Candles for prostatitis with propolis

Update: October 2018

Propolis is a unique substance according to its therapeutic effect. is he
has a significant anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic,
antimicrobial action. Drugs, which include
propolis, cheaper antibiotics. The only contraindication to
application of propolis is an increased sensitivity to honey and
other bee products. In addition to the benefits of real
positive action this unique, natural product is not
has no negative effect on the body.

However, to date, high-quality propolis is not easy
to find. Unscrupulous manufacturers and sellers mix into it
bitumen, various resins and other substances that can reduce
efficacy of therapy. Quality propolis is light, light and
very fragrant.

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In the treatment of various diseases propolis is used
differently. With prostatitis, hemorrhoids and gynecological diseases
It is especially effective to use candles with propolis – this is one of
effective means, since such therapy is local, natural,

We will consider options for such treatment:

  • self-manufacturing methods of propolis candles for
    treatment of prostatitis
  • ready-made propolis candles offered by various
    by manufacturers

How to make propolis candles yourself?

There are lots of ways to make candles yourself,
Here are a few of the options:

1 way

It will take: any fat – goat, mutton, lard 200 grams, or
lanolin, which can be purchased at the pharmacy, 50 grams of propolis, 50
gram of wax. Жир  следует растопить на водяной бане, чтобы он
become liquid, then add finely chopped propolis. Mix,
to dissolve the propolis and add finely chopped wax. Wax
needed for hardness, the more of it, the smaller the candles will be
melt in your hands. Mix well, completely dissolve everything is not
can, therefore, should only drain the liquid portion into another container.
The resulting mass is cooled, cut into pieces, giving them the shape
candles, each candle should be about 7-11 grams. The form
should be in the form of a cylinder with a diameter of 1 cm and a length of 5-6 cm. with
pointed end. In such a candle, the content of extractives
Propolis will be approximately 0.35 – 0.55 grams. Keep cooked
candles should be in the fridge.


2 way

It will take: 40 grams of propolis, 220 ml. alcohol, 200 grams
any fat can be butter. First crushed
alcohol is added to propolis and infused for 10 days,
periodically shaking the mixture. After, the resulting infusion is boiled down,
stirring slowly over low heat until the mixture turns brown and
until the alcohol evaporates. Then add to the mixture any
fat or cocoa butter. Mix everything thoroughly, melt on water
bathhouse When the mixture has cooled slightly and starts to harden, make
She has 10 candles wrapped in paper or foil. Store in
the fridge.

Order at the pharmacy

According to the doctor’s prescription, candles for prostatitis with propolis can
to produce in a pharmacy in the prescription department by prescription V. P.
Кивалкиной, или Барскову BUT. BUT. Основой для суппозиториев служит
cocoa butter, gelatin-glycerin gels, butyrol, paraffin wax alloys
lanolin. Recipe: suppository mass of 80 grams, propolis extract
20 grams These are candles up to 8 cm in length, weighing up to 10 grams.

Pouring method

In a porcelain dish, a mixture of glycerin is smoothed out in a water bath.
желатина, и воды в пропорциях  5:1:2. This mass is cooled to
pour point, then add to it carefully
mixing propolis extract. This mixture is poured into molds from
parchment paper, cooled.

Direct introduction of propolis

Way использования жидкого прополиса для введения в прямую
the gut. To do this, 40 grams of propolis is heated in a water bath,
add 200 grams of sea buckthorn or almond oil, dissolve
mixture. Take a 5 cubic meter syringe without a needle, put a catheter on it
(pharmacy), gaining 5 ml. in the syringe, the catheter is inserted into the rectum
7 cm and squeeze the contents.

Свечи, как аптечные, так  и сделанные самостоятельно,
следует использовать на ночь в течение 30 days In 2-3 months
usually the procedure is repeated.

Candle molds

Propolis DN

Rectal suppositories with propolis Ingredients: 1 candle contains –
cocoa butter up to 1.5 grams. propolis – 0.5 grams, anhydrous lanolin
– 0,08 Propolis DNграмма. Pharmacological properties:
wound healing, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective effect.
Indications к применению: Propolis DN используется в качестве
anti-inflammatory drug in the complex treatment
prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia,
аденомы предстательной glands. BUT также в послеоперационном периоде
after operations on the pelvic organs. Contraindications:
Individual intolerance to bee products, components
Propolis DN, при pregnancy, lactation. Side effects:
Allergic reactions. How to apply: Suppositories should be entered
in the rectum within 10 days for 1 candle 3 p / day, after
hygiene. With the preventive purpose – one candle 3 r / day 30
days Price for 6 pcs. в аптеке: 300 руб.


combined homeopathic medicine for the treatment of prostatitis,
hemorrhoids and gynecological diseases. Ingredients: one candle
содержит –  масло облепихи 0,2 грамма. propolis 0.1 grams,
экстракт лечебной грязи Гемо Про от простатитаТамбуканского озера 0,2 грамма,
homeopathic essences: rue, comfrey, St. John’s wort, 0.05 grams,
cocoa butter up to 2.0 grams. Indications for use: Prostatitis,
reduced potency, hemorrhoids, proctosigmoiditis, paraproctitis, ulcers and
anal fissures, female inflammatory diseases. Therapeutic
Properties: Local anti-inflammatory, analgesic,
antimicrobial, antifungal, regenerating, antipruritic,
wound healing, adaptogenic, and capillary strengthening action.
Significantly improves tissue metabolism. Since the manufacture
candles used original technology, there is an active
absorption of propolis and other components of the drug, rendering and
superficial, and interstitial multi-dimensional action. Butter
Sea buckthorn improves potency, improves performance
cardiovascular system, normalizes the liver and thyroid
glands. The mud concentrate has a powerful antimicrobial
action, immunocorrective, anti-inflammatory,
wound healing action. Contraindications: Increased
sensitivity to any component of the candles. Way
Application: Bedtime candle with medicinal mud, propolis and
Sea buckthorn oil is injected as deep as possible into the rectum, into
зависимости от тяжести заболевания в течение10-30 days Price:
400 руб. for 10 pcs.


propolis candles, manufacturer
AlpharmProstopin свечи Ingredients: Activated propolis, oil
cocoa, dried pollen, royal jelly, pollen pollen
floral, beeswax, natural, poliflerian mountain honey,
anhydrous lanolin. Pharmacological action: Used in
complex therapy of proctological and urological diseases,
as a tonic, adaptogenic, tonic. Indications
to use: Chronic and acute prostatitis, benign
prostate hypertrophy, erectile dysfunction, vesiculitis,
the weakening of spermatogenesis, a decrease in the activity of spermatozoa,
urethritis, hemorrhoids, paraproctitis, anal fissure. BUT
также  при ослабленном иммунитете, хронической усталости,
stresses, eating disorders. Contraindications:
Hypersensitivity to bee products. Way применения:
One by one suppositories administered overnight into the rectum for
15-30 days The course should be repeated in 2-3 months. Price: 15 шт.
570 руб.

Propolis D with Dimexidum

Ingredients: 20% propolis extract – 0.2 grams, cocoa butter – 2.0
grams, dimexide – 0.05 grams.Свечи с прополисом Pharmacological properties: Propolis,
prepared by special technology, has a pronounced
antibacterial action, absorbable, anesthetic,
регенеративным  действием, стимулирует защитные реакции
organism. The candles are based on cocoa butter, which
promotes active absorption of mucous enzymes, vitamins,
trace elements, amino acids and other biologically active substances.
Dimexide, which is part of the candle, has the ability
dissolve many chemical compounds, increasing and restoring
microflora sensitivity to antibiotics. Indications к применению:
In the complex treatment of prostatitis in chronic and acute forms,
with benign prostatic hypertrophy, in
gynecology and urology in inflammatory diseases.
Contraindications: Склонность к аллергическим реакциям на продукты
пчеловодства Way применения:  Как правило,  через 15
минут после теплой ванны свечи  с прополисом используются
rectally for the night course in 30 days, 2-3 courses are assigned with 2
monthly breaks. Price:  for 10 pcs. 330

If you used in the complex treatment of prostatitis candles with
Propolis, please write about the results of therapy in

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