Candles for constipation: children, adults, women withof pregnancy

Update: December 2018 About constipation as a symptom of stagnation in
intestine, they say only if it bothers a person
quite often or is permanent, chronic. When
same problems with regular bowel movements are only
episodically, a person does not pay attention to this,
increase the amount of fluid consumed, adjust slightly
diet, including raw vegetables and fruits, dairy
products, etc. – and forgets about a small misunderstanding. But when
chronic intestinal motility disorders when constantly
have to deal with this with the help of various laxatives
means, to make an enema or use candles for constipation,
man must find out the reason for his occurrence.
If it is possible to eliminate the root cause of a malfunction
intestine, then this delicate problem will go away.

Causes of constipation

The causes of constipation are many, from the habit
eat foods that are harmful to health, to serious,
dangerous diseases. The main causes of chronic
constipation that is fairly easy to eliminate by simply eliminating
provocative factors:

  • Malnutrition, an abundance in the diet tasty, but harmful, not
    wholesome foods, passion for various trendy diets,
    contributing to weight loss – causes alimentary constipation.
  • Medication, such as antidepressants,
    diuretic, B-blockers, psychotropic drugs,
    erosorbents, antidiarrheals, anticonvulsants, analgesics,
    antacids, iron-containing hematopoietics, and of course antibiotics –
    It is a medical constipation.
  • Lack of physical activity, sedentary work, weakness
    Musculature is a hypodynamic constipation.
  • Достаточно часто у женщин возникают запоры при of pregnancy,
    which is also a temporary phenomenon that usually
    self-eliminated after delivery.

For other, more serious reasons that are quite difficult.
eliminate chronic recurrent diseases, however
their treatment and prevention of exacerbations may contribute
normalization of daily stools. These include the following
pathological processes:

  • Diseases of the nervous system when the mechanism is disturbed
    regulation of intestinal motility is a neurogenic constipation.
  • Tumors of any part of the intestine (rectal cancer), squeezing
    intestines from the outside, cicatricial contractions – mechanical constipation.
  • Professional toxic poisoning from mercury, lead,
    nicotine in smokers – toxic constipation.
  • Endocrine diseases such as diabetes,
    pituitary or adrenal insufficiency,
    гипотиреоз, гипопаратиреоз, феохромоцитома, климакс — это
    endocrine constipation.
  • Hemorrhoids, proctitis, proctalgia, anal fissures and other
    Diseases of the anorectal region are proctogenic constipation.
  • Inflammatory bowel disease – chronic enteritis,
    colitis, etc.
  • Heart failure, dehydration, kidney disease –
    This constipation caused by failures in water and electrolyte metabolism.

What kind of candles for constipation is better, more efficient and safer?

If we consider the assortment of candles for constipation in adults,
их предложение более широко, чем для детей и беременных
women because the use of suppositories acting
irritating to intestinal receptors in most cases
противопоказаны детям и женщинам во время of pregnancy.

For взрослых сейчас существуют различные местные средства для
relief emptying is glycerin candles, candles with
irritating effect, gas candles. If constipation is not
long, not strong, and the person suffers from anal fissures
or hemorrhoids, then any candles that are used in the treatment
геморроя, такие как Постеризан, Релиф,
ichthyol candles, candles with belladonna extract, etc., can help and
with occasional, not enhanced constipation.

With a tendency to the occurrence of crack anus or
hemorrhoids, their use is indicated for the prevention
untimely bowel movements. Online enough
information that there are such gas-generating bicarbonate
drugs like Calciolax, Ferrolax – they are not in pharmacy chains

The table shows the most popular and effective candles.
which exist in the Russian pharmaceutical market.

Evacue - свечи при запоре  Evacue

it is a combination drug that contains 3
компонента — бикарбонат натрия, полиэтиленгликоль, калия

These gas-forming candles for constipation in adults are
laxative means a new generation, a kind of alternative
enema. The triple effect of these candles is due to the fact that
interaction of the components of the drug with the intestinal environment
leads to the release of carbon dioxide, carbonic acid and water. Gas
stimulates the motility of the rectum, stretches its muscles,
polyethylene glycol softens the feces, carbonic acid increases
carbon dioxide activity, water dilutes the stool, that all
together provides relief emptying and fast enough
effect, 5-10 minutes after ingestion leads to defecation.

Indications: constipation of various etiologies, to prepare for
various rectal examinations, used in cases
impossible to carry out an enema. It can be used for hemorrhoids.
and anal fissures, as well as pregnant women.

Contraindications: children up to 12 years old, individual
intolerance to suppository components.

The price of candles in pharmacies: an average of 500-600 rubles. for 6 candles.


Bisacodyl от запора Bisacodyl (цена 30-40 руб), Дульколакс
(price 200-220 rubles) – these are candles with contact, annoying
laxative effect.

Bisacodyl — достаточно эффективное местное слабительное средство
from the group of diphenylmethane derivatives. These candles possess
antiresorptive effect, increase the secretion of electrolytes and water
after hydrolysis in the large intestine, thereby accelerating
peristalsis, softening the stool. The main action is aimed at
irritation, stimulation of the nerve endings of the intestinal mucosa.

Indications: Constipation associated with hypotension of the colon. For
bowel cleansing before radiological, instrumental
research, preoperative preparation.

Contraindications: children’s age up to 10 years, pregnancy, with
severe dehydration, intestinal obstruction, acute diseases
abdominal organs, obstructive and acute inflammatory
intestinal diseases, with severe abdominal pain, accompanied by
vomiting, nausea, as this may indicate more severe

Side effects: Diarrhea, intestinal colic, decreased
blood pressure, muscle weakness, dehydration, impaired
water and electrolyte metabolism, convulsions, abdominal pain, allergic
reactions, flatulence, pain and irritation after the injection of the candle.
Advantages and disadvantages of its use: When applying such
препаратов возникают достаточны сильные болевые ощущения, Bisacodyl
and dulcolax can not be used for a long time – this leads to
intestinal atony, and worsening problems with the chair in the future.
An important advantage of using such suppositories is
rapid effect, within 5-15 minutes there is an evacuation of the chair.


Microlax This drug does not apply to suppositories; it is
ready viscous solution for microclysters, but is considered
very effective local remedy for constipation.

Microlax — это комбинированный препарат, натрия
lauryl sulfoacetate has a diluting effect on the contents
intestine, sodium citrate displaces bound water in feces,
sorbitol enhances laxative action by stimulating the flow of water
in the intestine, also glycerol has a positive effect on
rectal motility. The effect occurs within 10-15 minutes after
holding microclysters.

Indications: constipation, preparation for the study of the gastrointestinal tract

Contraindications: в инструкции к Microlaxу указано, что у него
there are no contraindications, only individual
intolerance to the components of the solution. It can even be used
newborns and pregnant women, but always with
take extra care with any medication if
used during pregnancy or for small children.

Side effects: allergic reactions, slight burning sensation in
rectal area. Price: in pharmacies 250-300 rubles.

 Glycerin candles for constipation during pregnancy and

Candles with glycerin for constipation are considered the most popular and
the safest laxative remedies
property. The glycerin which is a part of candles, renders soft
irritation of the intestinal mucosa, stimulating direct peristalsis
guts. The main advantage of this tool is that they
allowed for use in children and pregnant women, as well as in
feeding period It is worth noting that in addition to these candles, and
also suppositories with sea buckthorn oil, the use of other
суппозиториев, таких как Evacue, Microlax, беременным женщинам
should only be prescribed by a doctor.

Glycerin candles for constipation

Глицериновые свечи при запоре This is the safest

Indications: for constipation of various origin

Contraindications: with exacerbation of hemorrhoids, inflammatory
bowel disease, with anal fissures.

Side effects: Rectal irritation, pain, burning, in
in such cases, stop the introduction of candles and replace them with oily
microclysters when injected 10-15 ml of olive, sunflower
or peach oil.

Price: 100-120 rubles.


Свечи с глицерином the active ingredient glycerol is also
глицериновые свечи от constipation.

Показания:  Запоры при of pregnancy, lactation, трещины
anus, painful thrombosed hemorrhoids, anorectal
стеноз, после  инфаркта. Contraindications:  Геморрой в
фазе обострения, проктит, опухоли прямой guts. With renal
failure with caution. Side Effects: Local Reactions
in the form of burning, itching of the skin, allergic reactions, with frequent or
prolonged use – easing the natural process
defecation. Особые указания:  Лечение следует прекратить после
normalization of peristalsis let’s say
Нельзя  смазывать свечи твердыми маслами или минеральными
liquid oils.

Oily candles – a safe tool

  Sea buckthorn oil suppositories

Облепиховое масло are not very high
effectiveness in constipation, but in some cases, especially when
pregnancy or breastfeeding may be preferred.
due to their complete safety and lack of strong side effects

The instructions for this tool indicate that these suppositories
contain glycerides of palmitic, stearic, oleic acids,
carotene and carotenoids, the amount of tocopherols. This means
of plant origin, which contributes to the acceleration
tissue healing in mucous membranes stimulates reparative
processes, has a tonic, cytoprotective and
antioxidant action.

Indications: Anal fissures, hemorrhoids, ulcers of the rectum,
as a soft laxative. Contraindications: 
allergic reactions

Side effects: burning after injection, allergic

Price: 50-80 rubles.

 How to use rectal candles

When using any remedy for constipation, one should carefully
study the instructions for use, take into account all contraindications and
the composition of the drug, because in our age of strengthening various
allergic reactions in the population, even the most innocuous,
natural herbal remedies may cause inadequate
allergic reaction. You should also remember that you can not teach
your intestines to constant outside help, so try to avoid the poet
any prolonged use of enemas, tablets for constipation,
and laxative candles. How to use laxatives correctly

  • Do not use suppositories with active inflammatory
    process, if constipation is accompanied by severe pain, should
    first contact the coloproctologist for a more accurate diagnosis.
  • You can not put candles more than 1 time a day, the best is
    do in the morning 15-20 minutes after eating.
  • If itching, burning, discomfort after
    use suppositories should not use them next
    times as this may be a manifestation of increased
    sensitivity to the drug.

If after using laxative suppositories occur again
constipation, try to drastically change the diet, increase the volume
drink liquids, especially in the morning on an empty stomach, add to the diet
more raw fruits – apricot, plum, and vegetables – cabbage,
beets, dairy products. If all attempts are not
will lead to the desired effect, do not abuse the artificial
stimulation of an already sluggish bowel, consult a doctor for
complete diagnostics, since you should not fight
symptom, and with the cause of the resulting problem.

Can I use candles for newborns?

For начала, следует определить, а запор ли у ребенка? If baby
on the eve of cocoa 3 times, but today 1 time – this is not constipation, moreover,
today doctors say that if a newborn or
an infant feels great, not naughty, not
проявляет беспокойства, и при этом какает только через день  –
it is not constipated.

In cases where the newborn does not poke for several days, with
this behaves uneasily, serious pathologies should be excluded,
such as Hirschsprung or Dolichosigma disease – these diseases
can only be removed surgically. For облегчения дефекации
You can do a baby tummy massage, gymnastics, stroking in
warm bath tummy clockwise or just warm hands,
You can put the baby on the side or tummy to help faster
to empty.

If the baby is breastfed,
analyze mom’s food, try to drink apple juice or
decoction of prunes. A gastroenterologist may recommend testing.
on intestinal dysbiosis, since in violation of microflora in
Children often have problems with the chair.

Only if all attempts made fail, and the baby
does not coca over 2 days, you can use the mechanical method –
cotton swab greased with petroleum jelly. At the same time it follows
neatly enter the crumbs into the anus and twist slightly, after that
long-awaited emptying usually occurs.

However, any mechanical methods of irritation of the intestines, such
как, вазелиновые палочки, микроклизмы с мылом (недопустимы
вообще), маслом, Microlax, вазелиновые свечи при запоре для
новорожденных, грудничков  – не должны быть нормой. Is not
natural process to be avoided.

Candles for children with constipation

From our article it becomes clear that there is no
абсолютно безопасных детских свечей от constipation. Parents first
queue should find out the cause of problems with the chair
child as it may be a slight malnutrition or
drinking regime, and serious pathology.

If earlier your child had no problems with daily
emptying, and they have arisen recently, analyze what they are
could be caused — it could be any medication
means, change in nutrition, nervous tension, stress, or more
serious causes – disruption of the pancreas, gall
bladder, liver. This can be found only after thorough
diagnosis by a gastroenterologist.

If a child suffers from stagnation and needs
emergency, in this case it is best to make a simple or
теплую масленую микроклизму  – с оливковым, подсолнечным или
peach oil in the amount of 5-10 ml. for baby or 30-50 for
an older child (how to make a shredded microclyster for a child).

To date, the most optimal laxative agent for
children is lactulose, it is not absorbed in the intestines, not
раздражает кишку и входит в стандарт лечения  по слабительным
для детей (Дюфалак, Нормазе, Гудлак, Порталак сироп,
Livolyuk-PB, Romfalak), which has a mild laxative
property, normalizes the intestinal microflora and is the most
preferred treatment for constipation in children, rather than candles from

Moreover, according to the testimony, it can be taken up to 3 months, until
there will be a full normalization of the bowel. If still worth
question about the use of suppository, then from the entire range
laxative candles for children with constipation can only be identified
glycerin candles (or Glitselaks), sea buckthorn candles or

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