Causes and symptoms of insomnia treatmentdiseases

TOак избавиться от бессонницыInsomnia is dangerous
a sleep disorder that is characterized by frequent arousals,
short sleep or lack of it. Overnight the human body does not
he has time to recover, so he is constantly under stress.
This leads not only to reduced performance, but also to
disruption in the functioning of vital organs. In people,
who suffer from insomnia, often diagnose psychological

Symptoms and Causes

A patient who suffers from insomnia has difficulty with
falling asleep as a result his sleep becomes too short and
unhealthy. Sometimes insomnia may indicate the presence of
more serious deviations.

From 8–15% of the adult population constantly complains about problems with
a dream. Approximately 9–11% of the world’s population uses
hypnotic drugs. If a person 3 out of 7 days can not normally
fall asleep, then most likely he has the prerequisites for development
insomnia Признаком отклонения является постоянные проблемы с
засыпанием и чувство усталости утром

Have большинства пациентов отмечается повышенная
. Lack of sleep can negatively
affect the cognitive functions of the person. Chronic fatigue
significantly reduces performance and does not allow
to focus on.

Проблемы со сном могут стать причиной психосоматического
disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

Patients are often tormented by a severe headache. They have lost
аппетит, возникает апатия.

To choose the right treatment, you need to determine what
there is insomnia.

Стресс причина бессонницыFor the most frequent reasons you can

  • stress;
  • constant anxiety;
  • depression.

Sometimes insomnia lasts only a few days and passes by itself.
to myself. This happens when changing time zones: the body just needs
time to adapt to new conditions. Chronic
insomnia is associated with physical and mental problems.

Among the reasons of a psychological nature is necessary

  • posttraumatic disorder;
  • anxiety;
  • bipolar disorder.

Another cause of unhealthy sleep can be taken

TO их числу можно отнести антидепрессанты, обезболивающие,
hormonal medications.
As part of such drugs
caffeine is present.

Sleep problems can be caused by:

  • Астмаkidney disease;
  • asthma;
  • Parkinson’s disease;
  • acid reflux;
  • hyperthyroidism;
  • oncology;
  • allergic reaction.

Негативное воздействие оказывает синдром беспокойных
It manifests itself in unpleasant sensations in the limbs,
therefore, the patient must constantly move them.

More often всего бессонница возникает из-за депрессии и
хронического тревожного состояния
. Lack of normal
recovery of the body contributes to the worsening of symptomatic

Diagnostic methods

If sleep problems are observed for a long period,
then you need to turn to the therapist. First thing he writes down
patient complaints and anamnesis. This data will help him in appointing
treatment. This will be enough to make a diagnosis, but only
in the event that the cause of the deviation is nervous
overvoltage. May require hardware
diagnostics – polysomnography.

Other diagnostic methods can be

  • Обследование организмаkeeping a sleep diary;
  • research of internal organs;
  • laboratory tests of blood and urine;
  • physical examination.

Специалист также должен оценить показатель эффективности
. It consists of a percentage of the total duration
sleep and time the patient spends in bed trying
fall asleep. You can prescribe effective therapy only after
determine the cause of deviation.

Types of insomnia

Exists несколько видов insomnia They differ in their
duration Experts identify the following

  • transient;
  • short term;
  • chronic.

Формы бессонницы

Транзиторная форма длится в течение 7 дней. Its cause
there may be dramatic changes in a person’s life or strong
emotional shake. This species does not require treatment, as it
не представляет опасности для здоровья. Important
get rid of the psychological factor that is having
негативное влияние на качество и продолжительность sleep.

Длительность кратковременной формы составляет от 1 до 4
weeks. In this case, the patient has a pronounced
sleep disturbance and general well-being. Treatment of such a deviation
must appoint a doctor, based on its reasons.

Chronic форма инсомнии длится больше месяца. Have
the person’s attitude toward sleep gradually begins to change. Can
наблюдаться соматические и психологические frustration.

Treat chronic disease at home is prohibited. AT
Otherwise, you can only aggravate the situation and aggravate

Features of treatment

If a бессонница имеет лёгкую форму, то будет достаточно
простого выполнения рекомендаций, которые помогут быстро fall asleep.
Important соблюдать режим дня. At night, it is better to refuse snacking,
so as not to burden the stomach. Haveпотреблять кофе разрешается only in
in the morning. ATечером нужно создать особый ритуал отхода ко
to sleep It can be a warm bath, meditation or reading.

It is forbidden to take sleeping pills without the appointment of a specialist.
These drugs help only the first few days, and then
пациента возникает addiction.

AT том случае, если бессонница имеет серьёзную форму,
treatment is better to entrust the doctor. First thing he spends
differential diagnosis.

AT зависимости от причин отклонения могут назначаются
The following therapeutic procedures:

  1. TOонсультация с психологомStrong stress. A patient
    needs consultation with a psychotherapist or psychologist. More often
    total assigned cognitive therapy. For большей эффективности
    people are taught relaxation techniques.
  2. Нарушение циркадного ритма. Cycle correction in progress
    при помощи фототерапии и хроноtherapy. Consultations with
    a psychologist to correct behavioral stereotypes
    the patient. AT которых случаях назначается приём мелатонина.
  3. Неврологические или соматические diseases. Therapy
    carried out depending on the disease diagnosed.

For an unspecified reason, the doctor prescribes empirical therapy.
non-drug drugs. ATместо таблеток, используются
different relaxation methods, cognitive therapy.

Психотерапевтические методы лечения используются только
при тревожно-депрессивных расстройствах
. AT этом случае
correction plays a major therapeutic role
emotional and behavioral aspects. Medicines can
использоваться only in качестве дополнительного влияния.

Non-drug therapy

Sleep hygiene plays a big role. However, the patient must understand
that simply following the rules will not be able to give instant
result. The first shifts can only be noticeable after a week.
немедикаментозной therapy.

Experts recommend going to bed at the same time. AT
bed need to go only to sleep, but not to watch
tv or reading. People who have trouble sleeping
лучше вообще отказаться от приёма психоактивных веществ. TO
их числу можно отнести никотин, алкоголь, кофеин и разного
kind of stimulants.

Медитация при бессонницеA few hours before sleep is impossible
заниматься активной физической или умственной
. A patientу рекомендуется всячески избегать
стрессовых ситуаций
, ссор и раздражения. Before
сном нужно хорошо проветрить the bedroom. Sleepwear should be
as comfortable as possible, preferably from natural materials. If a
for 20−30 minutes did not manage to fall asleep, it is not necessary to force
sleep yourself. You can just do something relaxing, and how
only inозникнет сонливость — отправляться в кровать.

For устранения проблемы некоторые специалисты рекомендуют
conduct psychotherapeutic relaxing manipulations. It may
be relaxing auto-training. Due to the relaxation centers
stimulation wakefulness decreases. Not less effective will be
meditation and conscious thinking.

Not less effective will be визуализация проектных образов
перед сном
. This method allows you to set a relaxed and
even breathing. Sometimes for the treatment of insomnia can be applied.
hypnosis. Person должен самовнушать себе определённые формы при
falling asleep. Thus he controls the process of going to bed and
removes anxiety. Different methods are widely used.
когнитивной психотерапии. It may be behavioral.
Experiments or the Socratic dialogue.

If a традиционные когнитивные техники лечения не приносят
никакого эффекта, может использоваться парадоксальная
. Its essence lies in the fact that the therapist gives
patient advice that is obviously counterintuitive.
Например, нужно стараться изо всех сил, чтобы не fall asleep. ATыбор
specific technique of exposure depends on the causes of pathology and
symptoms of hyperactivity.

Можно попробовать методику ограничения sleep. ATместо
the usual 8 hours in bed, the patient will be given 5
hours In the first week, the quality of sleep will be even worse, and in the afternoon it will be
to be very sleepy. However, then sleep normalizes.
Such методика лечения не подойдёт для пациентов, которые страдают
биполярным аффективным расстройством или имеют в анамнезе
convulsive seizures.

For дополнительной терапии Мед от бессонницымогут использоваться средства народной
Honey is one of the most effective products.
Its advantage is that it is not addictive.
However, before using it, you need to make sure that
the patient is not allergic to it.

The easiest folk method is to dissolve a spoonful of honey in a glass.
воды и выпивать перед a dream. Haveсилить эффект поможет смазывание
висков маслом лаванды.

Не менее эффективным будет средство на основе воды «Боржоми»
и меда
. TOомпоненты берутся в равном количестве и тщательно
mixed up. AT полученный состав добавляется 0,5 ст. l lemon
juice. Take this drug should be in the morning. Therapeutic course
lasts for a month.

For лечения можно использовать отруби. They need
soak and mix with 0.5 cups of honey. The finished product is accepted
2 tbsp. l The treatment should last for 2 months. Most
popular recipes help not only eliminate insomnia, but also
have a tonic effect on the body.

Before using a particular folk remedy
consult with a specialist.

Drug use

The use of tablets and other forms is possible only for therapy.
the main disease that provokes constant insomnia.
Это могут быть соматические, психологические и неврологические

Sleeping pills are prescribed as a supportive
method for the treatment of chronic insomnia. They are appointed only when
prolonged sleep disturbance, not used for transient type
pathology. Sleep pills have a large number of contraindications and
side effects. They are not allowed to be used for long

Таблетки от бессонницыFor treatment can be written
The following groups of drugs:

  • antihistamine medications;
  • antidepressants;
  • antipsychotics;
  • anticonvulsants.

As a sleeping pill can be used with
мелатонином или же препараты на травяной основе.
After a few weeks of regular use of medication with
the patient’s hypnotic effect decreases sensitivity to
active ingredient, so the drug becomes less
effective. If you follow all the recommendations of the doctor, then this
not happening.

To eliminate the risk of addiction, you need to carry out intermittent
courses of sleeping pills. To number of contraindications to
медикаментозному типу терапии можно отнести следующие
clinical conditions:

  • pregnancy;
  • drug addiction;
  • pathological craving for alcohol;
  • lactation period.

Tablets for insomnia is recommended to drink for 20−30 minutes before bedtime.
In this period, it is better to walk in the fresh air and air
the bedroom. Thus, the patient is formed setting – “walk
in the fresh air is a dream. ” Over time, the person simply leaves
a pill on the bedside table, just in case, and falls asleep without
drug exposure.

Preventive measures

It is important to comply with sleep and wakefulness. Even short
sleep in the daytime can lead the body off its usual rhythm,
so falling asleep at night will be quite problematic.

Proper nutrition and lack of problems with digestion plays
last role. Person, страдающий от гастрита или
, не может нормально fall asleep. Negative impact on
restoring the body has the habit of eating at night or
starve. Последний приём пищи должен быть за 2−3 часа до
отхода ко сну
. Many try not to eat, but this
not worth doing.

TOофе вызывает бессонницуCigarettes, alcohol and coffee
adversely affect the state of the whole organism. Exists
the view that alcohol helps to sleep, but this is not quite true. Person
really quickly falls asleep, but he can wake up in the middle
night and suffer from insomnia until the morning. Strong tea and
возбуждают нервную систему.

Ежедневные умеренные физические нагрузки способствуют
здоровому сну
. Sometimes it also happens that the patient is physically
not tired, but in moral terms there is exhaustion. Such
the situation is often observed in people with sedentary work. Them
рекомендуется бег, игры с ребёнком или собакой.

The main condition for healthy sleep is the absence of excess
anxiety and thoughts. Most людей не могут уснуть, так как они
constantly in their thoughts scroll through day situations and

Insomnia causes many factors. To eliminate
проблему, необходимо установить её причину. For
eliminating mild insomnia stage used
немедикаментозное лечение, таблетки назначаются only in
running cases.

Independent use of sleeping pills is prohibited, because
distort the clinical picture of deviations and develop drug

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