Candles от простатита: самые эффективные,inexpensive, list of the best anti-inflammatory rectal

Update: October 2018

In the countries of the former Soviet Union is very difficult to treat
prostatitis. Everyone is afraid to get to the unscrupulous doctor who
first assign an ineffective treatment, and only then (when
the pharmacy will be a decent amount) – normal drugs. No less
scary to believe commercials and sites offering to cure
disease “miraculous” drug. Only one way out: start yourself
collect information on existing drugs.

We describe the main candles that help in cases of prostatitis and
prostate adenoma. It is important to remember that everyone’s body is different, and
what helps one may not work on the other, that is, what
prostate candles are the most effective, hard to say. Besides
In order for the treatment to be effective, you need to know the stage
and the type of prostatitis – not to harm yourself.

So, check with the urologist and sonologist (ultrasound doctor), which
you have prostatitis, and study the list of candles for his

Important warning

Such dosage form as rectal suppositories for prostatitis
are called local therapy. They вводятся в прямую кишку, и
it turns out that the inflamed prostate gland itself
the suppository will divide only the intestinal wall.

Candles не панацея

Nevertheless, despite such a subtle “barrier”, candles do not
are the only means that alone can
solve the problem of prostatitis, especially acute. Because in
suppositories active ingredients are contained in low
concentrations. In addition, they often need help – to carry out
их непосредственно в ткань glands.

Looking for physiotherapy

Therefore, to even inexpensive candles for prostatitis
effective help their active substance penetrate into
prostate For this we need physiotherapy:

  • irradiation with helium-neon laser
  • phonophoresis (ultrasound medication).


Besides того, чтобы помочь оказать свое действие, препарат из
the suppository should not be inactivated (“neutralized”) in the tissue
предстательной glands. For this you need to withdraw from it
inflammatory fluid that necessarily accumulates – even
with chronic prostatitis. How to do it? With the help of massage
prostate (the method is contraindicated in the presence of infected


If after setting the candle in the rectum there is pain or
itching, this is evidence in favor of allergies. In this case, the drug
It is necessary to cancel and find an analogue with the same impact, but with
other active substance. For now, take an antihistamine
means (“Diazolin”, “Loratadin”, “Cetrin”).

Any candles are put or after a bowel movement, or after an enema!

Antiseptic candles

Antiseptics are not antibiotics. These are synthetic substances.
or natural origin, which:

  • able to destroy not only bacteria, but also viruses and fungi (and
    prostatitis can be caused by any microorganism);
  • do not cause severe dysbiosis;
  • bacteria resistance is slower forming.

Candles с антисептиками для лечения простатита применяются

  • acute bacterial prostatitis – together with intravenous
  • chronic bacterial prostatitis, including when available
    infected stones (with antibiotic suppositories);
  • chronic non-specific prostatitis;
  • ureplasma prostatitis;
  • chlamydia prostatitis;
  • viral prostatitis.

To anti-inflammatory candles, essential for chronic
prostate include:

Ichthyol candles 

Ingredients: Ichthyol 200 mg. Act: антисептическое, регулирует
vascular tone, improve tissue healing, improve metabolism.
Application: по 1 свече 1-2 p / days Price: №10 – 80 р

An overwhelming number of antiseptic candles created on the basis of
propolis is a resinous substance that bees use to
sealing hives and polishing cells honeycombs. Propolis destroys
a large number of microorganisms as well, in itself, possesses
anesthetic and healing properties.

These candles with propolis include:


Application: 1 св* 1 p / day (лучше – на ночь) Price: №15 – 480 р


Application: 1 св*3 p / day – 10 дней Price: №6 – 300 р

Other inexpensive and effective candles for prostatitis based on
Propolis is currently not available in pharmacies in the country. To them

  • candles with propolis from “Monpharm”;
  • Phyto-Propolis;
  • Gemo-Pro;
  • Propolis D;
  • Thereбукан-Прополис.

Candles на основе прополиса – это единственные свечи от
prostatitis, which can be prepared by hand. For this
need to buy propolis and ethyl medical alcohol. 50 g bee
product is filled with 50 ml of alcohol, infused for 2 weeks, and
stir mass need daily.

After 2 weeks, the excess liquid must be evaporated in a water bath, and
then mix the dehydrated tincture with cocoa butter – 1 to 20 g.
The mass should turn out to be thick, you can make candles out of it. Such
self-made suppositories are inserted into the rectum, 1 each before
a dream (see how to make candles with propolis).

Anti-inflammatory candles

This a group of drugs, for example, diclofenac, with prostatitis
used when pain is noted in the prostate gland. They
are called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory suppositories (NSAIDs or
NSAIDs) and act through the enzyme cyclooxygenase. As a result
the inflammatory process is suppressed, the gland edema is reduced, and
as a result, pain is reduced.


  • Diclofenac 10 свечей – 55 р,
  • Diklovit – 133 r,
  • Diclofenac Глаксо – 180 р,
  • Voltaren 350 r

Ingredients: Diclofenac 50 or 100 mg in 1 candle. Usage: 1 candle
2-3 times.


Ingredients: Indomethacin 50 and 100 mg. Application: 50 mg 1-3 p / d,
100 mg – 1-2 p / dn. Price: 50 mg №10 – 250 r, 100 mg №10 – 350 r

Anti-inflammatory effect and have drugs from the group
NSAIDs. They комбинированные и перечислены в соответствующем

Antibiotic Candles

Antibiotic candles for prostatitis are:

  • erythromycin;
  • chloramphenicol;
  • with ampicillin;
  • with syntomycin.

At the moment, the pharmacies do not have these drugs. Candles
�”Sintomitsin” exist under the brand name “vaginal”, although there may be
used as rectal – 1 st. 2-3 p / day The price of such
candles – 140 r for 10 candles.

Most likely, if the doctor deems it necessary to appoint a local
antibiotic, he will prescribe or “Vitaprost plus”, or

Candles с ферментами

This includes one drug – Longidase suppository. They применяются
in chronic prostatitis, in the initial stage of prostate adenoma,
for the prevention of the formation of adhesions – after operations on
prostate gland.


The action is to improve the circulation of fluid inside
prostate tissue, reducing its swelling, resorption of adhesions. Besides
In addition, it improves the antibiotic delivery inside the inflamed
glands. Application: Longidase применяется по 1 свече через день
No. 10, then 1 candle each – in 2-3 days. General course – 20 candles.
The drug has won many positive reviews, it is considered the most
effective in the complex treatment of prostate, but has a high
cost Price: 1600-1700 r for 10 candles.


Candles с экстрактом простаты

Animal prostate extract (mostly iron
bulls that have reached puberty) affects only the prostate. There
he has the following actions:

  • reduces prostate swelling;
  • reduces the severity of inflammation;
  • improves microcirculation processes in it;
  • reduces bladder tone (reduces pain
  • improves sperm activity.

Showing candles with prostate extract for the treatment of chronic


Application: 1 St. * 1-2 p / day. Price: 5 candles – 420 r


Application: 1 St. * 1 p / day. Price: 10 candles – 1000 r

Candles, улучшающие заживление простаты

An action similar to that which the extract has
prostate glands also have:

Methyluracil candles

They are based on methyluracil, a derivative of nucleic acid. It
accelerates tissue regeneration, increases local immunity,
has anti-inflammatory and reparative effects. For adults
You can use 1-4 candles per day. Course duration – up to 40
days. 50 suppositories cost 150 p.

Candles с облепиховым маслом

Sea buckthorn oil is an antioxidant and improves regeneration.
damaged tissue. Apply candles to 1 candle 2 p / day. Price 10
candles – 100 p.

Candles с комплексом препаратов

Such drugs are used to treat various forms of

Vitaprost плюс

Ingredients: Samprost plus antibiotic levofloxacin. Act:
anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous, bactericidal. Application:
in acute and chronic bacterial prostatitis – 1 over. * 1
p / days Price: 10 candles – 1600 r


Ingredients: thymol and pumpkin seed oil. Act: антибактериальное,
antihelminthic, anti-inflammatory, eases urination.
Application: при хроническом простатите и аденоме простаты – по 1
св* 1-2 p / days Price: 10 candles – 520 r


Ingredients: benzocaine, sulfaethidol, sea buckthorn oil. Act:
anesthetic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial,
improves healing, hemostatic. Application: по 1 св.*2
p / days Price: 10 pcs – 130 r


Ingredients: Frabicetin antibiotic, hormone hydrocortisone, anesthetic
benzocaine, excipients. Based on the composition, they can
call the best candles from prostatitis, but – from the bacterial.
Act: антибактериальное, противоовспалительное, снижает боль и
reduces itching, improves venous outflow from the prostate. Application: по
1 sv * 2 p / day in the acute period, with pain subsiding – 1 p / day

Price: 20 pcs – 410 r


Ingredients: pumpkin seed extract. Act: заживляющее,
anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, improves blood circulation in
prostate, choleretic. Application: по 1 св*1-2 p / day

Price: 10 pcs – 450 r


  • Relief Ультра – с гормоном гидрокортизоном и цинком;
  • Relief Про – с гормоном флуокортолоном и анестетиком

Act: противоотечное, противовоспалительное. Relief Про лучше
убирает зуд, Relief Ультра лучше способствует заживлению.

The choice between these two drugs will help make a doctor.
They are applied on 1 candle for the night.

Price: Ultra 520 p / 12 pieces, Pro 560 p / 12 pieces


Ingredients: sodium alginate 250 mg. Act: противовоспалительное,
improves healing, hemostatic. Application: 1 св.*1
p / day

Price: 10 pcs – 450 r.


Ingredients: bismuth, benzocaine, zinc. Act: обезболивающее,
healing, astringent. Application: 1 св* 1-2 p / day

Price: 10 шт – 75 р


Ingredients: bismuth, iceocaine, titanium dioxide, bufexamak. Act:
обезболивающее, healing, astringent. Application: 1 св* 1-2
p / day

Price: 10 шт – 360 р


Ingredients: the hormone fluocortolone and anesthetic cinchoin. Act:
anti-inflammatory, analgesic, relieving itching. Application:
по 1 св*1 p / days

Price: 660 р/10 св

What are the most effective candles for prostatitis is hard to say.
After all, everyone who asks this question in a search engine, do it at different
stages of the disease, with different symptoms and, most importantly, with
their organisms.

Drugs that really treat prostatitis rather than remove
Its symptoms are:

  • propolis suppositories;
  • Vitaprost;
  • Vitaprost плюс;
  • Proctosedil;
  • сочетание свечей «Diclofenac» с системным (в виде таблеток или
    injections) antibiotic.

You should know: for the prevention of prostatitis candles do not
apply. To prevent the disease is possible only with the help
action: squats, walking, proper nutrition,
exclusion of alcohol and spicy dishes, regular, but protected from
STD sex.

Автор: Кривега Мария Салаватовна врач-реаниматолог

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