Causes of drastic weight loss in women, men,teenagers

Update: October 2018

A sharp weight loss or exhaustion (cachexia) is said when
a person loses 5% of the total body mass weekly. Such
significant losses adversely affect both the appearance and
and the state of health of the patient. Drastic weight loss without cause
impossible, just to be carefully searched for. All factors
causing exhaustion, can be divided into 2 impressive
groups: general and medical.

Common causes

To the common causes of drastic weight loss in both women and men,


Stressы (перемена местожительства, смена работы, сессия, смерть
close person) are the most common cause of abrupt loss
body mass. In addition to weight loss under stress appear: problems
with sleep, frequent headache, irritability,
alternating tearfulness, distraction, disability,
depression. См. Симптомы стресса, 20 способов борьбы со
стрессом, Stress заразен, Паническая атака.

Restriction of eating

It is more common for women, but it is also found in men who
follow a strict diet to reduce weight. In some cases
(у teenagers и молодых женщин до 25) добровольного отказа от
eating develops a serious illness – nervous

Tooth loss

This reason, leading to a sharp weight loss, is characteristic of
older people, that is, after 60 years. Badly Chewed Food
practically not absorbed in the digestive tract, which leads to
nutritional deficiencies and weight loss.

Drug / Alcohol Addiction

Regular use of drugs or alcohol suppresses the food center
in the brain and a person loses his appetite, which leads to exhaustion.
Drugs from light to heavy inevitably worsen
trophic tissue, leading to rapid aging and progressive loss

Heavy physical exertion

Constant exercise, including intensive training
sports, accelerate catabolism, the energy generated from the incoming
food is consumed very quickly, so the body has to
use your own supply of nutrients (see Lazy
live longer).


The use of a number of certain drugs leads to
стремительному снижению body mass. To similar drugs
relate: стимуляторы мозговой активности (пирацетам, ноотропил,
modafinil, ritanil), psychotropic drugs (neuroleptics,
tranquilizers), laxatives, thyroid hormones

Medical reasons

Medical reasons обуславливают резкую потерю веса у лиц обоих


Most often there is a significant weight loss with
ARVI, which are accompanied by severe intoxication (weakness,
weakness, headaches and muscle aches, nausea and vomiting),
accordingly, leads to loss of appetite.

Also intoxication syndrome develops with the following
chronic infections: HIV, hepatitis, tuberculosis, syphilis, a number
intestinal infections, worm infestation.

Oncological diseases

In advanced stages of cancer, any
localization develops cancer cachexia due to decay
tumors, the formation of toxic substances, the destruction of blood
Taurus (anemia, reduced immunity), metabolic disorders and
problems with the digestive tract. See Oncology Tests and
How not to get cancer.


Circulatory disorders in the central nervous system
(strokes) may interfere with swallowing due to the development of bulbar
syndrome that almost always involves parenteral or
tube feeding that becomes a prerequisite for losing weight
to cachexia. See Consequences of ischemic stroke.

Mental illness

Mental disorders (schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease,
manic-depressive psychosis, phobias and depressions) often lead to
the fact that the patient simply forgets about food.

Diseases of the digestive tract

In the first place are diseases such as chronic gastritis,
gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. Violation
the breakdown and absorption of nutrients in the stomach leads to
significant exhaustion. Diseases are accompanied by pain in
upper abdomen, aggravated by hunger, after taking
prohibited foods, nausea, heartburn, belching rotten,
unpleasant smell from the mouth, upset stool.

Acute intestinal infections

with vomiting and diarrhea leading to water and electrolyte losses, dramatic
weight loss and disorders of the muscles, heart, shortness of breath, dryness
skin and mucous membranes, atrophic processes in tissues, lesions
central nervous system (see gastric flu, vomiting and diarrhea
without temperature).

Slimming women

К причинам резкого похудения у женщин relate:


Pathology of the thyroid gland, in which its hormones (accelerating
metabolism) begin to be produced in large quantities.
Thyrotoxicosisом страдают и лица мужского пола, но у женщин данная
the disease occurs 2 times more often. Manifested, in addition to exhaustion,
cycle violation, emotional lability, hyperhidrosis,
increasing pressure and tachycardia, increased appetite, tremor,
thirst and diarrhea.


Climax развивается у женщин после 45 – 55 лет и также ведет к
drastic weight loss, which is associated with significant hormonal
frustrations. In addition to exhaustion, the tides for this state
characterized by emotional instability, fatigue, increased
fatigue Also for menopause is characterized by cycle failures and uterine
bleeding, the occurrence or exacerbation of chronic diseases.
Appearance problems occur (dry skin, hair, fragility
nails), atrophic colpitis, and, as a result, dryness during
vagina, pain during intercourse.

Anorexia nervosa

Anorexia is characteristic of young people and is due to inadequate
perception of its own weight (too thick). Refers to
mental illness and manifested by a conscious rejection of



This is a hormonally active tumor of the adrenal cortex, which in
90% of cases are benign, and in the rest –
malignant neoplasm. It is characteristic that this
education is formed in women 3 times more often than in men
floor. Tumor production in a large number of catecholamines
(dopamine, adrenaline, norepinephrine) leads to intense
weight loss (these hormones speed up the metabolism). Manifestations
diseases: recurrent attacks with tachycardia, hypertension,
panic or fear, hyperhidrosis, heartache,
fever, vomiting. Develops after 20 – 30 years.

Nonspecific ulcerative colitis

Women get this pathology 30% more often than men.
Ulcerative colitis is accompanied by abdominal pain, bleeding from
rectum with its defeat, diarrhea, flatulence, decreased
appetite, skin lesions, stomatitis, osteoporosis,
insufficiency of other internal organs.

Postpartum period

After giving birth, a woman begins to lose weight rapidly, which
associated with hormonal changes in the body, significant
physical and mental stress, the development of postpartum
depressed. In addition, many moms after giving birth, wanting to quickly
to reach the former parameters of the figure, “sit down” on a rigid diet.

�”Cleansing the body”

All sorts of ways to “cleanse the body” – mono diet
starvation, diuretics, enemas – a direct way to lose not only
pounds, but also important for the body mineral salts. Consequence
this is myocardial dystrophy, osteoporosis. A sharp weight loss
to tuberculosis (see female genital tuberculosis).

Slimming men

The reasons for dramatic weight loss in men are as follows:

Chronic pancreatitis

Chronic inflammation of the pancreas occurs in men
в 4 раза чаще, чем у представительниц слабого floor. As
disease progression increasingly impaired production
pancreatic enzymes leading to a sustained decrease in
appetite, inadequate absorption of nutrients (lack of
digestive enzymes gland). The patient is afraid
take food (provokes the occurrence of pain in the left hypochondrium,
nausea, heartburn) resulting in exhaustion.


Sharp weight loss causes type 1 diabetes (type 2
contributes to obesity). The disease develops in adolescence and
young age, often affects men. Accompanied by thirst
dry mouth, excessive sweating, weakness,
irritability, constant feeling of hunger (excess insulin
provokes hypoglycemia), frequent urination, disorder
sleep, visual impairment, pruritus.

Adrenal insufficiency

Another name for the disease is Addison’s Disease. Characterized by
lack of, and in some cases complete lack of hormones
adrenal glands (cortisol, aldosterone). Pathology can
diagnosed in people of both sexes, but in men more often. Main
manifestations of the disease are: reduced appetite or his
absence, muscle weakness, fatigue, change
skin color (bronze), craving for salty foods, muscular
weakness, hypotension, nausea, loss of appetite, abdominal
the pains.


Refers to хроническим инфекционным заболеваниям, зачастую
diagnosed in men after 40 years. Symptoms of the disease
diverse, but suggests the idea of ​​tuberculosis inexplicable
severe weight loss that causes pronounced intoxication

Other manifestations of the disease include coughing with abundant
sputum streaked with pus and blood, hyperhidrosis,
severe weakness, fatigue, chest pain,
multiple wheezing in the lungs. See How tuberculosis is transmitted.

Stomach cancer

The disease is diagnosed in men more often by 2 times compared with
by women. Due to the difficulty of passing food from the stomach further into
the digestive tract (the tumor squeezes the organ) occurs
violation of its assimilation, a significant dramatic weight loss. Also to
symptoms of stomach cancer include reduced appetite, fear of taking
food (pain, nausea, heartburn, vomiting), weakness,
rapid fatigability, rapid saturation (the tumor mimics the “full”

Lymphogranulomatosis (Hodgkin’s disease)

Lymphogranulomatosis is a malignant lesion
lymphoid tissue. The ratio of men and women in frequency
the incidence is 1.4: 1. Manifested by a sudden increase
lymph nodes, shortness of breath, cough, subfebrile condition,
night sweats, heavy weight loss and disappearance
appetite. More often diagnosed after 50 years.

Tobacco and Alcohol

Tobacco reduces absorption, impairs production
digestive enzymes, leading to atrophy of the gastrointestinal organs
tract, increases the oxygen starvation of tissues, impairing the absorption

Alcoholism is not only atrophic gastritis. But also
chronic pancreatitis, liver cirrhosis, intestinal dysfunctions. All this
– отличные предпосылки прогрессивных потерь weight.

Похудение у teenagers

К причинам резкого похудения у teenagers относятся


This syndrome is accompanied by impaired nutrient absorption
substances in the small intestine. When this happens, the enzymatic
splitting food but nutrients into the bloodstream is not
sucked. Thus, the body of a teenager is experiencing
lack of proteins, fats, carbohydrates necessary for its
further growth and development, the teenager begins rapidly
lose weight

Malabsorption – это не самостоятельное заболевание, а синдром,
accompanying a number of diseases: celiac disease, inflammatory processes
bowel syndrome, excessive growth of intestinal microflora,
chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Manifests itself
pathology following symptoms: frequent stools, up to 6 times a day,
polyfecalia or a significant amount of feces, constant thirst and
dry mouth, dry skin, hair, feces
undigested food particles, stomatitis, muscle atrophy.

Helminthic invasions

Гельминты поражают не только детей и teenagers, но и взрослых.
Но риск возникновения гельминтозов у teenagers значительно выше
(school attendance, lack of personal hygiene culture, consumption
unwashed vegetables and fruits, close communication with animals).

Symptoms depend on the type of helminthiasis, but constant
The steady loss of body weight should give rise to the idea of ​​helminthic
invasions. Signs of the most common helminthiasis –
enterobiosis – itching of the anal area, increasing at night,
abdominal pain, nausea, loose stools, bloating,
possible pruritus, rash.

Hormonal storms

В teenagersом возрасте постоянно происходят всплески и спады
of certain sex hormones that can provoke as a sharp
похудение, так, и, напротив, внезапный набор weight. Besides
hormonal disorders are accompanied by the appearance of acne, oily
seborrhea, unstable psyche (from aggression to tearfulness),
irregular menstruation in girls.

Energy drinks

The use of energy drinks drives the body into
semblance of chronic stress with constant activation
adrenaline-noradrenal system and cortisol, which contributes
faster protein breakdown. Caffeine and similar substances
violate sleep, keep a person in a constantly cocked state,
similar to hyperthyroidism.

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