Candida balanoposthitis – how to treat thrushin men?

The thrush is perceived by most as a purely female disease, and
Indeed, most often genital candidiasis suffers
women, however, in men thrush also occurs, but much
less often. A strong floor is subject to this fungal disease only when
weakening of the immune response when against the background of a number of chronic
diseases there is a decrease in the body’s defenses.

Thrush in men is most often seen on the penis as
superficial candidiasis – balanitis. With вовtreatment in воспалительный
process and prepuce occurs candidal balanoposthitis. With
progression of the disease, thrush can spread to
skin of the groin and scrotum, as well as develop candidal
urethritis or prostatitis. With легком протекании кандидозного
balanoposthitis, symptoms appear a little swelling,
hyperemia, accumulation under the inner leaf of the foreskin
Cheesy white and gray discharge. In severe chronic cases on
penile membranes appear, erosion, bubbles and bright red
stains. Как лечить молочницу in men? We will tell about it in this

Why men have genital candidiasis is less common than

The fact that men have less symptoms of thrush and rarely
cases of candidal balanitis are registered, this is a fact. Why is this
so – can be explained as follows:

  • PH is different: in women, acidic, on which mushrooms are easy
    multiply, in men, more often alkaline (if a man often bathes –
    from soap, if rarely washed – from semen). So the mushrooms, at least
    and are saprophytes (are present and normal on the skin and
    mucous membranes), do not multiply profusely and clinics do not give.
  • Male genitals are located outside, so for
    reproduction of the fungus and the long existence is not physiologically
    favorable conditions like women. For the development of fungal
    diseases has a warm and humid environment.
  • Highly редко и только на фоне слабого здоровья и множества
    chronic diseases, thrush symptoms in men (photos) can
    be pronounced. With инфицировании от женщины с кандидозом,
    signs of thrush in healthy men pass quickly enough
    даже без treatment.
  • In women, the development of thrush is affected by a change
    hormonal levels during pregnancy, cyclical monthly
    changing hormone levels. In men, the skin is the external genital
    organs and the structure of the mucous epithelium do not create favorable
    conditions for reproduction of the causative agent of candidiasis and does not occur
    creating the necessary concentration of female sex hormones,
    conducive to the development of thrush.

Men, even with thrush-like symptoms,
very rarely go to a doctor, sometimes they don’t even know which doctor
contact (dermatologist, urologist), try not to notice a small
discomfort or prefer to self-medicate.

Withзнаки кандидоза половых органов у мужчин

Как определить симптомы молочницы in men? With кандидозном
balanoposthis, when there is an active inflammatory process, a man
The following symptoms may be of concern:

  • Swelling, burning, itching in the glans penis, extreme
    the flesh
  • Redness of the glans penis without clear contours
  • Increased libido due to irritation of the nerve endings
    receptors. However, with erections, intercourse and after ejaculation
    man experiences discomfort, burning, pain and itching.
  • Pain, burning sensation when urinating
  • Unpleasant, sour smell
  • The formation of white bloom, gray-white mass on the head, with
    removal of the film may form sores, sores, painful
    bleeding erosion.

Withчины мужской молочницы

Most believe that the cause of candidiasis in
men can only be after unprotected contact with a woman
which thrush, especially if it is a constant partner. It,
Of course, so, but with strong immunity, when a man does not have
serious diseases, endocrine disorders, occur
natural self-cleaning, self-healing and man of this not even
notices. And an infection from a sick woman is not the only one.
the cause of candidiasis, as many believe.

The appearance of candidal balanoposthitis is a very disturbing sign.
for a man because it indicates immunity problems and
possible presence of other hidden sexually transmitted infections
by, such as gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, chlamydia in men,
mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis and so forth. Therefore, at the slightest discomfort,
itching or the appearance of discharge, should go through a full integrated
diagnostics, to confirm or exclude various other
infections. Do not engage in self-diagnosis and even more
self-treatment, not knowing the true diagnosis.

Provocative factors, causes of the development of thrush in men

  • Diabetes and other metabolic disorders, diseases
    endocrine system are the most common causes of thrush
    men. With сильном потоотделении и избыточном весе создаются более
    favorable conditions for the reproduction of the fungus.
  • Long-term use of corticosteroids, even with local treatment in
    form of creams and ointments can reduce immunity, long-term use
    antibiotics or frequent uncontrolled antimicrobial treatment
  • Hypovitaminosis, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • Sometimes when drinking alcohol, redness of the penis
    is a weak symptom of candidiasis, and many men take it.
    for allergies to alcohol.
  • All diseases of the nerves – this is a banal phrase, but stress and
    prolonged emotional overload, psychological stress
    help reduce immunity and can lead to mild
    manifestations of candidiasis.

Treatment of candidiasis in men

So, how to treat thrush in men, if its constant
partner has a chronic form of vaginal candidiasis? After
examination, the doctor will prescribe treatment of thrush for both partners,
it is very important during treatment to abandon any sexual
contacts, and after treatment should also use condoms,
because with the chronic course of thrush in a woman, and a weak
immunity in men, during periodic relapses in women,
a couple risks getting ping-pong effect and treatment will have to
resume again and again.

And the frequent use of antifungal drugs in the end
can lead to the development of resistance of fungal agents to
or another drug. Of course, the choice of antimycotic drugs as
for local and system use today
the day is very large, but they have a number of contraindications and a lot
side effects should only be used as directed.
the doctor, the course and dosage established by the specialist on the basis of
analyzes and the clinical picture of the disease.

Also, many men are interested in the answer to the question of whether to treat
a thrush man, if his partner suffers from thrush, and he has
no symptoms? In this case, most doctors insist on
treating both partners, even if the symptoms of candidal
man has no balanoposthitis. Even considering what’s on the outside
male genital organs thrush rarely develops, and
when a man has no symptoms, it does not mean that he is not
carrier of candidiasis.

In one0-one5% of men, thrush is asymptomatic if treated
only one woman, a man again infects her, and her treatment
will be in vain. Moreover, candidiasis of the genitals is rarely
isolated disease, very often it proceeds by type
mixed infections when there are other hidden infections or
venereal diseases.

Antifungal drugs for oral administration

Before starting treatment for thrush in men, it is recommended that
microbiological studies with determination of resistance and
sensitivity of fungal agents to the most popular
drugs. To antimycotic drugs that a doctor can
appoint for oral administration with active candidiasis in men,
include antifungal drugs in pills that are active
against yeast-like fungi. The most commonly prescribed are:

  • Флуконазол —  Микосист  one шт.- 270 rub., 7 шт.,— 550
    rub. Флуконазол при молочнице -one50мг.- one5 rub., Флюкостат -one50мг. one
    шт.- one50 rub., Дифлюкан  one50мг.-720 rub.
  • Итраконазол  — Ирунин инструкция one4 капсул 550-600 rub.,
    one0 капсул 450 руб, 6 капсул 300 руб, Орунгал капсулы one4 шт. 2600-
    2800 rub., Итразол – 6 капсул 360-380 rub., one4 капсул 620-800 rub.,
    Румикоз 6 капсул 270-300 rub. one4 капсул 580-600 rub.
  • Натамицин — Pimafucin 20 табл. 400 rub.

These drugs have different regimens, so the doctor
appoint the appropriate one based on the clinical picture and
test results. When prescribing fluconazole, it is taken in
дозе one50 мг. one раз в неделю, Итраконазол по one капсуле 6 дней. With
chronic recurrent thrush in men
courses of pulse therapy to obtain a clinical effect. With этом
sometimes the duration of treatment can last up to six months.

Once again, you can not local and oral
antifungal treatment of candidal balanoposthitis in men
carry out independently, uncontrollably. With этом может возникнуть
pathogen resistance and inflammation will
progress. All ointments, pills, creams, regimens, methods of treatment
must be appointed by a qualified technician. Highly
often self-medication leads to chronic thrush, which with
difficult to treat.

The same goes for using traditional medicine recipes,
which should not be the only treatment methods, any
treatment methods should be agreed with your doctor. Also
It should be borne in mind that most antifungal agents have
serious side effects, so in no case
start their reception without consulting a doctor:

  • Violation of taste perception, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea
  • Toxic hepatitis, acute liver failure,
  • Blurred vision, tinnitus
  • Allergic reactions – rash, urticaria,
    фотосенсибилизация, многоформная эритема, эксфолиативный
  • Dizziness, drowsiness, headache, increased
    intracranial pressure and others.
Antifungal ointments and cream for local treatment

Antifungal drugs of systemic action are always combined with
local treatment. Patients are assigned baths, applications, cream
or ointment with antifungal effects. Before using creams
intimate hygiene, vegetable
bath and only on clean, dry skin, apply the cream 2 times a day.
Most often prescribed cream Clotrimazole, which is rubbed into the head
penis and on the inner surface of the foreskin.

There are rare cases when many antimycotics have
thrush pathogens resistance occurs, while fungi
remain sensitive to the solution of methylene blue (Blue).
The disadvantage of its use is the coloring effect. But it is not
проблема, если во время treatment использовать темное нижнее белье.
Любое местное лечение должно быть в пределах 7-one4 дней, по
doctor’s recommendations.

The table shows some ointments and creams with antifungal
действием, которые назначают для местного treatment молочницы у

Микозон Miconazole

Микозон крем (цена в аптеках one00 руб).

Appointed in determining the sensitivity of fungi to

Противопоказания:  печеночная, почечная недостаточность,
hypersensitivity, with caution in diabetes.
Side effects: skin allergies, irritation,
especially with excessive use of the cream. Withменение: крем
наносят 2 р/ день на пораженную область втирающими  мягкими
movements. After исчезновения симптомов для предотвращения
relapse, continue for several more days.


— Себозол мазь (one20 руб). Mykoket Ointment, Nizoral Cream (420
rub.),  Микозорал мазь (one70 руб). Dermazole Cream


It is prescribed in cases where sensitivity is determined.
pathogen to ketoconazole.

Side effects действия:  аллергические реакции, жжение, кожная
сыпь, контактный dermatitis.


Ифенек крем (one60 руб), раствор, Экодакс крем (one00 руб).

This is a synthetic imidazole derivative, it is used in
resistance to other antifungal drugs because it
has a wide range of antimycotic action, is used
more often with mycoses of the skin, has more side effects. Side effects
действия: жжение, раздражение, сыпь, покраснение кожи,  при
prolonged use of atrophic skin changes and


Clotrimazole  крем (30-90 руб), Амиклон крем, Имидил крем,
Кандид крем 9one90-220 руб), раствор, Кандизол крем,  Канизон
cream (60 rub), solution, Triderm ointment, cream, Funginal cream, Fungicip
cream. Кандибене крем, Канистен крем, спрей.Как лечить молочницу у мужчин

It is the most numerous representative of antifungal
препаратов для местного treatment, производится в виде гелей, кремов,
ointments and sprays. Side effects действия: отек, жжение, отек, шелушение и
skin irritation, blistering. Allergic reactions. Way
применения:  Крем, лосьон, раствор,  мазь, спрей наносят
тонким слоем на слизистые оболочки и осторожно втирают 2
p / day (3-4 for a solution). With кандидозном баланите курс one-2 недели
2-3 p / day.



(цена 250-280 руб) With кандидозном баланопостите лечение кремом
Pimafucin следует проводить one-2 р/день, нанесением на пораженные
plots. Продолжительность курса treatment определяется врачом
individually, when the symptoms of thrush disappear, it is recommended
continue therapy for a few more days.

Local processing

You can make soda baths or with furatsillin 0,2%, also
can handle green paint.


Phytotherapy не является основным методом treatment, но входит в
composition of complex therapy and may contribute to the improvement
therapeutic effect. The most effective in the fight against thrush
considered cloves, barberry, pharmacy chamomile and calendula. Of these
herbs prepare infusions or decoctions that are used for baths,
herbal applications or just to handle the penis before
antifungal ointment. During the day, such procedures
can be done several times, especially useful pharmacy chamomile,
which has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect.

Food, personal hygiene, vitamin therapy

The diet is also part of a competent integrated
treatment. To successfully treat thrush in men, you should know that
когда преобладающими продуктами в  ежедневном рационе являются
fast carbohydrates, pastries, pastries, fast food – this
Excellent breeding ground for fungal agents. Try
replace harmful carbohydrates, refined products with vegetables,
fruits, both raw and boiled, stewed, exclude
salty, spicy, smoked, pickled products, alcohol
the drinks.

Во время treatment, а также для профилактики кандидоза в
further, it is necessary to observe intimate hygiene. Better to replace
underwear on the new, and do not wear synthetic underwear, only cotton.
Во время treatment не принимать ванны, а пользоваться только душем,
after which wipe the genitals thoroughly, since moisture
is an excellent breeding ground for fungi. Change underwear and
take a shower at least once a day, do not use
means for the body as a means for intimate hygiene.

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