Can there be fever in allergies in children andadults?

Update: October 2018

A rise in body temperature always indicates inflammatory
process in the body, even if it is insignificant. The higher
temperature, the more active the process of combating the body with a virus or

But if there is a temperature in allergies, can allergies
to give a temperature is an ambiguous question, even doctors do not have
consensus on this.

Common allergies should not cause fever, so
consider most doctors if there are catarrhal phenomena and
allergic signs, then most likely it is a banal cold and
onset of viral infection.

When is the temperature possible for allergies?

Recently, allergic reactions have become so frequent.
in most children, as well as in adults, that the temperature
may well accompany an allergic reaction, doctors such
the reaction is called atypical allergy.

Respiratory tract allergy temperature does not rise
should, and if the allergic temperature rises, then
concurrent inflammatory process in the body,
the cause and pathogen of which should be determined as possible

To do this, consult a doctor: pediatrician or general practitioner,
allergist, infectious diseases. In what cases can there be a temperature
with allergies:


Если аллергия вызвана лекарственными препаратами,  то
usually this is accompanied by vivid symptoms such as strong
intoxication, rash, itching of the skin and mucous membranes, can and sharply
raise the temperature.

Diagnosis with a phthisiologist

Может ли быть температура при аллергии?Constant
low-grade fever (37.1-37.5) for several months
in children older than 2 years, accompanied by any allergic
manifestations, swollen lymph nodes, should alert
parents. In such cases, you should seek advice from
TB and infectious diseases.


This may be a sign of tuberculous intoxication or other
infectious diseases that only
specialist. This temperature in an adult, as well as increased
sweating (especially at night), dry cough and weakness,
no other noticeable symptoms, may indicate tuberculosis


Sometimes allergic to animal hair, pollinosis – allergic to
plant pollen, allergic rhinitis, dermatitis may be accompanied
subfebrile temperature, tearing. If reception
antihistamine drugs brings the temperature back to normal, which means
atypical course of an allergic reaction.

Insect bites

Bites of wasps, bees or other insects can also cause
temperature rise. When allergic to honey and total
hypersensitivity – from bee stings can develop very
violent reaction, in addition to temperature, there is swelling, pain,
burning of the bite, and increase or decrease in blood pressure,
swelling of the respiratory tract, up to angioedema.

Food allergies

A very common occurrence today is food allergies. With the rest
process in addition to pain in the abdomen, kolikoobraznyh pain in
intestines, vomiting, diarrhea, and there may be high fever.
If you are allergic to any food product may appear common.
allergic reactions – pruritus, urticaria, headache, and
also high temperature (39-40 degrees), chills, alternating
excessive sweating, this is the so-called “allergic
toxemia”. In such cases, it is imperative to call an ambulance.

Intolerance of blood components – with blood transfusions may
cause a rise in temperature.

So can there be fever in allergies? Yes maybe if

  • acute food allergies,
  • if it is allergic to insect bites,
  • if it is drug intolerance.

More often, the rise in temperature is accompanied by angioedema than
urticaria or dermatitis. Slight temperature increase after
exclusion of the allergen, the temperature itself is also eliminated

If the temperature is elevated in children with allergies, it is
Required to determine the cause of allergies and urgent
relief of allergic symptoms. If acute
allergic process, taking antihistamines is not always
proves effective because the child needs careful
examination and complex therapy aimed at eliminating
intoxication and allergic manifestations.

Автор: Мельникова Светлана Георгиевна врач-дерматолог

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