Causes of black feces in adults andchildren

Update: October 2018

Sometimes it happens that feces may turn black.
Noticing these changes, many are starting to worry that
be fully justified. This color feces happens when a number of
serious diseases, but also some
drugs that a person takes. From this article you will learn
why sometimes feces can be black.

What color of feces is normal?

Each person’s color of the chair may be different at different times.
The color of feces in an adult can be from yellowish-brown.
until dark brown. The color of the chair depends on what the person ate.
in the previous few days, on the amount of bile in the feces, with
violations of the outflow of bile feces will be bright.

Sometimes feces may appear black, but in fact it will
dark brown. To determine the black color of feces or
dark brown can be a simple test at home

On a piece of white paper, apply a little stool and
Spread the cal in a very thin layer over the paper. So the color
will show up more accurately.

If a person finds in his feces black, then it is important
know the probable causes of this phenomenon. Consider the main
etiological factors:

  • Eating foods that can stain fecal
    mass in black in the last 3 days

As a result of digestion of prunes, a large number
beets or red grapes, the feces may darken or it will even
painted black. If you suspect that this has become
the reason for the appearance of such staining of the chair, these
products from the diet for 4-5 days and all this time to watch
painting the chair. If 3 days after you used
these feces remain black, you should look for another
the reason for this.

  • Acceptance of certain drugs.

A number of drugs can cause stool staining in black. TO
these include iron preparations for anemia (Sorbifer, Ferrum Lek,
Aktiferrin, Maltofer and others). Also has a similar effect
activated black carbon and bismuth preparations (De-nol,
Bismofalk). The appearance of dark or black feces is not
contraindication to continue taking drugs. All changes
treatment regimen should be carried out by a doctor, the unauthorized withdrawal of drugs
fraught with serious consequences.


In case you take bismuth preparations for treatment
peptic ulcer disease requires differentiation of two etiological
factors – taking these drugs or bleeding from an ulcer.

  • TOровотечение из органов желудочно-кишечного тракта

When bleeding from the esophagus (bleeding from varicose
varicose veins of the esophagus, esophageal injury, Mallory-Weiss syndrome)
or stomach (stomach ulcer, stomach cancer) stool turns black
color, it is also called melena. In this case, as a rule, there are
other symptoms, such as epigastric pain, weakness,
nausea, vomiting. Emetic masses have the appearance and color of coffee grounds. But
with slight bleeding, the first and only symptom may
become exactly the appearance of a black chair.

Acceptance of antiplatelet agents (aspirin, cardiomagnyl) and nonsteroidal
anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen, diclofenac and their
analogues) can cause bleeding in patients with gastric ulcer
or duodenal ulcer. Although the drugs themselves and do not stain
the stool is black but can cause bleeding!

What can help in differentiating the probable causes of coloring?
a chair in a dark color?

  • General health – if the cause is bleeding, then
    more likely to cause symptoms due to blood loss –
    weakness, paleness of the skin, sticky sweat, epigastric pain.
    If the reason for this staining of feces was food or medication,
    That general well-being, as a rule, remains normal.
  • The duration of this symptom – if the cause is
    taking certain foods, the stool takes on a normal color
    after excluding “coloring” products in 1-2 days. With
    bleeding and prolonged use of “coloring” drugs,
    stool may be black for a long time. If the reason was in reception
    drugs, the usual staining of the chair appears after their cancellation,
    which is made by a doctor at the end of the course of treatment.

What can be accompanied by the appearance of black stools in adults?
TOакие могут быть особенности?

  • Small blotches of black color – may be the result
    eating fruit with small grains or pits
    (raspberry, grapes).
  • Black worms in feces – they are often mistaken for
    parasites. But, как правило, причиной является употребление в пищу
    a large number of bananas. Worms, however, are usually whitish or
    yellowish color.
  • Liquid black feces – most often with gastrointestinal
    bleeding. As a result of exposure to digestive enzymes and
    соляной кислоты, кровь  в кале становится черного цвета, это и
    causes such a color feces. With кровотечении из толстого
    bowel feces will not be black, but will look like “crimson jelly”
    (see bleeding from the anus).
  • Black stools with streaks of blood – maybe in a row
    заболеваний толстого кишечника, например, при болезни TOрона. In that
    If you need to see a doctor immediately.
  • The appearance of a black chair in the postoperative period – can
    be a sign of internal bleeding, most likely with
    performing a stomach operation, upper intestine, or
  • Black-green feces, accompanied by a rise in temperature. WITH
    It is highly probable that serious
    intestinal infection that must be treated in
  • TOал черного цвета при беременности. Pregnancy and childbirth
    have an effect on intestinal motility, but have no effect on
    color stool. Therefore, in pregnant women, all of the above
    causes may result in a change in stool color. In pregnant women often
    the reason for the color of the chair in the dark color is taking medications
    iron, since it is not uncommon for them to have anemia.

Черный стул у children

If black feces have appeared in a child, then this can be very
disturb the parents. The child of the first days of life stands out
meconium – feces, which was accumulated during the intrauterine
development. It may have a dark color, almost black. In 2-3 days
it is replaced by feces of normal color. Depending on which
type of food is a newborn, it can be from
light yellow to dark mustard liquid consistency.

У children чуть старшего возраста кал может становиться темным при
artificial feeding, drinking cow’s milk (which is not
permissible up to 2 years) or preparations containing bovine protein
milk (colibacterin).

But в этих случаях кал, как правило, не черный, а
dark brown, at first glance, it may appear black. For
differentiation should conduct the test referred to

If the child is restless, crying, he has a bad appetite and he has
black chair appeared, then you should see a doctor! Даже у children
early age may be gastrointestinal bleeding. Special
часто они могут быть у children, употребляющих коровье или козье

WITHтепень кровотечения из образующихся повреждений слизистой
intestinal lining may be from insignificant, but over time
leading to iron deficiency anemia to severe.

In which cases it is necessary to consult a doctor when
identifying a black chair?

  • Black stools accompanied by vomiting and / or
  • The presence of gastric ulcer and (or)
    двенадцатиперстной кишки в анамнезе.
  • Blood tests show iron deficiency anemia.
  • The presence of cirrhosis of the liver and (or) hepatitis.
  • Recently there has been severe vomiting, especially if it was caused
    alcohol intake (probable syndrome
  • Cancer of the intestine or stomach in the history of the person himself or his
  • If this is a child, and he became restless, whiny,
    refuses to eat or too sluggish.

Автор: Ревус Олеся Григорьевна врач-невролог

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