the vagina.

The manifestation of most of these symptoms becomes less
intense when the gynecologist prescribes various drugs when
menopause – antidepressants, sedatives, vitamins,
hormonal and non-hormonal drugs for menopause. Withзнаки
menopause are relaxed when doing Bodyflex, respiratory
gymnastics or yoga, with a balanced diet and full

Dry mouth and eyes – Sjogren syndrome

This is a rare autoimmune disease that affects
connective tissue of the body (see in detail the symptoms of the syndrome
Sjogren). Few people know about this disease, and it most often
it happens in women after 50 years in the postmenopausal period. Have syndrome
Sjogren’s hallmark is generalized dryness.
all mucous membranes of the body. Therefore, symptoms such as
burning, pain in the eyes, feeling of sand in the eyes, as well as a dry mouth,
dry throat, corners in the corners of the mouth are important signs
autoimmune disorders. It is a chronic progressive disease.
over time affects not only the salivary and lacrimal glands, but
and affects the joints, muscles, skin becomes very dry, appears
pain and itching in the vagina. Also, dry mucous membranes are more likely to occur.
various infectious diseases – sinusitis, otitis, antritis,
tracheobronchitis, atrophic gastritis, pancreatitis, etc.

Increased dryness, diarrhea, weakness, stomach ache

With любом пищевом отравлении, когда возникает диарея (понос),
nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain – there is dehydration
and dry mouth appears. Withчиной ее появления также может быть
irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), intestinal dysbiosis. If a
indigestion, dyspepsia lasts more than 3 months,
A gastroenterologist can diagnose IBS or dibacteriosis.
Gastrointestinal dysfunction has many causes
this and taking various medicines, antibiotics, and
poor nutrition. The main symptoms of IBS are as follows:

  • Epigastric pain after eating, which goes away with
    bowel emptying
  • Diarrhea in the morning, after lunch or vice versa – constipation
  • Belching, bloating
  • Feeling “coma” in the stomach
  • Sleep disturbances, weakness, lethargy, headaches
  • After a stressful situation, excitement, physical activity
    symptoms are exacerbated.

How to get rid of dry mouth

For starters, you should find out the exact cause of dry mouth,
because without a clear diagnosis it is impossible to eliminate any

  • If a причина сухости во рту вызвана нарушением носового
    дыхания, заболеваниями ЖКТ, сахарным диабетом  – следует
    consult an otolaryngologist, a gastroenterologist, an endocrinologist.
  • Try to get rid of bad habits – smoking,
    alcohol abuse, reduce salty and fried consumption
    food, crackers, nuts, bread, etc.
  • Increase the amount of fluid you drink, the best
    drink a glass of pure water or gas-free mineral water at
    30 minutes before meals.
  • Sometimes бывает достаточно увеличить влажность в indoors for
    There are many different air humidifiers.
  • You can lubricate your lips with special balms.
  • With неприятном запахе изо рта можно использовать жвачки или
    Special mouthwash.
  • You can use a special pharmacological drug,
    substitutes saliva and tears.
  • With использовании в пищу острого перца, можно активизировать
    saliva production, because it contains capsaicin,
    contributing to the activation of the salivary glands.

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