Causes of cold legs and arms in infants

Many young mothers pay attention to cold hands and feet his baby under the age of one. it alarming, worrying.

Is everything okay? Maybe he freezes, or maybe he got sick? let’s let’s figure it out together, is this normal?

For the regulation of the multiple functions of the human body, and most of all for the stability of the internal sphere, is responsible a section of the diencephalon called the Hypothalamus. Besides numerous purposes, he, including provides the main the importance of maintaining the necessary degree in metabolism and energy, as well as thermoregulation.

Assuming that the posterior sections of the Hypothalamus will destroyed, this will lead to a stable decrease in temperature the human body.

Medical studies have found that in newborns and infants (children up to one year old) body temperature decreases and increases sooner, easier and by a significant value than adults. Why is this happening?


A small person has a hypothalamus versus a hypothalamus an adult is not developed enough. As noted above, The hypothalamus solves the problem of stabilization and temperature control the human body. It works approximately like a thermostat, i.e. as physical device that maintains temperature.

Since the body of a small person is just starting develop, then the mass of his abilities, including the Hypothalamus, matures as it grows.

The main focus of Thermoregulation is the Hypothalamus. Temperature zones are distributed inside and on the surface. of the human body in different ways. The highest body temperature (36 – 37 degrees) is installed in the area of ​​the collarbone – shoulder. Towards hands, it drops, reaching 28 degrees at the bottom forearms. The same phenomenon was noted in the direction of the ankle. In the thigh area, the temperature is 34 degrees, and at the shin level 31 degrees. Also find out why the child’s palms itch and feet.

This is important information – what to do if the baby’s hands are shaking and legs.

We recommend material on what you need to purchase for the baby in summer.Cold limbs in infants is a phenomenon natural and should not scare their parents. it fine. With maturation, Thermoregulation processes will stabilize, the child will begin to move more, try walk, touch more with your hands, which is a natural way activates metabolic processes in the limbs and parents stop worry why the cold legs and arms of the baby.

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