Carpeting can cause cancer

Update: February 2019

European Union Public Health Scientists
(European Public Health Alliance) conducted a study according to
which in carpets and carpeting sold freely in
In Europe, more than 59 hazardous substances have been discovered, among which –
carcinogens, toxins and heavy metals. And only 10 of them
identified by the EU as “high hazard” substances, 4 –
formally prohibited, and the remaining 37 can be used freely
in the production process.

This whole “chemical bouquet” is able to easily enter the body
human and domestic animals through the skin, respiratory organs and
digestion cause serious health problems including cancer and
pathologies of the endocrine and reproductive systems. Special danger
harmful chemistry is for pregnant women, newborns,
small children and people with a weakened immune system.

How do these hazardous substances get into carpets?

  • Heavy metals (mercury, lead and others) are often found in
    composition of pigments and dyes, and also used as
    catalysts in the production of synthetic fibers.
  • Other no less dangerous chemicals are used as
    flame retardants, as well as to protect the carpet from moisture, the accumulation of odors
    and microbial reproduction.

These substances do not cause acute poisoning, but are
permanent human pollutants and manifest themselves
in full decades later. May cause headache in
forehead and be one of the causes of chronic

Researchers call for protecting human health and the environment
среду:  ужесточить правила производства ковров, в том числе,
use of chemicals and establish responsibility
manufacturer for substandard products.

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