Causes of dry cough without temperatureadults

Update: December 2018

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Nowadays it is difficult to find an adult or child who
I would not cough at least once a day. Pollution of major cities and
megacities, harmful emissions from industrial enterprises, mass
various infections – living in the city of clean air can
only dream.

The human respiratory system is so arranged that when penetrating
in the bronchi and lungs of infectious agents, allergens, dust, etc.
coughing occurs due to irritation of the respiratory tract receptors. WITH
with its help the tracheobronchial tree is cleared from external and
internal irritants such as pus, mucus, sputum,
blood or from foreign bodies – pollen, dust, food particles. Role
coughing is to prevent mechanical obstructions and
cleansing the respiratory tract from sputum or other substances.

When a person has caught a cold and has become infected with viral respiratory
disease – the clinical picture is clear, the person rises
fever, runny nose, cough, tearing, weakness and
other symptoms of intoxication characteristic of these diseases. AT
these cases, the cause of dry cough is clear. And how to figure out why
Does a cough develop without fever in an adult or in a child?

Many believe that cough is caused only by diseases.
respiratory tract, however, a prolonged dry cough may be
a symptom of such serious diseases as heart
failure, cancer of the mediastinal organs,
certain diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, sinusitis,
sinusitis AT таблице ниже представлены симптомы и диагностика
some diseases that are characterized by dry cough without
температуры или с температурой 37WITH.

Cough and runny nose without fever

  • With a cold

may cause catarrh of the upper respiratory tract,
runny nose, cough without body temperature or 37 -37.2. With these types
Orvi’s throat may not disturb, but it is characterized by a runny nose, cough
high temperature. If the cough does not go away within 3 weeks
после начала ОРATИ, следует обратиться к терапевту. WITHухой кашель без температуры

  • Allergic reaction

on various flowering plants in the apartment or on the street, allergy
dust is also accompanied by a dry non-productive cough, allergies
pet hair, feed or care products
animals, also a similar reaction is possible on the perfume and

Even in carpets and bedding there are a lot of allergens for which
possible inadequate response of the body, which is expressed dry
cough and runny nose without fever. Also massive use
различной бытовой химии, небезопасных стиральных порошков с ПАAT
over 35% – all this can affect the respiratory condition
system and manifest in the form of cough and runny nose without fever.

  • Post-infectious cough

after acute infectious or viral inflammation of the respiratory
coughing, coughing, tickling or
soreness, can last up to 3 weeks, and just discomfort and
rare podkashlivanie may be up to 1.5 months.

WITHухой длительный кашель без температуры

  • WITHтресс

WITHтрессовые situations that нервные потрясения, переживания могут
provoke a dry cough – this is called a psychogenic cough,
when a person is worried, lost or confused, he can
to cough up.

  • Also, with a long stay in a room with a dry, dusty
    air irritation may occur in the airways.
  • Oncological diseases

If prolonged strong dry cough without temperature
lasts over a month, you should contact the therapist
pulmonologist, allergist, oncologist, TB specialist for passing
thorough diagnosis because the diseases causing
persistent cough very much – tuberculosis, lung cancer, cancer
bronchi, trachea, throat.

  • Heart disease

WITHердечный кашель следует отличать, например, от кашля курильщика
or bronchial cough. Such a cough occurs after physical
loads and at the same time sputum is not released, however, sometimes with
acute cardiac disease, possible blood
discharge after dry cough. This is due to a malfunction.
of the left ventricle when there is stagnation of blood in the lungs and its
discharge with cough. A person besides coughing is also disturbed by a heartbeat,
and shortness of breath, and pain in the heart, etc.

  • Chronic diseases ENT organs

often in chronic nasopharyngeal diseases such as
sinusitis, frontal sinusitis, sinusitis due to runoff of mucus from the nose to the back
throat wall, possible coughing without fever, it is
concomitant and not associated with the lower respiratory tract.

  • Tuberculosis

длительный сухой кашель, температура 37 — 37,5  указывает
possible tuberculous process in the lungs or bronchi. On
Today the situation with tuberculosis is very tense, even
among persons of high social status may develop this
terrible diseases, constant stress situations that
overwork, insufficient rest reduce body defenses
and since 90% of the population at 30 years of age is infected with Koch’s wand,
provoking factors can lead to mycobacterium activation in
the body.

  • Thyroid disease

with nodal or diffuse enlargement of the thyroid gland,
there is pressure on the trachea, causing a dry cough without temperature
у adults.

  • Some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

also capable of causing dry cough without temperature, it
reflex cough after eating in case of development
esophageal-tracheal fistula, reflux esophagitis, diverticulum

  • If a foreign body enters the respiratory tract.
Onзвание заболевания Characteristics of cough and other symptoms Body temperature  Diagnostics
Некоторые виды ОРATИ The cough is dry at first, then becomes wet with discharge.
Temperatures may not be or may be subfebrile.
Examination by a general practitioner, pediatrician, complete blood count
Chronic bronchitis, bronchitis smoker Chronic cough is usually deaf, especially frequent attacks.
in the morning, in the cold, inhalation of gas or smoke
of air. With prolonged chronic bronchitis, sputum can be
 With exacerbation or acute bronchitis, the temperature is usually
rises, especially with acute bronchitis in children, but with
there is no chronic temperature or 37 with a little.
 Chest X-ray, general practitioner examination
анализ крови, бактериальный посев sputum на чувствительность к
антибиотикам в случае гнойной sputum.
Chronic sinusitis, rhinitis Such diseases are characterized by frequent dry cough, especially
in nighttime.
With acute sinusitis and frontal sinusitis, the temperature is high, but with
chronic process cough and temperature 37 or normal
 Examination by an otolaryngologist, x-ray of the paranasal sinuses
Oncological diseases органов средостения  With cancer, the cough can be dry,
 No temperature  Examination by a pulmonologist, oncologist – x-ray, MRI
mediastinal organs, bronchoscopy, blood test, tumor markers and
 Tuberculosis  Кашель постоянный с выделением sputum или со скудной
sputum, weakness, loss of appetite and performance, night
increased sweating, chills.
Normal temperature in the morning, in the evening usually low-grade
 Chest X-ray, Computed Tomography,
tuberculin tests, consultation of a phthisiatrician.
 Professional cough Appears from people working in hazardous industrial
enterprises, when there are many different chemicals in the air,
пыли, такой кашель сухой, изнуряющий без sputum
 No temperature  Examination of the therapist, pulmonologist, X-ray of the lungs for
exceptions other pathology.
 Allergic reactions, allergic bronchitis  Кашель сухой, без sputum, в виде першения, раздражения,
occurs after contact with an allergen – animals, dust, pollen
plants, down, feather, wool, household chemicals, perfumes, washing
 No temperature  Consultation with an allergist, immunologist
 WITHердечная недостаточность,тромбоэмболия легочной артерии,
heart defects,
WITHухой длительный кашель без температуры, возникает после
physical exertion and increased in the prone position, but after
taking upright position weakens. WITHопровождается
shortness of breath, palpitations, high blood pressure, sometimes
There are bouts of choking.
 No temperature  WITHначала консультация терапевта, затем кардиолога.
 Lungs’ cancer  In addition to dry cough, a person is concerned about chest pains. With
prolonged dry cough may be accompanied by periodic
выделением sputum с гноем или кровью.
 WITHухой кашель, температура 37 — 37,3 или ее может не
 Consultation oncologist – chest x-ray,
бронхоскопия, общий анализ крови, онкомаркеры и etc.
 Throat cancer  Withзнаки рака горла, гортани при этом заболевании
characteristic dry cough without temperature, not amenable to treatment,
breathing is also possible as the lumen narrows
larynx Мокрота может be с кровью, также кровь может be в
слюне и слизи из nose.
 No temperature или 37 -37,5  Consultation otolaryngologist, oncologist.
Withменение некоторых лекарственных средств These drugs include: drugs for hypertension, inhibitors
АПФ, нитрофураны, бета-блокаторы, аспирин, амиодарон,
inhalation drugs – sclomethasone, ipratropium bromide, capable
cause cough without fever, chronic non-productive.
 No temperature  WITHообщить кардиологу о тех средствах, которые принимаете и
that they cause coughing.
Pneumonia in the elderly Very rare, but there are cases when pneumonia is leaking
without temperature or with a slight slight increase, usually
it is characteristic for people of advanced age, at the same time, except for cough
felt chest pain, weakness, loss of appetite.
Pneumonia sometimes occurs without high fever with strong
cough, especially in weak and elderly people.
Appeal to the therapist, chest x-ray, general analysis

If a person is concerned that he has a strong dry
cough without fever and other symptoms colds torment him
bouts of dry cough for a long time should not be postponed
visit to the therapist.

  • First of all, you should be alert and analyze when
    coughing episodes most often occur – if it is related to quality
    inhaled air, the presence of new furniture, fresh repair in
    apartment or the appearance of an animal, wool or fur clothing,
    other low-quality clothes – most likely this is protective
    reaction of the pulmonary system to toxic substances,
    находящиеся в красителях, пластмассе, ДWITHП, матрасах, коврах и etc.
    household items or an allergic reaction to wool, fur, down,
    a feather, etc.
  • If a cough happens only at a certain time – only in the morning,
    most likely it is chronic bronchitis. If on the contrary, only at night
    or in a horizontal position – heart cough, cough at
    diseases of ENT organs. If during the meal – it is possible
    cancer of the throat, larynx, diseases of the digestive tract.
  • Обращайте внимание на цвет, количество и консистенцию sputum,
    This should definitely tell the doctor what color it is
    whether the admixture of blood, pus (yellow-green).

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