Causes of dandruff, methods of treatment,folk remedies

Update: October 2018

Dandruff in Latin means bran –
Indeed, the appearance of exfoliated skin particles resembles
this diet product.

Such a familiar, and for some, a lifelong phenomenon as
Medically dandruff is a syndrome
characterized by a high rate of exfoliation of skin particles in the form

As a rule, dandruff is disturbed for a long time, most often observed
on the scalp. Doctors believe dandruff is mild
seborrheic dermatitis. In this article we will talk about dandruff,
causes and treatment of it in various ways.

Causes of dandruff on the head

There are several reasons that provoke increased detachment.
skin particles, but most often the symptom is caused by a few
factors aggravating one one:

  • A metabolic disorder is the root cause of dandruff that makes
    the organism is more vulnerable to the action of pathogenetic factors.
  • Hormonal disorders are the most common causes of dandruff.
  • Some diseases (gastrointestinal tract, endocrine system, bronchopulmonary
    pathologies, neurological diseases, immunodeficiencies);
  • Hereditary predisposition – a factor that is not amenable
  • Incorrect work of the sebaceous glands.
  • Dietary disorders, hypovitaminosis.
  • Mental and physical stress.
  • Fungal infection caused by Pityrosporum Ovale –
    yeast-like fungi, representatives of normal microflora
  • Improper care of the scalp (dry hair dryer,
    curling hair, frequent staining);
  • Irrational use of headgear (wearing caps
    in winter or wearing a warm hat in the heat);
  • Недостаточная гигиена scalp. However, this reason may
    be realized only in very neglected cases when people
    completely neglect the washing of the head.

Risk factors in the development of dandruff

  • Возраст – наибольший риск имеют подростки и молодые люди. Dandruff
    children – a rather rare occurrence. Dandruff подростков зачастую
    spontaneously appears and disappears;
  • Gender – men are more likely to suffer from dandruff;
  • Stress – people under chronic stress
    in almost 100% of cases have dandruff.

If you consider dandruff as a form of seborrheic dermatitis, then
Dandruff refers to the dry form of the disease. At the same time significantly
reduced sebum secretion, and natural exfoliation of skin flakes
accelerates 3 times and takes 1 week instead of 4x.

There is a classification of dandruff on dry and oily, however
Many experts consider it incorrect, because with true
dandruff is always observed reduced sebum.
Oily dandruff is rarely pronounced, pieces of exfoliated
epithelium is observed already on the hair and rarely on the skin itself. But
dry dandruff is always abundant, proceeds with pronounced irritation
skin and itching.

Symptoms of Dandruff

  • visible white flakes of exfoliated skin on the hair, shoulders,
    clothes, headgear, comb;
  • dry skin, but oily skin can also be dandruff, so
    as both states – variations of metabolic disorders;
  • itchy scalp;
  • irritation of the affected skin;
  • dullness and fragility of hair;
  • during progression or prolonged course: enlargement of scales,
    reddish spots and yellowish peels on the skin.

Differential diagnostics

Before making a diagnosis, you should visit a doctor and
to exclude such pathologies as psoriasis and eczema. Both diseases
rarely affect only the scalp, have a wide distribution and
additional symptoms.

What should not be done with dandruff

  • Scratching your head. Dandruff and itching – an unpleasant combination, and itching
    aggravates pathology. Combing and scratching and so irritated skin,
    you will exacerbate the problem. Through microdamages easy
    penetrate infectious agents, which leads to the formation
  • Use alcohol-based products that are highly
    dry out and so dry skin;
  • To dye hair and use other aggressive means for
  • Use metal combs whose teeth damage
    skin and strengthen dandruff.
  • About the hair dryer, ironing and curling hair should be forgotten.

Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff Treatment можно разделить на традиционные и
folk. The effectiveness of the chosen method depends on the correctness
its application. Before applying any method of treatment should
visit a doctor (dermatologist or trichologist) – perhaps a problem
much more serious than it seems.

Traditional ways

Antifungal therapy – assigned to all patients, because
in most cases, the fungus is the cause
dandruff either joins afterwards. Medical shampoos and lotions,
main active ingredients:

  • Clotrimazole (Cloderm)

antifungal agent that violates the integrity of the membrane

  • Ketoconazole

Azole, which has fungistatic and fungicidal action:
Mycozoral, Nizoral, Perhohot, Sebozol.

  •  Bifonazole (Bifon)

antifungal agent with prolonged action (up to 48

  •  Ichthyol (Dermasens)

contains sulfur having anesthetic, antiseptic
and anti-inflammatory action, normalizes the cycle of exchange

  • Zinc Pyrithione (Friederm Zinc)

antimicrobial and antifungal effects

  •  Cyclopirox (Sebiprox)

pronounced fungicidal activity

  • Octopirox (Seborin)

substance with antifungal activity

  • Salicylic Acid (Salicylic Shampoo)

has keratolytic and antimicrobial effects

  • Quassia Amara Extract (Quasix Cream)

plant with antimicrobial, antifungal,
anti-inflammatory action

  • Selenium sulfide

замедляет деление cell и действует на грибок: Selegel, Сульсен
and Sulsen-forte.

  • Medical tar (T / Gel Neutrogena, Friderm Tar,

disinfecting skin, reduces flaking, normalizes metabolism

The greatest effect have shampoos and lotions containing
combination of several active substances

  • Keto plus

zinc pyrithione + ketaconazole

  • Qeluela DS

zinc pyrithione + ciclopiroxolamine + keluamide

  • Algopix

medical tar + salicylic acid

  • Elf

ketaconazole + zinc

  • NodeDS

climbazole + salicylic acid + zinc pyrithione

  •  Phytosylic

salicylic acid + tea tree oil, cypress, incense

General instructions for the use of therapeutic shampoos

All medical shampoos require long-term use for
2-6 weeks, and then prophylactic use 1-2 times a
a week

Like other medicinal formulations, shampoos and lotions have some
contraindications for use and a number of side effects – it should
consider before the start of treatment.

Therapeutic shampoo in sufficient quantities is applied to the hair,
foams and evenly distributed on the skin and hair. Time
exposure averages 5-10 minutes, after which the shampoo
rinse thoroughly with running water.

What about the Head & Shoulders shampoo
Procter & Gamble? This shampoo does not belong to the medicinal group, although
and contains zinc pyrithione. This means that the concentration
the active ingredient is such that harm from the shampoo will not be, but also
he cannot cure dandruff.

Drugs used to normalize the processes of lipolysis

  • Methionine – normalizes the synthesis of phospholipids from fats.
  • Riboflavin – participates in fat metabolism, normalizes
    redox processes.

Restorative therapy

Dandruff often accompanies immunodeficiency states,
hypovitaminosis, dysbacteriosis. Therefore, in the treatment complex
vitamin-mineral complexes are prescribed (see synthetic
vitamins – harm or benefit), immunomodulators (see what is
immunity and drugs to increase it) and probiotics: Linex (see
list of probiotics).

Lifestyle, food

As in the fight against any other disease, nutrition, emotional
and physical condition play an important, if not the main role in
anti-dandruff Meals should be full
vitamin-mineral and protein composition, but the fat and
carbohydrate part should be limited. Enrich your diet
greens, vegetables and fruits, seafood.

Normalization of the emotional state is sometimes key in
treatment of dandruff. If you cope with traumatic situations
It is difficult on your own, you should contact a psychotherapist
You can use light sedatives, for example, Persen
(see sedatives for adults).

Treatment of dandruff folk remedies

Folk dandruff treatment is often much more effective.
advertised drugs. According to statistics, only 5% of people suffering
dandruff, turns for help to specialists, and the rest or not
are treated completely, or use grandmother’s methods. Of course, such
the approach is wrong, but thanks to these people we learn
действенные способы в anti-dandruff



In addition to tonic, anti-inflammatory and
natural antiseptic action, nettle contributes
renewal of the cellular composition of the epidermis. This plant contains
organic acids, vitamin C in the amount of ten times
exceeding the content of that in a lemon, and also vitamins of group
B, carotene, minerals, tannins and phytoncids.

To combat dandruff, apply nettle infusion, and for a long time, up to
complete disappearance of symptoms. 5 tbsp. fresh minced
nettle or 2 tbsp. dry plants pour a glass of boiling water and
incubated in a water bath for 10 minutes. The finished solution is filtered
through cheesecloth and rub the scalp daily. After shampooing
Rinse the hair with nettle extract, do not rinse with water.
need to.


This folk healer has long been used to treat
hair, not only affected by dandruff, but also in case of hair loss
hair, brittleness and dullness of hair. Onions contain active
phytoncides that destroy fungus and bacteria, as well as vitamins and
minerals. Many refuse this affordable way of dealing with
dandruff due to the peculiar smell of onions, from which it is very easy
get rid of, thoroughly washing your head with cool water after

The bulbs are ground into a mush, which is neatly distributed on
scalp. Over dress cellophane cap and wrap the head
a towel. Withstand the mask for 2 hours, after which they wash their heads
neutral shampoo and thoroughly rinsed. Procedure follows
repeat twice a week until dandruff disappears completely.

Burdock roots

Burdock or burdock can be found in many media for
hair, but as you know, nothing is better than freshly prepared
therapeutic composition. Burdock is a powerful antiseptic, contains
tannins, has wound healing and regenerating
action (see all the beneficial properties of burdock root).

You can use the traditional infusion of burdock root on boiling water,
but the most effective is burdock emulsion. For her
cooking a tablespoon of chopped burdock root is poured
unrefined vegetable oil in a volume of 200 ml. Mixture
clog and insist in the dark and warm for 2 weeks, after which
filter vegetable raw materials. The finished emulsion is stored in
the fridge.

This healing composition is considered the most effective in combating
dandruff, the main thing is to use it regularly and regularly. Twice
a week an hour before shampooing the emulsion is rubbed into the scalp and
hair roots. Wash off with shampoo and plenty of water.

Oil treatment

Vegetable oils are widely used in the fight against dandruff,
since they have a complex effect on the scalp: not
only eliminate dandruff, but also heals the skin, eliminating
microflora imbalance. The most effective oils:

  • Tea tree: eliminates dandruff, fights dry skin,
    adjusting the natural lipid layer.
  • Basilica: is an antioxidant, has antibacterial
    stimulates hair growth.
  • Chamomile: has antiseptic properties, eliminates itching and
    irritation, accelerates skin regeneration.
  • Lemon: has powerful antibacterial properties, normalizes
    sebaceous excretion, destroys the fungus.
  • Myrrh: cleans the skin from the horny epithelium, regulates
    the function of the sebaceous glands.
  • Patchouli: regenerates cells, promotes healing
  • Peppermint: eliminates redness and irritation of the skin, reduces
  • Nima: removes fungus, heals the skin.

For the preparation of therapeutic composition must be used.
base neutral oil: cedar, olive, sesame, linseed,
jojoba. Jojoba oil is preferred because
The composition is closest to the composition of human fat. 60 ml base
The oil is taken 20 drops of therapeutic. The resulting mixture is stored
in the refrigerator in a closed container.

For the procedure, use about 1 teaspoon of the mixture (mixture of oils
shaken before each use). Oil applied to the tips
fingers and gently rub it into the scalp for several
minutes If done correctly, the greasy film on the hair is not
is formed. Mixture не следует смывать, но если все-таки нужно вымыть
голову, делать это можно через час после procedures. Multiplicity: 2-3
раза в a week

other methods

Egg mask

An egg contains lecithin, vitamins and minerals that
help eliminate dandruff, improve hair condition and soothe

For the preparation of a therapeutic mask, 1 egg is whipped into the foam and
mixed in equal proportions with natural yogurt. Mixture
spread on the scalp and hair, cover with cellophane and
towel and leave for an hour, then rinse with cool water.
Multiplicity: 2-3 раза в a week

Bread gruel

Black bread is a real savior of dry and brittle hair and
damaged skin. Yeast in baked bread is no longer the case.
aggressive, but at the same time perfectly clean the skin without drying.

A piece of black bread is crushed and poured boiling water. When the mixture
cools down (up to about 50 ° C), this porridge is used to wash the head, rubbing it into the skin
hair, then rinse with cool water. Use no shampoo
need – hair will be fresh and clean. You can use this method
constantly, there is no harm and habituation.

Sour milk

Sour milk обеспечивает витаминную подпитку волос и кожи
heads. Due to the content of folic acid, sour milk has
anti-inflammatory effect, choline normalizes sebaceous function
желез, белки и молочная кислота – восстанавливают skin

It is best to use homemade yogurt. Product lightly
heat and put on unwashed, but slightly moist hair and
scalp, incubated for 40 minutes under cellophane and terry
towel, and then wash off with warm water with a neutral shampoo.
Повторяют процедуру 2 раза в a week

Many are interested in the question – is it possible to use folk
Dandruff Treatments with Traditional Treatments? if you
prescribed shampoo for the treatment of dandruff, do not neglect
recommendation. Folk methods can be used when
the ineffectiveness of the primary treatment or in the event that before the doctor
you still can not reach.

Whatever dandruff remedy you use is not
wait for the instant effect, and it is not needed – gradual,
natural restoration of the scalp is the best
Guarantor of no dandruff recurrence!

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