Candles for hemorrhoids: a review of effective, the bestsuppositories

Update: December 2018

Hemorrhoids are irreversibly progressive pathological
condition of cavernous bodies of the rectum. Due to violation
regulation of the outflow and flow of blood to them overflows and
development of hemorrhoids. It also develops weakness.
parks ligaments and rectal longitudinal muscles that hold
cavernous bodies in place – as a result of falling out
nodes outward (see external hemorrhoids treatment). As it is
chronic pathology – its best remedy for hemorrhoids
prevention and reduction of provoking factors:

  • alcohol abuse (including beer)
  • tendency to constipation, long sitting in the toilet and
    straining during bowel movements, as well as alternating diarrhea and constipation
  • pregnancy and childbirth are a strong provocateur of development
    hemorrhoids in women
  • as a deficiency of motor activity (sitting position), and
    excessive physical strain (especially lifting

Thus, if you adjust the diet and lifestyle you can
improve the condition, reduce the frequency of exacerbations and facilitate
course of the disease:

  • To give up strong coffee and tea, and not to drink more
    soda water, restrict pastries, pastries,
    eat complex carbohydrates – bakery cereals
    products, vegetables, fruits (see diet for hemorrhoids and cracks),
    limit alcohol.
  • Do gymnastics on Kegel and train your abdominal muscles and
  • Get rid of the bad habit of sitting on the toilet for a long time,
    observe the hygiene of the anorectal area (the bidet douche is very
  • Swimming and walking have a positive effect.
    bicycle, riding, weightlifting
  • In case of an aggravation, do not sit, but take a lying position,
    do cool compresses with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, warm
    chamomile decoction trays (anti-inflammatory effect),
    use candles for hemorrhoids on the recommendation of the attending physician.

How to choose the best tool?

The treatment is prescribed by the doctor, taking into account the severity of the disease. Selection
candles and hemorrhoids ointments depend on the predominant symptom –
bleeding, pain, itching, inflammation of the skin around the anus:

  • When uncomplicated hemorrhoids are shown anticoagulants that
    dissolve formed blood clots and stop
    thrombosis – candles with heparin (Hepatrombin G, 
    Nigepan), heparin ointment.
  • In severe pain syndrome shows candles and ointments from
    hemorrhoids with anesthetics – lidocaine, neomycin, anesthesin,
    Benzocaine, Tsinkhoainom, Lauromakrogolom – this painkillers
    свечи Релиф Адванс, Эмла (крем Лидокаин+Прилокаин), Proktosedil M,
    Olestezin, Nigepan.
  • When bleeding – it is advisable to use vasoconstrictor
    (relieve swelling), venotonic, hemostatic drugs –
    Phenylephrine гидрохлорид, адреналин, трибенозид (Релиф,
  • When attaching the inflammatory process around the anus on the skin
    Ichthyol (Ichthiol), Levomikol, and NSAIDs are shown.
    (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs see pain ointment),
    The most popular candles among them are Diclofenac, Ibuprofen. If a
    inflammation accompanied by itching and no contraindications
    corticosteroids, then you can use candles with hormonal
    Means – Proktosedil, Gepotrombin G, Ultraprokt, ointment
  • Drug intake is the most correct and effective.
    treatment is a combination therapy using both local
    средств в виде мазей и suppositories, так и приемом препаратов
    внутрь — это  Троксевазин (Троксерутин), Диосмин (Вазокет 650-
    800 rub, Flebodia 650-820 rub.), Hesperidin + Diosmin (Detralex
    700-800 rubles, Venarus 400-450 rubles, Venadiol 420 rubles). A course of treatment
    не меньше of the week. As well as Ginkor Fort (30 caps. 400-500 rub or
    gel) is a combination drug, with ginkgo biloba extract,
    troxerutin, heptaminol.

Candles for hemorrhoids during pregnancy and breast

  • Most candles are contraindicated during pregnancy, especially
    1 trimester, but the following suppositories are allowed for use when
    геморрое во время беременности и кормлении грудью — Natalcid,
    Olestezin, Бетиол, Экстракт Красавки, Nigepan, Нео-Anuzole,
    Posterizan, candles with sea buckthorn oil, glycerin candles.
  • Contraindicated in 1 trimester of pregnancy, but in 2-3 and with
    lactation use is possible according to indications (weighing risk and
    пользу) — Релиф, Релиф Адванс, Hepatrombin G, Ultraprokt.

How to use suppositories?

  • When using candles carefully observe the anal hygiene.
  • Avoid constipation – it is possible to take drugs Lactulose in small
    In doses, see all laxatives for constipation.
  • Usually used candles 1-2 p / day (morning and evening) after
    bowel movements within 7-14 days.
  • If a во время лечения появляются необычные симптомы или
    the condition does not improve, the diagnosis should be reviewed.

List of effective candles


Procto-glevenolIngredients: tribenoside + lidocaine Candles possess
analgesic, anti-inflammatory, venotonic action
reduce pain, itching, skin tension with hemorrhoids. Contraindications:
1 trimester of pregnancy (weighing 2-3 risks and benefits),
liver failure. Use: on 1 candle in the evening and
in the morning before the symptoms disappear, after the acute period
will pass, perhaps 1 time / day. Side effect:  усиление
перистальтики кишечника, легкое  жжение, аллергические

price: 350 -400 rubles.

Relief, Relief Ultra, Relief Advance

  • Релиф: Релифмасло shark liver + фенилэфрина гидрохлорид
  • Relief Advance: shark liver oil + benzocaine
  • Relief Ultra: hydrocortisone + zinc sulfate monohydrate + oil
    shark liver

Масло shark liver обладает иммуномодулирующим,
anti-inflammatory, wound healing effect. Phenylephrine
hydrochloride – has a vasoconstrictor property that relieves itching
and swelling with hemorrhoids. Benzocaine – anesthetic.
Hydrocortisone acetate is a hormone of the adrenal cortex that has
antiallergic, antipruritic, anti-inflammatory
action. Zinc sulfate – helps the rapid healing of erosions and
wounds. The basis of candles – cocoa butter, which has a softening
action in addition to the active ingredients. Contraindications:
children under 12, granulocytopenia, thromboembolic disease, with
caution in diabetes, pregnancy, arterial
hypertension, hyperthyroidism. For Relif ultra advanced (due to
the presence of a steroid hormone): tuberculosis, local fungal,
bacterial or viral infection, pregnancy, lactation,
neoplasms of the anorectal zone, etc. Use: one by one
suppository 4 times / day. in the morning, in the evening and after each emptying
intestine. price: Relief 250-300 rub, Relief Advance 350 rub, Relief
Ultra 330-380 rubles.


Neo-AnuzolIngredients: Bismuth subnitrate + Iodine + Tannin + Methylene
blue + zinc oxide + resorcinol This is a combination drug with
antiseptic, local anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic,
вяжущим, анальгезирующим и противогеморроидальным action.
Contraindications: повышенная чувствительность Применение: 
Rectal, 2-3 p / day for 1 candle. price: 100 rub.


AnuzoleIngredients: Belladonna leaf extract, Zinc sulfate,
Bismuth oxide complex and tribromphenolate bismuth. Anuzole обладает
drying, analgesic, anti-inflammatory,
спазмолитическим, антисептическим, вяжущим action.
Contraindications: беременность, лактация, сердечная
insufficiency, hypersensitivity, intestinal atony,
tachyarrhythmia, angle-closure glaucoma, myasthenia, adenoma
prostate gland. Application: 1-2 r / day for 1 candle daily
maximum dose of no more than 7 suppositories. Side effect:
 Allergic reactions, burning in the back
aisle, dry mouth, constipation, loose stools, palpitations,
dilated pupils, transient visual disturbances (paresis
accommodation), headache, dizziness, sleep disturbance,
drowsiness. In case of overdose – convulsions, agitation, nausea,
vomiting, urinary retention, decreased sweating.

price: the cheapest candles 40-60 rubles.


NatalcidComposition: Sodium alginate – hemostatic agent
It is a natural polysaccharide from brown algae, possesses
pronounced hemostatic, reparative and anti-inflammatory
action. Can be used by pregnant women during the feeding period.
breastfeeding, for children from 6 months to 14 years can be used
Alginatol is a child form of the drug. Contraindications:  детям
up to 14 years, hypersensitivity to the components of this tool.
Application: on 1 candle 2 r / day after microclysters or
spontaneous bowel movements, a course of therapy 1-2
of the week.

price: 250-300 rubles.

Proktosedil M

Proktosedil MIngredients: Hydrocortisone, Benzocaine, Butamben,
Esculoside, Framycetin.

Hydrocortisone – glucocorticosteroid, quickly relieves pain, itching,
edema. Framycetin is a broad-spectrum antibiotic. Esculoside
– similar to vitamin P, reduces increased fragility
capillaries. Benzocaine, Butamben – local painkillers and
antipruritic agents, reduce spasm of the anal sphincter.
Contraindications: грибковые, вирусные заболевания в аноректальной
zone, tuberculous lesion, pregnancy and lactation, thoracic
age with caution in heart failure and
hypertension. Дозирование:  Эффект препарата наступает спустя
a few minutes after use, however considering
the composition of the hormonal drug, the application should be brief
course, no more than a week, with the gradual cancellation of the drug, and not
a sharp rejection of its use. In the morning and in the evening, as well as after
emptying the capsule is inserted as deeply as possible into the rectum,
after improvement, the number of injections is gradually reduced to 1 in
day. Side effect:  жжение, дискомфорт, сухость
mucous in the rectum, allergic reactions, with frequent and
long-term use of the accession of a secondary infection,
occurrence of systemic side effects.

Price: 20 pcs. 300-350 rubles


UltraproktIngredients: Tsinkhoain, fluokortolon.

Fluocortolone – a hormonal agent, is part of the drug
in 2 forms, so quickly begins to act and has
lasting effect. Tsinkhokain is a local anesthetic.
Contraindications: сифилис и туберкулез в аноректальной области, 1
trimester of pregnancy, children and adolescents, increased
sensitivity. Application: after defecation injected once a day
deep into the rectum, with a severe course of the disease 2-3 p / day in
first day, then one by one.

price: 400-470 rubles.


OlestezinIngredients: sea buckthorn oil + sulfaethidol +
Benzocaine Combination with anesthetics,
anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action to apply
in proctology. Indications: anal itching, cracks, hemorrhoids
Application: 1 candle 2 times / day, in severe cases 2-3
суппозитория 2 р/день в течение 5-10 дней Side effect:
послабление стула, аллергические reaction.

price: 100-110 rubles.

Betiol, belladonna extract (candles)

БетиолIngredients: Betiol – ichthyol candles with extract
belles Candles belladonna extract – contain belladonna leaves
extract (belladonna)

Herbal preparation with hemorrhoidal action,
has anti-inflammatory (ichthyol) and antispasmodic
action (belladonna extract). Contraindications: гипертрофия
prostate, angle-closure glaucoma,
гиперsensitivity. Application: 1-3 p / day for 1 candle rectal,
максимально в сутки не более 10 suppositories. Side effect:
сердцебиение, жажда, свечи с красавкойзапоры, мидриаз, парез аккомодации, сухость
in the mouth. Особые указания:  во время терапии требуется соблюдать
caution when working with mechanisms, engaging in activities,
requiring concentration, clear vision and good

price: 50-70 rubles.


ProktozanIngredients: bufeksamak, bismuth subgallate, titanium
dioxide, lidocaine

Bufeksamak – has anti-inflammatory effect, Titanium
bismuth dioxide and subgallate – astringent, drying,
wound healing, lidocaine – a local anesthetic.
Contraindications:  сифилис, туберкулез, детский возраст,
lactation, pregnancy. Application: rectal 1-2 p / day after
bowel movements, a course of 8-10 days. Byproduct
действие:  аллергические проявления —
redness of the skin around the anus, swelling, burning, itching.

price: 220-270 rubles.

Hepatrombin G

Hepatrombin GIngredients: Prednisone, Heparin sodium,
laurel marogol

Combined drug with venosclerosis,
antithrombotic, anti-inflammatory action: prednisone
how GCS has antiallergic, anti-inflammatory
Heparin is an anticoagulant with antiexudative action.
antithrombotic effect, prevents blood coagulation,
promotes the regeneration of connective tissue in hemorrhoidal
knots. Lauromacrogol – sclerosing, local anesthetic
act. Contraindications: туберкулез, сифилис, 1 триместр
pregnancy, skin tumors, bleeding tendency,
hypersensitivity, bacterial, fungal, viral lesions
skin. Dosing: for a period of not more than 7 days at 1-2 p / day, administered
после дефекации, после улучшения состояния по 1 р/day. Byproduct
действие:  покраснение кожи, аллергия, при продолжительном
using the risk of developing systemic side effects.

price: 170 rub.


Ingredients: Sodium Heparin, Lidocaine and Prednisolone

Considering that they contain hormones,
analgesic and heparin – everything in the complex has
выраженное противовоспалительное и анестезирующее act.
Contraindications: аналогичны Гепатромбина Г

Application: With internal hemorrhoids 1-2 p / day, with external
insert candles in the anus is incomplete, and within 2-3 minutes
hold the anus with a gauze napkin until the suppository is completely
dissolve. A course of treatment – 7 дней, по показаниям может быть
extended to 2 weeks.

Price: 180 rub.


NigepanIngredients: Sodium Heparin, Benzocaine

The combined drug, heparin prevents the formation of
blood clots, stops the progression of blood clots that have already arisen,
бензокаин — обезболивающее act. Contraindications:
 Гиперsensitivity. Application: after spontaneous
emptying or enema 2 p / day for 1 candle, a course of not more than 10-14

price: 170-200 rubles. 10 PC.

Auxiliary agents in complex treatment

Sea buckthorn oil (candles)

Облепиховое маслоThis candles from hemorrhoids with sea buckthorn
used in complex therapy or contraindications to
other suppositories (during pregnancy), sea buckthorn oil
promotes rapid healing of damaged tissues, stimulates
reparative processes of the mucous membranes and on the skin. Used by:
after a bowel movement, 2 p / day, 0.5 g deep, is introduced deep into the rectum.
within 7-14 days, after 1 month the treatment can be repeated.
Side effect: аллергические проявления у лиц, склонных к
allergies, burning in the rectum.

price: 100 rub.

Calendula nam

Calendula namHomeopathic candles for hemorrhoids, composed
which calendula officinalis, excipients: oil
cocoa, anhydrous lanolin. It has anti-inflammatory

Contraindications:  дети до 18 лет, повышенная
sensitivity. Application: 1 r / day for the night after emptying
кишечника, курсом 7-21 day.

price: 180 rub.


PosterizedIngredients: Intestinal sticks

Combined drug that increases local resistance
the mucosa of the rectum and the skin around the anus to pathogenic
microflora. May be used during pregnancy and feeding.

Contraindications:  Повышенная чувствительность к фенолу
Application: Suppositories are used in the morning and in the evening and after
дефекации, курс терапии 14-21 day.

Propolis DN

Состав:  масло какао. propolis, anhydrous lanolin. 
Propolis DN Possess wound healing, anti-inflammatory,
hepatoprotective property. Indications: anti-inflammatory drug
in the complex treatment of urological, gynecological,
proctological diseases. Contraindications: беременность,
lactation, individual intolerance to bee products.
Side effects: Allergy. Application: on 1 candle 2 r / day in
for 10 days. Price for 6 pcs. 160-200 rubles


Состав:  масло облепихи, прополис, экстракт лечебной грязи
Гемо Про Tambukan lake, cocoa butter, homeopathic
essences: comfrey, rue, hypericum.

Possess local antimicrobial, anesthetic, 
anti-inflammatory, regenerating, antipruritic and
капилляроукрепляющим action. Indications: Prostatitis, hemorrhoids,
proctosigmoiditis, anal fissures, paraproctitis, female
inflammatory diseases. Contraindications: гиперчувствительность
Use: For the night on 1 candle within 10-30 days. Price: 280-
360 rub.


Prostopin свечиIngredients: cocoa butter, activated propolis,
perga dried, obnozhka pollen flower, milky royal bee,
beeswax, polyflerian mountain honey, lanolin. Applied to
комплексном лечении урологических,  проктологических
diseases, as a tonic, tonic.
Indications: Chronic and acute hemorrhoids, prostatitis, fissures
anal area, urethritis, with a weakened immune system.
Contraindications: аллергия на продукты пчеловодства. Way
application: On 1 candle for the night of a course of 14-30 days. Price: 570 rubles. 15

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