Cardio at home forfat burning, slimming, contraindications

Update: October 2018

Cardio is a group of physical exercises,
aimed at increasing endurance training respiratory and
cardiovascular system and fat burning.

This type of physical activity is an essential element.
any fitness program. At the same time for its implementation is not
be sure to visit the gym or treadmill on
the stadium. Everything you need for effective cardio training in
home conditions is the desire to play sports a little
free space and personal time.

The benefits of cardio for the body

What are cardio exercises for? First of all, for the development
endurance and loss of extra pounds. But on this the benefits of exercise
does not end there.

  • Strengthening ventilation: improving tissue saturation
  • Training the cardiovascular system: prevention
    atherosclerosis and severe cardiovascular diseases, increased contractility
  • Acceleration of metabolism: normalization of metabolism
    prevention of diseases such as diabetes, obesity and
  • Neurohumoral regulation: acceleration of education
    glucocorticoids: anti-stress, anti-inflammatory
  • The breakdown of body fat that begins during
    training and continues after it: body shaping without losing
    muscle mass;
  • Positive effect on the bone apparatus: strengthening bone
    tissue and prevention of osteoporosis;
  • Formation of a reflex interaction between the brain
    and organ systems: harmonization of central nervous system activity and
    resistance to stress;
  • Training the body as a whole: increase stamina, tone,

Underwater rocks

It is possible to train the cardiovascular system during any
active sport – tennis, football, athletics, riding
cycling, swimming, etc. Between all of them can be traced one.
common trait – minimum load and high intensity

BUT! Quality, I can even say professional “cardio”
implies constant control over the heart rate – the frequency of reductions
heart, which should be maintained at a specific training
level, but not to exceed the normalized limits. it
prerequisite for safe training without overload
one of the main organs of the human body is the heart.

Why is it important?

If you do exercises at a quiet pace or just long
walk, the heart will not accelerate to the desired values, and the effect will be
minimal or not at all. If you disperse yourself to such
extent, so that the heart jumps out of the chest, the body will be overloaded,
and own forces for a long time will not be enough. It turns out that small loads
inefficient and overloads are dangerous and can lead to
pathologies of the cardiovascular system.

How to find a middle ground?

Just measure your heart rate during cardio and keep it on
the necessary quantities, as well as a reasonable approach to the choice
exercises, which should master the basic knowledge and basic
навыками проведения workouts.

Many will say: “Oh! it так сложно, подсчеты-расчеты….», и
will leave this idea. As they say “experienced” trained people, counting
pulse will be needed only at the initial stages of training,
In the future, everything will happen on an intuitive level, and
the person will feel when you need to add intensity, and
когда, наоборот, снизить темп workouts. So do not worry
worth it!

Another disappointment awaits those who want to lose weight
�”Selectively.” Often it is necessary to hear – here I would remove the sides and
belly, the rest is fine with me. All will grow thin! And face, and hands,
and in the first place – the breasts of women. To this should be prepared.
If the goal to lose weight is not worth it – enough supporting half an hour
classes a couple of times a week. To lose weight in specific places
body should focus on exercises that work on this
specific body part.

General recommendations for cardio at home

  • Before training, go through a medical examination like
    minimum – therapist, ECG, general blood and urine tests to
    get “good” in the classroom;
  • Get a heart rate monitor – an important gadget for effective and
    safe activities;
  • If there is no heart rate monitor, the pulse should be counted on the radial or
    carotid artery for 15 seconds and multiply the result
    by 4. Read the pulse for 1 minute is not informative, because
    heart rate quickly comes to a physiological norm when
    suspension of classes;
  • Highlight a specific place in the house or apartment for
  • Use a special rubberized mat for holding
  • Be sure to ventilate the room before each session;
  • Do not start exercise on a full stomach – after eating
    should take about 1.5 hours;
  • During the workout, you can drink clean water in small
    sips, but only to eliminate dry mouth;
  • For better mood and more motivation, include your favorite
    rhythmic music;
  • It is desirable that the selected set of exercises allowed
    include all muscle groups;
  • Breathe through the nose. Inhaling through the nose and exhaling is allowed.
    through the mouth;
  • You can rest between exercises for a maximum of 40 seconds;
  • Try to keep the frequency of the cardiovascular system at a level of from 60 to 80% of
    maximum allowable. Average heart rate for most
    people – 130 beats / min;
  • Count the amount of calories eaten and normalize your
    diet Without adherence to healthy eating sense in cardio
  • To eat after a workout can be about an hour and a half.

How to calculate individual heart rate

In the first weeks of training, you should not allow the pulse to rise more than
60% of the maximum. Those. workouts should be average
intensity. In the future, the intensity of training and increase
pulse hold at the level of 70-80% of the maximum.

There are 5 pulse zones, which are normalized as a percentage of
maximum rate. Maximum allowable pulse level
is defined as: 220 – age. Depending on the purpose
cardio trainers choose their pulse zone:

Pulse zone name % of maximum heart rate and heart rate Duration of training / min Characteristic



20-40 Very weak load, which leads to a general strengthening
organism, accelerate metabolism. Recommended for beginners.
Fat loss



40-80 Low load on the muscles, accompanied by light
perspiration, with which increases overall endurance.
Recommended for all with frequent, low-intensity
Power endurance



10-40 Improved aerobic capacity. Mild muscle fatigue and lung
breath. Sweating is average. Recommended for everyone with
среднепродолжительных стандартных workouts.



2-10 Increase aerobic endurance. Training which
accompanied by difficulty breathing and muscle fatigue.
Recommended for experienced athletes and bodybuilders only.



Less than 5 The development of sprint speed. Exercises at the limit
opportunities, with severe muscular fatigue and intermittent, severe
breathing. Recommended for experienced athletes who have good

The multiplicity and duration of classes

It doesn’t matter where classes are held, at home, on the street or in
hall, their duration should be 40-60 minutes.
Cardio for weight loss start to work from the 30th minute on
the beginning of classes, and in the first half of the course consumed stock
glycogen from muscles and liver.

The body, which “nazapasil” fat, very reluctant to him
breaks up. Fat is a unique energy-intensive substance, 1 gram
which is equivalent to 9 kcal of energy, so losing it is very
not easy. Just after a half-hour workout rolls fatigue,
which is nothing but a consequence of the depot waste
glycogen. Many people consider this an indicator of what is enough
there is fatigue, it means that a sufficient load has already been obtained, and
stop practicing. And this is a gross mistake. Should be overcome
fatigue and continue training.

To obtain a fat burning effect, you should train 2-3
once a week – low-intensity effects have the greatest effect
Workout duration of 50-60 minutes. Immediately not worth going to
records – start with 5-10 minutes of classes and gradually increase
time up to an hour.

To just keep fit and toned,
enough 20-30 minute workouts 2-3 times a week.

Catering before and after class

The purpose of “cardio” – targeted fat burning, which
impossible without adherence to nutrition after cardio and
before her. Before classes you can eat easily digestible proteins (cottage cheese,
lean meat, yogurt, eggs) and slow carbohydrates, having a low
glycemic index (whole grain cereals, brown rice, bread and
wholegrain pasta, vegetables, etc.).

After class, you should give preference to protein foods,
such as lean meat, poultry skinless, lean fish,
fermented milk products up to 4%, as well as vegetables.

Exercises for practicing at home

Cardio for home fat burning
everyone. Basic, practiced exercises can be conditionally
divided by the number of calories burned, which means – by
efficiency. However, the same exercise cannot be done in
during all 30-40 minutes of training, so it should be

Exercise Name / Action Approximate number of calories burned per hour (based on 85 kg
Performance technique

Full pushups

Training the upper part of the body and hands


Take an emphasis lying on the floor, hands shoulder-width apart, and feet approximately
on the width of the pelvis, the toes rest against the floor.

When inhaling, let the body go down, bending your elbows. Very important
keep the body level. The tip of the nose touches the surface of the floor
and on the exhale should take the starting position.

Explosive push ups

Training the upper part of the body and hands


The initial position and lowering of the body are similar, separation from the floor
make it intense, so that the palms come off him. Soft
land in the starting position.


Strengthening the muscles of the thigh and lower leg


Stand straight and put your feet shoulder-width apart, arms spread out
side or hold them on the belt. On a breath to sit down, having bent
feet at the knees so that the foot rests on the entire foot. In the moment
arms squats can be pulled forward (to maintain balance).
On the exhale, slowly return to the original position.

Jumping rope

Elimination of body fat from the hips and buttocks


One turn of the rope – one jump. Rhythmically bounce on
socks and land also on them. Legs slightly bend in
your lap. Approximately 120-150 jumps per minute.

Abdominal muscle workout

Removing fat from the abdomen and strengthening the muscles of the upper, lower and
side press


  • Upper press:

Classic twisting: lie on the floor, bending your legs in
knees and hands thrown over his head. On the exhale, raise the body by 30 cm,
hold it for 2-3 seconds and lower on the inhale.


  • Lower press:

Lie on the cover, as in the previous exercise. Strain press and
raise the pelvis, while straightening 1 leg. Lower torso. Then
same for the second leg.


  • Side press:

Лечь на покрытие, ноги согнуты в your lap. Fix the top
part of the torso and start throwing legs from 1 side to 2 2, making sure
to maximize work press.


This is one of the most popular multi-functional exercises with
high intensity.

Training all muscle groups


 Squat with palm rest on the floor, do
kick back, wring out 1 time, return to the sitting and
jump up.

Climber / Climber

The main load on the thigh muscles. Muscles are also involved.
chest, shoulder


 Take an emphasis lying down, without lifting your feet from the floor, pull
right knee to the chest. Then подпрыгнуть, поменяв ноги в
air, moving the right foot back. The exercise is repeated in
same pace, with a change of legs.

Running on the spot

Training of the musculoskeletal system


Take a starting position, belly tightened, the body is straight. To begin
running in place, putting your heels on your toes. While running hands
bent at the elbows.


  • lift your hips high;
  • cover the legs;
  • put your hands behind your head.

Jumping out

Training of the musculoskeletal system, мышц ног.


 Put your hands behind your head, sit down and do your best
jumping up, continuing to hold his hands behind his head.


Pleasant workout of the whole body, especially the leg muscles


 Any rhythmic dance to your favorite music.


Strengthening the muscles of the back, abdomen, thighs


 Take a starting position facing the floor with an emphasis
on the forearms and toes. Body align, sight direct down.
The abdominal muscles strain and hold the “bar” for the required
period of time.


Work with the oblique and direct muscles of the abdomen, back and hips


Lie down on the cover, press the lower back to the floor, make hands behind
head without straining your neck. Raise the legs so that the hips are located
perpendicular to the floor, and the legs parallel. To begin медленно
pedal, then slightly increase the pace and stick to it.

You can complicate the twisting, understanding the body to the left and right.

Walking upstairs

Strengthening the muscles of the buttocks, legs, thighs


Climbing the stairs at the same pace, you can through 1

Classic walking

Endurance training


 Rhythmic walking in a single pace, for example, in a circle
the stadium.

Effective cardiovascular complex for weight loss at home

Depending on the level of preparedness, performed 2-6
rounds (approaches, sets). Do not forget that rest honey exercises
short, 10-40 seconds.

Warm up, 5-7 minutes

Required element, preparing the body for the load: deep breaths
and exhale, torso torso, turns, swing hands and feet.

Complex 1

  • Burpi 10 раз;
  • Full push up 15 times;
  • Climber 20 times;
  • Bicycle 30 раз;
  • Strap 45 секунд.

Complex 2

  • Running on the spot 5 мин;
  • Jump rope 4 minutes;
  • Climber 2 minutes;
  • Squats 30 раз;
  • Full push up 15 times.

Complex 3

  • Explosive push ups 15 раз;
  • Burpi   20 раз;
  • Climber 30 times;
  • Press 20 times;
  • Squats 15 раз.

In principle, according to your preferences, you can combine all
jumping and jogging exercises, try their variations,
to diversify them. For example, jumps can be done on the spot, with
skipping rope and without, on one leg, with clapping hands, legs apart and
together, legs back and forth, etc. You can combine the jump,
sit down, push up. The main thing is to do everything in a rather intensive way.
pace, rhythmically, controlling breathing and not allowing yourself for a long time
rest after doing the exercise. For better rhythm hold
should alternate levels of difficulty of the exercises.

Cardio for weight loss in the gym

The most popular “cardio” simulators are an exercise bike and a running
track, a little less popular stepper and ellipsoid. Modern
sports equipment is endowed with intelligence, so install
the desired program is not difficult. If possible
buy a home simulator – do not deny it, this
really good investment in your own health and health
other family members who can also do.


It is impossible to carry out cardiotransmission in the presence of:

  • ARVI;
  • Furunculosis;
  • Angina;
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • Ulcers of the duodenum and stomach;
  • Thrombophlebitis;
  • Acute allergic processes;
  • Acute pain;
  • Hypertension;
  • Menstruation (early days);
  • Uterine bleeding;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Severe somatic pathologies;
  • With severe fatigue, after stress.

In conclusion, we note that before, during and after class you need to
monitor your condition. Unfortunately, in the process
cardio may manifest hidden health problems,
therefore, if you feel unwell, you should stop
consult a doctor.

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