Causes and symptoms of parathyroid hormone increaseof blood


  • What is parathyroid hormone? What are its functions?
  • Parathyroid hormone functions
  • Why does parathyroid hormone increase?
  • Signs and symptoms of parathyroid hormone enhancement
  • What indicators of parathyroid hormone are normal?
  • Исследование of blood на паратгормон: особенности
    preparation, indications for analysis
  • Methods for the treatment of elevated parathyroid hormone
  • Video
  • Preventive actions

Parathyroid hormone is elevated – what does it mean?

Before talking about the causes and consequences of raising this
hormone, you need to have an idea what this substance is and
what functions are assigned to it. In any case, the level changes
hormone – a bad sign, indicating a pathological
changes in the body. Under what pathologies content
parathyroid hormone rises and how to bring its amount to normal
indicators – we will discuss these and other issues in this article.

What is parathyroid hormone? What are its functions?

Паратиреоидный гормон или паратирин – активное
protein matter that is produced by cells
parathyroid gland. This endocrine organ is localized in
thicker than the thyroid gland or on its distal surface. Have
There are 4 parathyroid glands per person, sometimes more.

функции паратгормона

The main thing that is required to do intact hormone for
the normal functioning of the body is to control
calcium content. Parathormone monitors the amount
biological element like this: when calcium deficiency occurs
organs, the hormone takes it out of the bones. It is in this case the cells
the parathyroid gland is released into the bloodstream more intact
hormone than usual.

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Parathyroid hormone functions

  1. Regulates the amount of vitamin D.
  2. Haveменьшает выведение кальция вместе с мочой.
  3. Responsible for the normal functioning of the kidneys and adrenal glands.
  4. Contributes to the deposition of calcium in the bones, when its production
    increases significantly.
  5. Activates phosphorus excretion.

Another positive effect of parathyroid hormone on the body –
prevents the development of diabetes.

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Why does parathyroid hormone increase?

The reasons why parathyroid hormones in large quantities come
in the blood are different. The development of the primary form of the disease is affected
tumors (malignant and benign). Also provoke
primary hyperparathyroidism can renal failure.

Parathyroid hormone is elevated due to:

  • Calcium deficiency.
  • Vitamin D deficiency.
  • Pathology of the renal apparatus and digestive tract organs.
  • Thyrotoxicosis.
  • Rahita

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These etiological factors characteristic of the secondary form.

Parathyroid hormone becomes more due to cancer
lungs, kidneys. In this case, the production of hormonal substances involved
inactive tissue structures of the glandular organ. These processes
occur in case of tertiary hyperparathyroidism.

Each form of pathology determines its own
amount of parathyroid hormone:

  • For the primary – higher than the norm in 2-4 times.
  • For the secondary, more than the norm by 5-10 times.
  • For tertiary – more than 11 times.

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Signs and symptoms of parathyroid hormone enhancement

Symptoms of parathyroid hormone enhancement affect many organs and
system. On the state of the bone system high level of parathyroid hormone
reflected as follows:

  • Регулярно возникают болезненные ощущения в костях и
  • Переломы становятся частыми «спутниками»
    the patient. They cause even minor injuries.
  • Нижние конечности приобретают «Х»-образную
  • Развивается остеопороз.
  • Teeth crumble.
  • Inзникают кисты в костях челюсти.
  • Have маленьких детей наблюдается деформация
    . Sick child is stunted

Urinary activities tolerate such
pathological changes:

  • Kidney stones and bladder are formed, which is why
    the patient suffers from painful colic.
  • Pain in the lumbar region.
  • Inflammatory processes in the kidneys develop
  • Have мужчин уровень потенции понижен.
  • Have женщин исчезает либидо.


Elevated parathyroid hormone has a negative effect on
Gastrointestinal tract:

  • The patient complains of dry mouth.
  • Have пациента часто происходят запоры, исчезает аппетит.
  • Against the background of constant nausea and gagging, a person loses in
  • Diseases such as ulcers and gastritis appear.

If time does not reduce the amount of parathyroid hormone, it can
lead to violations in the central nervous system. The patient will suffer from failures in
memory, psychosis, chronic fatigue.


From the side of the heart and blood vessels, when hormones are elevated, are observed
symptoms expressed in:

  • Haveвеличении кровяного давления.
  • Low heart rate.

The presence of deviations from several systems, as well as
the duration of symptomatic manifestations lead the patient to
hypercalcemic crisis. He threatens the patient with comatose

Shows a number of signs of crisis:

  • Sudden weakness and vomiting.
  • The temperature jump under 40.
  • Pain in any movement.

To prevent complications, you need to urgently call the team.

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What indicators of parathyroid hormone are normal?

Parathyroid hormone in women is the same as in men. Him
Content only has a difference in age format. Below are
hormone rate indicators:

Number of full years The rate of women / men (PTH / ml)
Up to 22 12 to 95
22 to 70 From 9.5 to 75
More than 70 From 4.7 to 117

Have женщин «в положении» содержание паратгормона колеблется. it
due to the fact that for the full development of the fetus is required
large amounts of calcium.

The concentration of the hormone changes during the day. It is influenced by
several factors: biological rhythms and metabolic features
calcium. The minimum content of parathyroid hormone is fixed in the morning
hours (at 7 am), maximum – in the afternoon (3-4 hours

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Исследование of blood на паратгормон: особенности подготовки,
indications for analysis

ПТГ-анализ of blood необходим, когда у врача есть подозрение, что у

  • Osteoporosis develops.
  • There are symptoms of endocrine neoplasia.
  • There are manifestations of oncoprocess.
  • Urolithiasis disease.
  • Дефицит или переизбыток calcium.

анализ паратгоромны

Анализ на биохимию of blood проводится утром. Biological
The material for the study is venous blood. Before analysis
need to refrain from eating. In the evening, on the eve of the study,
need to abandon the sharp and fatty foods, pickles, alcohol. Behind
It is forbidden for the patient to overload himself for a day, both physically
and emotionally. Under the ban is also the reception of various
medicines that may adversely affect
analysis results.

Qualitatively conduct research in the network of clinics “Helix”.

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Methods for the treatment of elevated parathyroid hormone

The tactics of treatment depends on the doctor
diagnosis. If primary hyperparathyroidism was detected, then without
surgical intervention in this situation is indispensable. Haveдаляется
a tumor that stimulates the production of a hormone, or is cut out
part of the gland itself.

With a hypercalcemic crisis, patients are admitted to intensive care.
Endocrinologists are engaged in their health. Crisis shows diuresis. In
During the procedure, sodium chloride or furasemide is administered intravenously.
Additionally appointed “Complexon” (binds free calcium
in the bloodstream) and “Calcitrin” (promotes the deposition of calcium in
bone structures).


Patients who have been treated for hyperparathyroidism,
regularly observed by an endocrinologist, and once every 6 months must:

  1. Сдавать кровь на определение уровня calcium.
  2. Pass instrumental studies that fix
    consistency of the kidneys.
  3. Посещать HaveЗИ.
  4. Pass bone densitometry.

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Secondary hyperparathyroidism is eliminated with the help of medicamentous
therapy. Calcium-based and vitamin supplements are used.
D. If conservative treatment does not provide the necessary treatment.
effect, the patient is sent for surgery. Surgical
Intervention is appropriate when the amount of parathyroid hormone is above normal in 3

Tertiary hyperthyroidism occurs in patients who have been
transplanted kidney. To alleviate the condition of the patient,
Subtotal parathyroidectomy is performed.

Attention! Treat hyperparathyroidism with folk remedies
without resorting to traditional medicine, it is extremely dangerous for any of his

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