Care for the baby in the summer – the nuances that needknow parents

In summer, child care is slightly different than
parents are doing at other times of the year. After all, the scorching sun
heat, water – all this can negatively affect the body

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The sun

It is good for children to sunbathe, but only while
when the sun is not scorching. Therefore, it is better to go for a walk in the morning and
in the evening. It is important to wear the baby for the weather and give him a chest to drink
milk or ordinary water. This will help to avoid overheating the baby and


In summer, the child is very helpful to swim, so do it.
more often. So you prevent diaper rash and sweeping. Water
need to make a pleasant temperature of about 36-37 degrees. If you
decided to temper the child, gradually make it cooler,
eventually bringing up to 28 degrees. Not necessarily every time
bathe baby with detergent (soap and shampoo). Head
enough to wash with shampoo once a week. Bathe baby with soap
can be 2 times a week.

Ear health

If the kid loves to splash in the pond, the children’s pool,
the basin, his ears may suffer. Especially if
after water procedures, you should thoroughly clean them with cotton buds.
To protect children’s ears, you need to remember the following:

  • It is possible to bathe the baby only in clear water, because in dirty
    You can catch the infection.
  • You can not plug your baby’s ears with cotton – it will get wet and only
    will contribute to the fact that moisture will remain in the ears.
  • After bathing, you need to put the baby’s head first on one
    wait a minute until water runs out and then flip
    on the other. After that, blot the outside of the ears clean.
    a towel.
  • Do not brush your ears inside with cotton buds – they drive
    sulfur even deeper. Remove it from the top only. Always
    use only special baby wands that have ends
    there are limiters.

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Infection protection

In the summer, a child can easily catch an intestinal infection. therefore
It is important for parents to pay special attention to food quality. Should
carefully check the shelf life of products, comply with the conditions
storage. Do not leave residues of diluted baby food on
the next feed, always close the packaging. Carefully
wash the fruits with vegetables, do not forget to also wash your hands.

Intimate hygiene

In winter, baby can stay in one diaper a little more than 3-4.
hours It will not harm his health. Summer is very important
change diapers in a timely manner. After all, skin contact with urine and
feces combined with high fever can cause diaper rash and
irritations. In order not to bring to this, you need:

  1. Change diapers at least every 3 hours.
  2. To wash the baby with warm water without soap (it can dry out
  3. При отсутствии возможности подмыть baby водой, сделать это
    can be wet wipes.
  4. Устраивать воздушные ванны, держа baby голышом около
    half an hour when it’s warm outside. It is also an excellent hardening.
  5. Lubricate the folds and ass baby cream or oil. If a
    diaper rash appears, they need to be treated with panthenol.

Car rides

Many families travel in the summer by car. Some remain in
in the city, but still during the holiday season they drive more often,
than in winter: go to the cottage, to visit, to the educational
excursion. therefore актуальной становится проблема укачивания
baby. To make the crumbs easier to carry, start
develop its vestibular apparatus in advance. For it costs more
jiggle the baby during games, spin him, increasing the amplitude
movements. If a ребенок уже умеет сидеть, катайте его на каруселях.
And be sure to sing and hum together. Singing is great
breathing exercise and prevention of motion sickness.

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