Causes of chronic hepatitis, symptoms andprinciples of treatment of the disease

Update: December 2018

Among all the diseases of the internal organs of chronic hepatitis
(chronic liver damage) can be attributed to the most serious
ailments. The disease does not suddenly, not by chance, but only in
the result of certain provoking reasons. About symptoms and treatment
chronic hepatitis will be discussed in this article.

Causes of Chronic Hepatitis

The most common cause is previous viral hepatitis A (in
including viral hepatitis B, C, D), which is known by the national
name “jaundice.” But, if the notorious jaundice was properly treated,
and the patient subsequently followed all the medical recommendations for
adherence to and properly fed, chronic hepatitis, rather
all, bypass it.

In addition to previous viral hepatitis, to chronic
The following factors can cause liver damage:

  • Промышленные интоксикации – контакты с соединениями свинца, хлороформом,
  • Household intoxication – alcohol abuse;
  • Drug intoxication – drug overdose
    aminazine, methyl – dof.

Chronic hepatitis can develop in chronic pathologies.
The digestive system can also be caused by:

  • Chronic alcoholism;
  • Malnutrition;
  • Severe infectious diseases;
  • Protracted septic endocarditis, malaria, leishmaniasis.


Recognize chronic hepatitis allows ultrasound
liver exam, biopsy, liver scan, laboratory
analyzes. Chronic hepatitis leads to a significant increase in
liver in size, thickening of the liver capsule.

Interesting fact: in Russia there is still no statistical accounting
the number of patients with hepatitis C, and the cost of treating this type of viral
Hepatitis is equivalent to the cost of a foreign car.

Clinical picture

Symptoms are directly dependent on the form of the disease. All chronic
hepatitis are divided as follows:

Inactive (persistent) hepatitis

Symptoms of chronic hepatitis in persistent form are expressed
very weak. In most cases, low-level hepatitis occurs.
without obvious changes in the patient’s well-being. Liver increases
insignificantly, a slight
increased levels of transaminases and bilirubin. Complete blood count is not


An exacerbation may occur as a result of provoking factors:
with alcohol abuse, with foodborne toxicoinfection, with
vitamin deficiency.

The patient makes a pain in the right hypochondrium, with palpation
The doctor notes a moderate increase in the liver. Цвет кожи не changed
After elimination of harmful effects, normalization of the diet
The patient’s condition improves significantly.

Active (aggressive, progressive) hepatitis

Unlike the inactive form, the symptoms of chronic active
The process is always pronounced vividly. Among all the manifestations can be identified
three main syndromes:

  • Dyspeptic syndrome – nausea, lack of appetite, bloating
  • Astenovegetative syndrome – weakness, fatigue and
    a significant decrease in performance, weight loss;
  • Syndrome “small” liver failure – skin yellowness
    integuments, fever, accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity (ascites),
    bleeding from nose and gums. The liver is enlarged, with palpation
  • Most patients have the above symptoms.
    itching joins, subcutaneous hemorrhages appear – so
    called spider veins.

In general, a blood test is marked anemia, the level decreases
leukocytes and platelets, but significantly increased ESR.
Biochemical analysis is characterized by a sharp increase in hepatic
samples, bilirubin, gamma globulins.

Principles of treatment

Treatment of chronic hepatitis in the period of exacerbation
only in the hospital, in the gastroenterology department. To the patient
bed rest is recommended. Particular attention should be paid
catering services. Assigned to diet number 5, which contributes
normalization of liver function.


The diet includes high-calorie foods, with
normal protein content, but with a restriction of fat. Restrict
also products containing cholesterol (see how to reduce
cholesterol without drugs). Food is served in ground form,
food temperature is normal, cold food and ice cream
are excluded.

The following products are allowed: Excluded entirely:
  • White wheat bread, rye bread baking the previous day;
  • Tea;
  • Whole milk, condensed milk, sour milk, kefir, cottage cheese
    low fat, mild hard cheese;
  • Butter, olive, soybean, sunflower oil
  • Protein omelets;
  • Milk, vegetable soups, cereals without browning vegetables and
  • Meat lean in boiled, baked and stewed.
    The use of veal and chickens is undesirable;
  • Boiled and jellied low-fat fish;
  • Baked vegetables, legumes – only green peas;
  • Non-acidic fruits and berries;
  • Sugar, jam, honey, compotes.
  • Mushrooms, peas, beans, beans, sorrel, spinach;
  • Fried foods and dishes;
  • Radish radish, pepper, all spices and spices;
  • Vinegar, garlic, raw onions;
  • Cocoa, canned food, extractives and marinades.

Drug treatment

Treatment of chronic hepatitis B medications is carried out using
vitamin therapy courses – vitamins of group B, C are prescribed,
nicotinic, folic acid. To restore the structure of the liver
are used:

  • Anabolic hormones – retabolil;
  • Immunostimulants – methyluracil, thymalin;
  • Corticosteroid hormones – prednisone, advantan;
  • Hepatoprotectors – Essentiale, Phosphogliv, Ursofalk, Exhol,
    Холудексан, Легалон,  Гепагард, Прогепар, Карил, Тыквеол, Лив
    52, Сибектан, Дипана, Ропрен, Ливолин Форте, Эксхол, Гептрал,
    Urdoksa, Fosofontsiale, Syrepar (see an overview of all hepatoprotectors,
    tablets for the liver)
  • Hepatitis C treatment is a separate conversation.

After discharge from the hospital throughout life is necessary
comply with the regime, eat right. Patients are recommended annually.
visit the sanatorium. Employment of patients with chronic
Hepatitis should also be aimed at maintaining normal
mode. You can not work in night shifts, do heavy
physical labor. The work must be structured so that the patient
could comply with the required power schedule.

With a neglect of treatment and chronic mode
hepatitis becomes cirrhosis of the liver, which is considered incurable

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