Causes of discharge from the mammary glands

Update: October 2018

Excretion of fluid from the breast is one of
cardinal signs of the development of the disease in it, except
perhaps pregnancy. When any discharge from the chest
it is necessary as soon as possible to be examined and pass the appropriate

It should be noted that this feature can be not only
pathological symptom in women, but also in men. Therefore the appearance
a strange fluid from the breast glands should alert both the woman and
a man

Factors leading to discharge

The causes of discharge are many and varied;
include many factors:

  • hormonal imbalance leading to galactorrhea
  • wearing squeeze underwear Causes of discharge from the mammary glands
  • milk duct ectasia
  • malignant neoplasm of the breast
  • breast inflammation
  • oral contraception
  • gestation period
  • intraductal papilloma
  • taking certain medications in particular
    antidepressants (amitriptyline)
  • mastopathy
  • chest injury

Breast structure

The mammary gland is a paired organ, the main
the task of which is lactation, that is, the release of milk during
breastfeeding time. Most of the breast tissue
makes glandular (parenchyma).

Each mammary gland has 15–20 lobes, which
separated by connective tissue septa. In turn,
each share consists of lobules, and the last of the alveoli. From each
share from the center towards the nipple departs the milky duct,
which is allocated milk.

During pregnancy, glandular tissue grows, which
is a necessary measure in preparation for lactation. Just below
mid nipple, surrounded by more
dark skin. Nipples and areola in young women and
girls are pale pink, and those who have given birth to a dark brown color.
Pacifical alveoli and nipples are covered with very sensitive skin that
it is especially important to consider during pregnancy and during breast
feeding (high risk of cracking and nipple infection).

Diseases in which there is discharge from the dairy


Galactorrhea – это самопроизвольное истечение молока или молозива
have a non-pregnant woman or after stopping breastfeeding
периодом 5 месяцев и больше из молочной glands. Milk is coming
under the action of certain hormones, in particular prolactin.
Galactorrhea может наблюдаться и у мужчин, так как пролактин в их
the body is also synthesized.

Causes of galactorrhea are diverse, it can be a pituitary tumor
(prolactinoma), injury or neoplasm of the hypothalamus,
заболевания щитовидной glands, надпочечников или яичников, почечная
and liver failure, stress, and more. If the reason
spontaneous milk outflow is not installed, talk about
idiopathic galactorrhea.

The main symptom of the syndrome is white discharge from the chest. Have
in addition to this, there is a menstrual cycle,
hirsutism (excessive hair growth), the appearance of acne, a decrease
sexual attraction. Treatment of galactorrhea is therapy.
the underlying disease. When idiopathic galactorrhea is assigned
bromkriptin, which reduces the synthesis of prolactin.

Milky duct ectasia

Progressive expansion of the milk ducts, followed by
inflammation leads to such a disease as ectasia of the milky
ducts. Thick and sticky discharges from the chest appear, more often
all brown.

This disease occurs in premenopausal women.
age The treatment involves the appointment of warm compresses on
chest and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
(indomethacin), in some cases, requires
antibiotic therapy. In difficult situations, conduct surgical
removal of the milk duct.


Acute infectious disease of the breast, or mastitis, is usually
встречается во breastfeeding time. The disease proceeds
acutely, the breast swells, it becomes sharply painful, the skin of the breast
glands гиперемированной. There has been a significant increase
температуры, до 39 градусов, зеленые выделения из молочной glands
arise due to the admixture of pus.

Causes of mastitis can be improper breast pumping and
development of lactostasis, nipple cracks and poor hygiene.
As the process progresses, mastitis turns into an abscess.
the shape, condition of the woman is deteriorating. Treatment is aimed at giving up
breastfeeding, antibiotics and
detoxification therapy. With развитии абсцесса молочной glands
make surgical opening of the abscess.

Chest injury

With a strong injury to the chest pain and bloody
discharge, as they heal, they become yellowish or

Фиброзно-кистозная mastopathy

Signs of fibrocystic mastopathy except secretions
is the pain that occurs in the second phase of the menstrual cycle.
Yellow discharge is also associated with the phase of the menstrual cycle and
disappear with the onset of menstruation. The treatment of the disease is
appointment of a diet hormonal and vitamin preparations.

Withмер из практики: С жалобами на боли в
mammary gland and the detected formation in it appealed to me
neighbor. Indeed, palpation was felt dense, with
clear boundaries education palm-sized. In addition, when
A yellowish discharge appeared on the pressure on the nipple. how
it turned out the woman had a second phase of the menstrual cycle that
suggestive of mastopathy. Finally, the diagnosis was confirmed
after menstruation, when the breasts become soft, and the discharge from the nipple

Рак молочной glands

Злокачественная опухоль молочной glands имеет весьма характерную
symptomatology. Externally marked peeling of the skin, redness, she
takes the form of lemon peel, can be hot to the touch. With
palpation in the chest marked dense, with jagged borders
education and an increase in axillary lymph nodes. Also changes
nipple shape, it retracts and dark discharge appears. Treatment
рака молочной glands только оперативное.

Withмер из практики: Ко мне обратилась на прием
a woman complaining of pain in the right breast. Palpation
gave nothing. I did not determine the tumor, the appearance of the breast was not
altered. With сборе анамнеза выявила травму груди около 2 недель
backwards Just in case, the patient sent to the oncologic dispensary to
mammologist. howово же было мое удивление, когда у нее
diagnosed with cancer. Breast pain in cancer occurs in
the last thing, when there are all the other signs.

Breast excretion during pregnancy

Pregnancy and breast discharge are not uncommon.
how правило, они желтоватого или молочного цвета и являются ни чем
other than colostrum – the harbinger of milk. In the period of gestation
плода молочные glands активно увеличиваются в объеме за счет
the proliferation of glandular tissue under the action of intensive production

Usually, colostrum appears on the eve of labor, but may begin
worked out earlier, at 22 – 24 weeks. Postpartum colostrum
after 2 – 3 days is replaced by milk synthesis. Compared to milk,
colostrum is more nutritious food, and contains more antibodies that
very necessary for the child in the first days of life. Very important during
appearance of discharge from the chest during pregnancy
rules of personal hygiene and monitor the condition of the nipples.

It is necessary to wash the breasts boiled at least twice a day.
water and wipe dry. Also useful for nipples are air baths,
what is the prevention of cracks in the postpartum period. AT
sterile breast pads are recommended as breast pads.
cotton pads, which are freely sold in the pharmacy.

ATыделения из груди в норме

There are 2 situations where transparent highlights are
the norm.

  • ATо-первых, это один – два дня до начала менструации,
  • ATо-вторых, половое возбуждение, стимуляция сосков и

Under the action of oxytocin, which is produced during
stimulation of the nipples, there is a reduction in the milky ducts and
(one – two drops) of liquid appear.

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