Carrying kangaroo (use from the veryof birth)

Modern parents try to use a different modern
devices to facilitate the care and handling of the baby.
One such device that has achieved great popularity in
Recently, you can call a kangaroo for carrying newborns
children What is it and what is this unique thing for?
read in the article.

The content of the article

  • 1 From what age to use
  • 2 How to choose
  • 3 Precautions
  • 4 Sling or Kangaroo
    • 4.1 Opinions of experts

кенгуру для новорожденных

Bag / backpack / carrying a kangaroo
специальное приспособление для ношения новорожденных children
Оно крепится на плечах и поясе родителя с помощью надёжных
mounts. The child is placed inside the carrying bag in a recumbent or
sitting position (depending on the age of the child) and fix
специальным ремнём (См картинку выше).

Advantages of carrying kangaroos:

  • the child is near and always supervised;
  • hands of a woman are free and she can independently perform those
    or other household chores;
  • with such a device walks will be a real pleasure.
    (it is not necessary to lower a heavy carriage on floors and throughout
    several hours to push it in front of you);
  • baby, feeling the warmth and intimacy of his mother, will be calm, and under
    measured rocking quickly fall asleep;
  • in comparison with expensive wheelchairs “kenguryatnik” –
    quite economical and profitable purchase.

From what age to use

переноска кенгуру

Кенгуру может использоваться родителями практически
immediately after the appearance of the child. The only thing and most important
rule – for carrying newborns you need to pick up
special models in which you can position the baby
. The newborn should be placed in front and facing
mom It is recommended to use similar models when the child
is in a horizontal position (up to 5 months).

When a baby tries to sit on its own, and
the spine is ready to load and hold its own weight, you can
перейти к моделям кенгуру с вертикальным расположением

Most models of kangaroo backpacks are designed for 10-12 kg
(average child weight at 9-12 months). However, at this age children
begin to explore the world themselves, taking the first steps and carrying
usually the need becomes less.

Kangaroo bags are quite simple and easy to use. The
However, it is important to verify integrity before each use.
fixings, fixing reliability.

How to choose

При выборе кенгуру важно ориентироваться на некоторые

  • The quality of the material from which made
    a bag.

The skin of infants is very sensitive and susceptible. In connection with
By this, choosing a kenguryatnik, make sure that it is
made of high quality materials that have been tested and
quality control.

  • Reliable fixation.

It is from the fact how reliable mounts and locks fixing
backpack for carrying, child safety and peace of mind depends
parents. Therefore pay special attention to the width of the straps, the seams,

  • Convenience.

This applies to both mother and baby. For mom, convenience should
be quick to put on, understandable to use such a bag
for carrying karapuz, the presence of not only the straps on the shoulders, but also
lumbar belt (this contributes to optimal distribution
load on the spine and long wearing without

For a kid, the convenience of moving in a kangaroo backpack is especially
important. If the baby is comfortable – he will be happy
walk in such a bag! Parents should remember that for
удобства ребёнка «кенгурятник» должен иметь достаточное
a space that will not squeeze the baby and hold him down
movement. The back of the backpack should be stiff, with a high
head restraint. This will provide the newborn a “place to sleep.”
Transformers are especially convenient in such cases, in which
children can be worn both vertically and horizontally

  • Pay attention to what age manufacturers
    recommend this or that model.
  • Carrying should be able to regulate

When buying a kangaroo for a newborn, it is advisable to try it on.
together with the baby. This is the only way to understand whether it is suitable
you and your child or not. Also note the availability
additional pockets where you can put the necessary things
protective hood. Must be able to adjust

Precautionary measures

Long stay of the baby in a certain position, limitation
its movements can lead to stagnation of blood and rapid fatigue. In
избежание этого рекомендуется использовать кенгуру не более
1-2 часов
. Every 20-30 minutes it is desirable to do
break and remove the newborn from the bag. This will rest
и ребёнку, и mom

The legs and arms of the baby must remain free. Wide place
for sitting promotes breeding baby legs and provides
additional prevention of dysplasia.

Parents should also pay attention to the fact that the belts and
другие детали сумки не натирали кожу ребёнка, а подголовник
securely fixed it head.

Do not use baby kangaroos when cooking, finding
near the hot plate, eating.

Young mother when carrying a child with
�“Kenguryatnik” should be especially careful and attentive, because
such a device closes the review somewhat.

Watch the video:

How to wear a baby in a backpack-kangaroo face

Sling or Kangaroo

Sling is considered a great alternative to kangaroos, especially
for carrying children under 6 months. In the sling pose baby
as close as possible to the physiological position of the mother on

Slings are simple and easy to use, do not take up much space.
The baby is especially comfortable in a soft sling that does not hold him down

However, when the child grows up, and his manipulations with objects
and own actions will significantly expand, it is better to purchase
backpack-kangaroo, in which the possibilities of carrying the baby significantly
more. So, in a baby kangaroo you can carry a child in several
ways: in front facing the mother or from the mother, as well as behind.

Opinions of experts

Pediatricians, orthopedists and other children’s doctors are quite skeptical
refer to this invention, referring to its harmfulness. They
This is due to the fact that up to 6 months the baby must be in
free position and not be stressed on the spine and
pelvic area. In the case of using “kenguryatnik” such
load takes place to be. The не менее, в возрасте 5-6 месяцев,
when a baby tries to sit on its own, use
similar devices are allowed. Until this age is better
apply a model with a horizontal position or sling.

слинги для новорожденных

See articles about slings:

Types of slings, how to choose and how to wear a sling are read here in this

Sling does not have to buy, you can make it your own
by hands.

See video: Sling-scarf, winding

Thus, for newborns bag carrying kangaroos –
Great option for modern parents! These inventions
will allow young mothers to go shopping without a problem
to the library, go to visit. And at the same time, the “valuable cargo” is always
near and safe! The only thing to consider is –
Kangaroo backpacks should preferably be used no more than 1-2 hours

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