Causes and methods of treatmentsymptoms of flatulence

Почему бывает метеоризмFlatulence is an unpleasant symptom
which occurs in people of different age categories. He can
not only occur in patients with certain chronic
diseases or pathologies, but also in absolutely healthy people. This
the problem is a large accumulation of gas in the intestines and
can be a big nuisance to a person.

General information

In order to understand why there is flatulence, it is necessary
learn some important information. All this information will help find
the cause of the problem and as quickly as possible to eliminate the unpleasant

Varieties of flatulence

Doctors who help patients cope with bloating,
There are several types of flatulence. They all have the same
symptoms, but differ in origin. Very important right
identify the type of problem, as this will help effectively with
fight her. Otherwise, you can only worsen the situation and
develop additional disease.

Doctors distinguish several main types

  1. Причины развития метеоризмаFood (alimentary). is he
    occurs when eating foods that provoke
    образование большого количества газа в кишечнике (все виды
    legumes, cabbage, radish, mushrooms, onions, bread, cereals,
  2. Digestive (digestive). itт вид метеоризма становится
    problems resulting from digestion and its evacuation
    (transition from the stomach to the duodenum).
  3. Dysbiotic. The main cause of this disease
    imbalance of microflora becomes. it приводит к появлению
    a large number of gas-forming microorganisms.
  4. Mechanical. A type of flatulence arising from direct
    difficulty evacuating accumulated gases.
  5. Dynamic (functional or psychogenic). is he возникает в
    the result of changes in peristalsis (wave-like contraction of the walls
    hollow tubular organs, promoting the promotion of their contents
    to the outlets).
  6. Dyscirculatory. is he образуется из-за проблем с местным
    blood circulation.
  7. Altitude. This разновидность вздутия живота считается наиболее
    rare. Excess gas appears when climbing to a great height, where
    there are significant changes in atmospheric performance


The causes of frequent flatulence can be various factors.
which depend on a person’s age, the presence of pathological
diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, proper nutrition, and
also the individual characteristics of the organism.

In childhood, flatulence may appear due to
следующих reasons:

  • Продукты способствующие метеоризмуvarious pathologies
    oral cavity (cleft palate, cleft lip, fistulous passages between
    trachea and esophagus);
  • diseases of the nose and throat that contribute to the difficulty
  • mistakes in the process of breastfeeding or out
  • violation of the rules of eating (talking while eating);
  • nursing mother’s use of foods that contribute
    the formation of gases;
  • Lactase deficiency in the child’s body (poor absorption
    milk sugar resulting from insufficient utilization
  • aerophagia (swallowing air with frequent and prolonged
  • anatomical and functional immaturity of the gastrointestinal

In adults, much more causes of flatulence. They are all caused not
only any health problems, but also errors in the reception

The most common causes of bloating
belly are considered as follows:

  • Причины вздутия животаconstant talking and smoking during
    food Time;
  • missing teeth or incorrectly set teeth
  • eating too much food and drink
    causing gases;
  • fast and wrong eating;
  • impaired circulation of bile acids;
  • enzyme deficiency;
  • problems of parietal and abdominal digestion
    (мальабсорбция и мальдигестия);
  • intestinal paresis resulting from surgical
  • difficulties associated with the promotion of food through the gastrointestinal
  • intoxication syndrome;
  • various endocrine diseases;
  • electrolyte disturbances;
  • excessive intake of prednisolone, lactulose and various
    iron medications;
  • congenital anomaly of the location or structure of the intestine;
  • peritonitis (inflammatory process in the abdominal cavity);
  • Лечение метеоризмаirritable bowel syndrome;
  • problems with local microcirculation resulting from
    diseases of the digestive system;
  • chronic or acute persistent stress;
  • age-related changes in blood circulation in tissues and organs;
  • premenstrual syndrome in women;
  • mental and neurological diseases accompanied
    stomach upset;
  • синдром чрезмерного роста количества bacteria.

Main symptoms

Very often, flatulence is accompanied by several bright
severe symptoms. Doctors divide them into 3 main groups,
which include many signs.

The main signs of the problem:

  • сильные болевые ощущения в области belly;
  • флатуленция (избыточное отхождение gases);
  • диспептические frustration.

A drugы от метеоризма

Most common patients complain about the presence of pain symptom.
In the treatment of flatulence may occur cramping or cutting
abdominal pains that are much less intense
after the discharge of gases. The degree of discomfort depends directly on
the amount of gas in the intestines, as well as from individual
visceral sensitivity.

In most cases, patients have dyspeptic
frustration. They are accompanied by such

  1. Почему возникает вздутие животаExcessive belching. Thanks
    it prevents the ingress of gas into the digestive tract, which
    swallowed in the process of talking or eating.
  2. Abdominal distention, which decreases after stool, discharge
    gases or taking special medicines.
  3. Frequent alternation of constipation and diarrhea.
  4. Prolonged hiccups
  5. Rumbling in abdomen.
  6. Bouts of nausea.

Ways to get rid of the problem

In order to quickly get rid of the existing
problems, you need to know how to treat flatulence. Treatment of causes
flatulence is the basis of the successful outcome of the process. If a
to eliminate them correctly, it is possible to forget about
the existence of such a problem.

Diagnostic methods

Abdominal distention is characteristic not only of sick people, but also
for absolutely healthy. Because of this, great difficulties arise in
identifying this problem. In this case, doctors recommend to go
various surveys and collect all the necessary anamnestic
data. As a rule, this happens only in cases where
it is necessary to exclude fears in gross pathology or dangerous

Doctors advise to go through such stages.

  • Обследование при метеоризмахX-ray examination
    intestine with a contrast agent;
  • endoscopic method of mucosal examination
    jejunal membrane);
  • morphological study of biopsy;
  • sigmoidoscopy (diagnostic method in which
    visual examination of the mucous membrane of the rectum);
  • colonoscopy (a method during which the doctor checks the condition
    the inner surface of the colon with an endoscope);
  • an elimination diet that provides for an exception to
    ration products containing large amounts of alcohols and
    fermentable fructooligosaccharides (milk, apples, grapes,

Treatment process

Getting rid of bloating requires complex therapy. She is
should include not only medication treatment,
but also taking action to change lifestyle and diet. Only in
In this case, you can achieve the desired result and maximize
quickly deal with an unpleasant problem.

The main activities that will help get rid of

  • Соблюдение диеты при частых вздутиях животаdieting
    and exclusion from the daily diet that increase
    gas formation;
  • moderate consumption of foods containing large
    the amount of essential and monosaturated fats;
  • the use of adsorbents (natural products that help
    collect and excrete toxins, gases and harmful
  • the use of defoamers (drugs that help
    reduce the intensity of the process of formation of gases);
  • enzyme therapy;
  • taking medications that normalize the microflora
    gastrointestinal tract;
  • the use of prokinetics (drugs that increase the frequency
    contractions in the small intestine and eliminating excessive formation
  • use of local antispasmodics (medications,
    contributing to the elimination of pain and muscle spasms in

Preventive actions

In order to completely get rid of flatulence and
to prevent its recurrence, it is necessary to perform
some preventive measures. They are pretty simple, but
help avoid the likelihood of large amounts of gases
in the intestines.

The most effective are the following

  • Как вести себя при вздутии животаrefusal to talk during
    the time of use of any products;
  • avoiding eating while being horizontal
  • unhurried food that reduces the risk of aerophagia;
  • food in small portions;
  • the use of large amounts of non-carbonated liquid (in
    day you need to drink from 2 to 2.5 liters of pure water);
  • strengthening the abdominal muscles by performing simple gymnastic
  • rejection of heavy physical exertion;
  • avoid tight items of clothing and jewelry that can
    increase intra-abdominal pressure (various belts, belts,

A drugы от метеоризма

Therapy in newborns

During medical research, doctors found that 70%
cases of flatulence cause crying, refusal to eat and
restless behavior of newborns. Because of this, it is important to find
the right approach to treating this problem is to avoid
negative impact on a small and fragile organism.

In babies, bloating becomes a consequence of such

  1. Вздутие живота у младенцевImmediately after birth, the enzyme
    baby systems operate to provide lactotrophic nutrition.
    Because of this, they react badly to other products and errors in
    mother’s diet.
  2. A small muscle layer of the digestive tube, which
    impairs peristalsis (wave-like contraction of the walls stomach,
    thanks to which the movement of food takes place).
  3. The cardial part of the stomach is significantly less developed than
  4. Low acidity of gastric juice.
  5. Functional dysbacteriosis.
  6. Different speed of development of the colon.
  7. High degree of permeability of the intestinal epithelium.

Parents of a baby should carefully monitor their behavior and
identify the slightest deviation from the norm. By him you can exactly
determine the presence of flatulence and try as quickly as possible
get rid of him.

Symptoms of a problem in newborns:

  • causeless anxiety when the abdomen comes in contact with the source
    heat or after eating;
  • frequency of the negative reaction of the baby (for example, through
    several minutes after feeding);
  • visual abdominal distension and hardness;
  • frequent crying, accompanied by tightening the legs to the area
  • lack of regular weight gain.

To treat flatulence in young children is best with
simethicone-based defoamers. They are considered the most
safe because they do not have any negative effect on
the walls of the stomach and intestines. In addition, such medicinal
the means work only in the right place and do not interfere with the work of others
body systems.

In order to avoid the development of flatulence, it is necessary
apply the correct feeding technique for the baby. She is
is as follows:

  • when feeding from a bottle should pick up the nipple, which
    corresponds to the age of the baby;
  • prevent the nipple from swallowing air;
  • correctly attach the newborn to the breast;
  • follow all dietary recommendations during the feeding period

Effective drugs

It is quite difficult to overcome flatulence, so doctors
recommend the use of various drugs. Their choice
depends on the individual characteristics of the human body and
portability of one or another component. In addition, there are
popular recipes that will cope well with the problem and will not cause
no harm to man.

Popular Medicines

Pharmaceutical companies that produce
medicines, offer patients a wide selection of medicinal
means of helping to cope with flatulence. They are all released
without a prescription, which greatly simplifies the purchase process. Cost of
Such drugs are relatively low and depend on the constituent
components. All this makes it possible to treat them even for people with
small financial opportunities.

The most popular and frequently used

  1. Как лечить вздутие живота у детей и взрослыхMotilium. it
    the drug is produced by a Belgian company and
    available in the form of suspensions, tablets, lozenges for sucking.
    All dosage forms need to be taken in view of dosages and
    duration of treatment. The drug accelerates peristalsis
    intestines and helps to discharge gases in a natural way.
  2. Unienzyme itт медикамент выпускается индийской
    pharmaceutical company and is intended to improve
    digestion. In the role of the adsorbent is activated carbon,
    which helps rid the body of toxins and air bubbles.
    Unienzyme acts quickly and does not cause serious side effects.
  3. Bobotik. itт польский препарат выпускается в виде капель,
    therefore often used in therapies intended for the most
    little patients. This medicine is also effective in the treatment of
    adults, pregnant women, and nursing mothers. Acting
    substance medication contributes to the destruction of gas bubbles and their
    deduction in a natural way.
  4. Infacol it лекарственное средство считается одним из лучших.
    It is often prescribed for the treatment of newborns. A drug
    It is produced in the form of a suspension, and a convenient dispenser is attached to it.
    Simethicone (active substance) contributes to the rapid removal of gases
    from the intestines and prevents their re-formation.
  5. Phosphalugel. This drug is recommended to use for
    treating children as it comes in the form of a suspension that has
    pleasant orange flavor. It helps flush toxins and gases from
    bowel, and also reduces pain in the stomach.

Folk remedies

If a нет возможности купить лекарство, то можно использовать
recipes of traditional medicine. They are all based on natural
components of plant origin, as well as absolutely
safe for children and adults.

The most famous methods:

  1. Лекарства от метеоризмаDill water. Seeds of this
    Unpretentious plants are considered the best means of flatulence.
    They need to finely grind and pour a glass of boiling water. Liquid
    infused for 20 minutes, and then filtered through cheesecloth.
    Drink dill water need 3 times a day before meals. For children
    It is recommended to give 1 teaspoon, and adults – 100.
  2. Carrot seeds. Before use, they must be carefully
    dry and grind to a powder. Received
    the mixture is filled with hot water and allowed to cool to
    room temperature. Take this tool you need 1 tea
    spoon 3 times a day.
  3. Melissa. From the leaves of this medicinal plant is preparing a decoction.
    The green part is dried in the sun and placed in capacity,
    suitable for steam bath. Then she insists 20 minutes and
    filtered. The finished liquid is drunk 3 times a day for 1 dining room
    a spoon. This should be done a few tens of minutes after
  4. Sagebrush. itт полезный представитель флоры хорошо справляется не
    only with flatulence, but also destroys harmful parasites, as well as
    bacteria. To make tincture from it, you need to dry
    wormwood and pour boiling water over it for 12 hours. After this
    a period of time the liquid is filtered through cheesecloth and
    poured into a glass container. It is necessary to use tincture on
    100 grams 3 times a day.
  5. Caraway. Not only herbs help meteorism, but also spices.
    The most effective of these is cumin. Its seeds are poured
    hot water and infused for at least a quarter of an hour. Thereafter
    the solution is cooled and filtered. You need to drink it 2 times a day.
    70 milliliters.

Flatulence is an unpleasant problem that arises not only
in sick, but also in healthy people. Because of her appear pain
sensations and discomfort. If a правильно подходить к лечению этого
diseases and comply with all the recommendations, you can quickly
get rid of the problem and prevent its reappearance.

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