Causes of acne in adults, treatment, symptoms,prevention

Prickly heat is irritation of the skin that develops.
due to increased perspiration and simultaneously reduced
evaporation of sweat. Most often this condition can be observed in
young children due to the nature of the skin, but adults are not
insured against prickly heat. It should be understood that prickly heat, although
looks like an infectious disease, absolutely not contagious for

What happens with chickpeas?

Excessive sweat clogs up sweat
glands and irritates the skin, its lack
evaporation will lead to a response, that is, prickly heat.

Causes of Acne In Adult Diseases

Pathological causes

  • Increased sweating – chronic course
    often observed in people with hyperhidrosis (see the causes of elevated
  • Metabolic disorders – sweat excretion and evaporation is
    part of the exchange reactions, the violation of which leads to prickly heat.
  • Chronic pathologies of the endocrine system – hypothyroidism,
    hyperthyroidism, diabetes
  • Chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system and the nervous system.
  • High fever and fever – enhanced sweating like
    defensive reaction of the body at high temperature, annoying
    epidermis and leads to skin rashes.
  • Ожирение —  тучные люди часто и много потеют, пот
    irritates the skin and leads to prickly heat.
  • Lying patients – diseases in which the patient is forced
    lying down or paralyzed (strokes, injuries).

Natural causes

  • Hot and dry climate – very often occurs in holidaymakers in
    acclimatization period.
  • High humidity and temperature in rooms.
  • Intensive physical labor, sports.
  • Tight and tight clothes, clothes made of synthetics – prickly heat on
    hands, on the body, on the back, on the stomach.
  • Walking in sweaty clothes for a long time – working on
    construction sites, in hot shops.
  • Tight and poorly ventilated shoes – prickly heat on the feet.
  • Use dense foundation creams and fatty nutritious
    creams in summer (prickly heat on the face).
  • Inadequate hygiene.
  • Excessive passion for sunburn in the sun.

What does prickly heat look like in adults?

It is customary to divide prickly heat into three species, however some
Specialists distinguish apocrine chilli as a separate species.

Crystalline prickly heat is the safest form of prickly heat.

Manifested in the form of pale red small plural
bubbles up to 1 mm in diameter, located close to each other.
The bubbles are painless and do not cause any other symptoms.
except the appearance. Prone to merge. Occur on the forehead,
face, neck, torso, flexor surfaces of arms and legs. AT
the prevailing majority suddenly emerges and on their own

Red prickly heat or inflammatory prickly heat

  • Bubble-like lesions on the skin up to 2 mm, which are surrounded by
    red corolla of inflammation.
  • ATнутри пузырька находится мутное содержимое.
  • Often accompanied by inflammation of the surface layer of the skin and
    severe itching.
  • As the progression of wet crusts occur – a sign
    joining a bacterial infection.
  • Typical localization sites are the armpits, the abdomen,
    skin between the buttocks, elbows and forearms.
  • Such prickly heat in the groin is a frequent occurrence in obese women.
    Independently does not pass.

Papular prickly heat

This is a kind of red prickly heat with a heavy current. Actually,
is a continuation of red prickly heat. ATозникают
papular vesicular vesicles 1-2 mm in diameter with acute
inflammatory process in the surface layer of the skin
(microbial eczema). ATследствие сухости кожи возможен зуд.
Papular prickly heat  — симптомы общей интоксикации:
low-grade fever, soreness of the affected skin, swelling and
hyperemia. ATозникает на боковых поверхностях груди, живота, руках
or feet. Requires long treatment for several

Apocrine prickly heat

ATозникает из-за нарушения деятельности апокринных желез,
located in the armpits, anus, areola
nipple, on the large genital lips of women. Small develops
pink-red rash and infiltrates that are localized in the area
apocrine sweat glands and can burst right inside the skin. Often
Complicated by an infectious process in the deeper layers of the skin.

Typical sites of prickly heat

  • Body areas in contact with clothing: under the arms, elbow zones,
    back, ankles, legs, breasts in women.
  • Places with hairline or near it: face (on forehead,
    temples), on the neck, head.
  • Areas of natural skin folds: groin, armpits, skin under
    mammary glands, behind the ears.

How to understand that prickly heat progresses or is complicated
an infection?

  • Uncomplicated – if you do not feel any subjective
    symptoms of prickly heat, except for the external – rash, then prickly heat is
  • Accession infection – the appearance of swelling, pain,
    itching, turbidity or yellowing of the contents of the bubbles, the presence of
    common symptoms of intoxication are a sign that prickly heat
    progresses or has joined a bacterial skin infection.

How to treat prickly heat in adults

Uncomplicated prickly heat (crystalline) is treated highly

  • eliminates the factor that caused the rash
  • hygiene is carefully observed
  • antiseptics are used for local skin treatment.

Complicated prickly heat (other species) requires the appointment of:

  • antihistamine
  • anti-inflammatory, drying
  • antibacterial drugs.
  • oral antibiotics are justified in case of long-term sweating,
    complicated skin infection.

Acne treatment in adults

Elimination of provoking factors

  • change in room temperature and humidity. The premises should
    constantly airing, in the absence of people – through
  • wearing natural materials, exclusion
    overheating of the body;
  • rational personal hygiene, especially when
    care for bedridden patients.

Elimination of excessive sweating

AT зависимости от тяжести гипергидроза, показаны следующие

  • surgical intersection of nerve fibers that innervate sweat
    glands shown in severe cases of prickly heat. AT некоторых случаях
    sweat glands are completely removed. The effect is lifelong, however
    perhaps a compensatory increase in sweating elsewhere
  • laser destruction of sweat glands – the procedure gives a persistent and
    long-lasting effect, applied to the axillary region;
  • botox injections under the skin (Botox, Xeomin,
    Dysport, Lantox) – botulinum toxin reduces sweating by blocking
    nerves innervating the gland. The duration of the effect after the procedure
    is about 8 months.


Effective reflexology and acupuncture. These methods
provide effects on the points of accumulation of nerve endings,
associated with the regulation of sweating in the brain.


Plants that normalize sweating and have
antiseptic action – series, chamomile, celandine, calendula,
Hypericum From any plant you can make lotion for
rub the skin or infusion to add to the bath. Per liter of boiling water
take 1 tbsp. herbs and infused for half an hour, after which
filtered. You can lubricate problem areas of the skin with this.
lotion or add to a warm bath.

Also used tannic infusions – bay leaf, oak.
Prepare on the same principle for lubrication of the affected skin.


They prevent the accession of a secondary infection, dry

  • weak pink solution of potassium permanganate
  • alcohol solution of salicylic acid
  • boric acid
  • fucorcin
  • chlorophyllipt


They are shown in the presence of rashes in the field of natural
skin folds: Baneocin, Potato, Cornstarch, Talc,
Baby powder.


Antibiotics for oral administration

Antibiotics act on the etiological agent
associated skin infection: Doxycycline, Amoxycilin,
Azithromycin, Ciprofloxacin.


Antihistamines для перорального приема – устраняют
swelling and inflammation, reduce itching: Tavegil, Suprastin, Fenkarol,
Cephrine instruction (see the list of allergy pills).

Cream and ointment

With zinc

Calamine, Sudokrem, cream from prickly heat, Desitin, pharmacy talker,
Zinc ointment, Tsindol – dries the elements on the skin, reduces


With dexpanthenol

Bepanten, D-panthenol, Pantoderm – Universal Healing

With antibiotic

Tetracycline, Erythromycin, Levomekol, Ihtiolovaya ointment –
kill bacteria when joining a secondary infection.



Fenistil – relieves itching and swelling.


Hormonal – used with the ineffectiveness of other means
only on prescription, have a complex effect, have
a lot of side effects should be used in a short course with
gradual cancellation: Dermavet, Afloderm (see hormonal

Folk remedies for prickly heat

People who suffer from hemorrhage for a long time know how to get rid of
unpleasant symptoms with some simple tricks:

  • Enrichment of food ration with plum, lentils, pomegranate juice
    and sorrel. These herbal products regulate perspiration and
    reduce the irritating effect of sweat on the skin.
  • Using laundry soap when washing the skin. Economic
    the soap does not contain fragrances, dries well bubbles and
    cleans the skin from drying elements.
  • Use soda solution. Twice a day is recommended
    lubricate the bubbles with a solution of soda (1 tsp in a glass of boiled
    water) with antiseptic and drying effect.
  • Disposable wipes – handy medicine for prickly heat. Gentle
    paper napkins gently blot the weeping elements, with
    freed serous contents – for this napkin neatly
    applied to the rash, slightly pressed and also gently
    take off. You can use wet wipes with menthol.

AT каждом случае потницы лечение следует начинать с соблюдения
hygiene – sometimes it is enough to forget in a couple of days
about ugly rash.

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